Last time around, after 15 games of season 9, we were 4 points clear, well the end of this good form coincided with the start of December, and the infamous ‘Christmas Fuckery period’, which runs throughout December into January.
This is a period whereby the game turns on its head if you are doing well, matches suddenly become a lot harder, if not impossible to win, your players stats seemingly go out of the window, and they are suddenly incapable amateurs, whilst all COM teams are boosted. It is very much a definite thing, more definite than PES’s session variance, it has happened to me every single season, I thought we was good enough by now to cope with it, but seems that the better you are doing and the better your team become, the harsher this BS takes a grip.

The end result? 7 defeats and a draw from the last 8 matches, leaving us faltering in 5th place in the league, but only 5 points adrift of leaders Liverpool.

There is definitely some rubber-banding going on, as by rights, dropping 23 points from the last 24 should have seen us slip much further down the table, but miraculously (or not so) we are still actually in the mix, only 5 pts off leaders Liverpool.

To add further woe to the sorry state of affairs, this has also happened:

New Project (1)

I was due to renegotiate Dennis’ contract, only for me to somehow let it slip into the final 6 months, probably due to the disenchantment I was feeling with the game after the fuckery period, and was just slamming through games one after the other, I was then informed that he had signed a pre-contract agreement with Leverkusen, the search for a replacement of similar quality is on.

Picking up a couple of days later and results have started to improve, any coincidence that its now late January!? I think not.
A draw and a nice 2-0 win at Newcastle broke the string of defeats, sandwiched in between that was a 4th round FA Cup win at Preston NE, you’ll recall I sacrificed the league cup in order to focus on the League and Europa League, the FA  cup was a backup, I have fielded second string sides in this competition all season but we keep on winning, can we make it a 3rd FA Cup in 3 years?

I made a conscious choice not to sign anyone new in the January window, we had a couple of fringe players come back from loans at other clubs so if need be I can call those in to the fold, but then on the final day of the window, an opportunity to sign Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster came up, I had him in my PES 18 MyClub team and developed him from a 52 rated CF into a mid 80s goal machine, and as I needed a replacement for Dennis, and Brewsters stats, now 24 yrs old, looked very good, I made the plunge.

Brewster Transfer.png£48.5 million and on 97k a week, substantial investment but hoping he can fill the void.

Those hopes were realised when Brewster came on to make his debut as a 75th minute sub away to Sporting Lisbon in the last 32 round of the Europa Cup, a tense 0-0 and a very even game, until Tchouameni tried a shot from 22 yards in the 84th minute following a cleared corner, the ball was deflected by the defender and looped up and out to the side of the 6 yard box, Brewster, showing awareness and pace to nip in front of the defender and scissor kick volley the ball into the net for a crucial away goal and 1-0 win.
We subsequently finished the tie off at home with a comprehensive 4-0 win, with Brewster yet again scoring.

A 3-1 FA Cup 5th round win over Coventry City followed with Brewster grabbing a hat trick, so did league wins against Liverpool and Stoke, with Brewster now having scored 7 goals in 5 games since joining, the new Dennis?!

This turn of good form sees us into the last 16 of the Europa League, Quarter finals of the FA Cup, and back in title contention in the Premier league, the topsy turvy world of football.

league table.png

My Career Mode has also taken a substantial turn, for the first time ever, I have accepted the offer to manage a national team:


The England job came up, the end of next season will see the World cup take place in year 2026, I thought this may be a good way to reinvigorate the career after the grumbles with the fuckery period, so I have agreed to coach the national side through the World Cup, a fitting and interesting end to a largely enjoyable 10 seasons.
My plan is to carry on posting about the Forest exploits, which should take me up until the end of May time, after which the blog will purely focus on England’s World Cup exploits, which should be 2 or 3 weeks at the most, then giving me enough time for a little footy gaming break over the peak summer months before returning fresh next season to steer another new club to glory.

Will finish up with a small goal compilation from the last 2 sessions, most notably Brewsters debut scissor kick goal to start the video, and finishing with Dennis’ last goal for the club.