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Up and Running

\After a few days of not being able to play FIFA 19 due to the PS4 in the Movie room not recognising the disc, it’s all fixed and finally managed to get a decent session in.

A bit of a prologue first, I changed the game speed of FIFA 19 to ‘Normal’ as I was playing it on the more considered sim-like ‘Slow’ mode, and wow, what a difference, Normal isn’t much faster game speed wise but the animations and ebb and Flow of the game seem much more sleek, animations Flow better and most importantly, players stats shine through much better and realistically.
Fast players can use that dash of speed more effectively, nimble players turn quicker, and I’m sure I see new animations as a result,  overall the game is just much nicer and feels fresh again. Who’s have thought.

Europa grp.png

We topped the Europa League group to qualify for the KO round as unbeaten winners, should secure a slightly easier tie in the next round.
We finished up by beating Rangers 2-0, they were a much more organised side than the one we thrashed 5-1 in the opening game,

Foden maximising on a rare start, to latch on to the pass and just nip it past the defender before baring down on goal and finishing nicely.

Grujic also started, with Tchouameni rested, and put in a solid performance, bossing the midfield from the DMF position, he’s a textbook defensive midfielder, strong, good on the ball, good tenacity, and has a ferocious shot on him, his stats show just how much ground he covered, box to box, surprised at the lovely 7.2 only rating.


On to the premier League and 3 wins from 3 with Spurs drawing and losing,  saw us claw back a 2 point deficit to go 4 points clear at the top of the table after 15 games, m still early days of course but it’s good to be setting the pace.

Away Rec.png

Heading into an away game against Man Utd at Ol Trafford, there above graphic popped up pre-game to show us as having the joint best away record in the league, it proved so as we beat Man Utd 2-0, with the Old Trafford crowd booing Utd off at the final whistle, The below goal shows DeGea make a cock-up and flap at a cross for Adama to header home, I enjoyed the realism of the goal.

Prem League.png

4 points clear, with the second lowest goals conceded in the top 10, and the second best goals scored record, the aim for this season has to be the Premier League and Europa double, it will be tough but we are on course.

Now that the gaming room is up and running, I fleet between the 85″ screen up there, and the 55″ 4k Tv in the living room, the PS4’s versatility makes this seamless, as you can upload game data from one PS4 to your online account, then download it on to a another PS4 and just carry on where you left off, it works really well.

Also, as promised, below are a few clips of the finished room, and a couple of short video clips of the game running on the big screen.

Essential Beer fridge & Popcorn machine


Acoustic Diffusor panels to prevent audio hang ups and make the sound feel fuller and warmer


85 inch screen / Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1 Surround sound


4 thoughts on “Up and Running”

  1. Paul — so impressed by the projector setup, you’ve done a great job all round there, and that is a nice little room to do it in as well.

    I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that you’re not a Battlestar Galactica fan and this will mean nothing to you, but: Commander Adama! I’d be all over that one if it was mine.

    Interesting thoughts about the game speed. Since it was possible to change speeds of course us old-timers have always toggled it back to below what the game makers consider their default speed, and then if/when we play older games we’re amazed by how fast it all seems in comparison – but there is a strong argument to be made for sticking with the out of the box setting as the one most neatly calibrated for that particular game. E.g. imagine being able to turn down the speed on a Golden Age PES. It just wouldn’t work well.

    Strong feel all round of these being the last weeks of the footy game season as well as the real-life one. The forums are winding down as well. Silly season will be upon us when we’re all doing different things and then the 2020 cycle kicks in.


  2. Thanks NG, I’m pleased with it, I had a vision of how I wanted it to look and it exceeded it. Was a really nice little project to work on.
    I am constantly updating/upgrading the setup. I now have acoustic diffusion panels on each of the walls where sound bounces around and it has made the overall sound feel warmer and fuller, less high frequency hangups, just feels nicer. Have also tweaked all the crossover frequencies of each surround speaker and the subwoofer to minimise the frequency ranges where they crossover, and ‘blur’ eachother out, have the surrounds set at 60hz, and the sub at 120hz, which only gives a 4hz crossover, barely audible.

    Acquired an Amazon Firestick too, which is great as you can root it and have the full google play store on it, APK heaven, I now have apps for live Tv all over the world, all the premium sports and movie channels, and a Plex media server setup so i can create movie night playlists with cinema trailers etc in followed by the film.

    Now over to you, your turn next!

    Have never seen Battlestar Galactica so that reference was lost on me, sorry !!

    I could easily play another season on FIFA, still enjoying it that much with the revert to normal speed really improving the game too, so will see how jaded I feel after this season, I always said I wanted to experience the champions league so maybe one more season and focus the blog purely around the UCL journey (if I qualify of course) and then call it a day.

    Looking forward to playing other stuff.

    Not sure if you’ve seen this, came out yesterday for PS4, quite fancy it, especially on the big screen:


  3. Grujic and Tchouameni, I love the way it’s possible to scout relatively unknown players in FIFA.

    How come the beer fridge has got soft drinks in it? That’s even allowing Tiger to pass as a beer.


  4. Chris, Never heard of Tchouameni before, but Grujic is of course a Liverpool player.
    Tiger is a nice beer, crisp and summery, and there’s water and coke in there because I dont drink during the week at all, only at weekends, so if Im sat in there midweek watching the footy or playing PS4 then its handy to have some non-alcohol choices.


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