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Derailed but defiant

Last time around, after 15 games of season 9, we were 4 points clear, well the end of this good form coincided with the start of December, and the infamous 'Christmas Fuckery period', which runs throughout December into January. This is a period whereby the game turns on its head if you are doing well,… Continue reading Derailed but defiant


Mini-Imax Update

Today's post isn't FIFA orientated I'm afraid, but wanted to keep regular content flowing on the blog, and as most of the readers will know, for the last month or so I have been converting a room at home from an old disused office, into a dedicated movie/games room, and as such, equipment has been… Continue reading Mini-Imax Update

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Doing it Tortoise style

Slow progress with my FIFA 19 Career over the last few weeks due to the ongoing movie room renovation at home, and having the PS4 and other equipment disconnected from its usual positions and ready to re-wire into the movie room, so apologies for the delay in the new post but its been difficult to… Continue reading Doing it Tortoise style