Slow progress with my FIFA 19 Career over the last few weeks due to the ongoing movie room renovation at home, and having the PS4 and other equipment disconnected from its usual positions and ready to re-wire into the movie room, so apologies for the delay in the new post but its been difficult to find any gaming time and when I have, the PS4 hasn’t been in its Power save/ready to go mode.


Season 9 has started well, we are 4 points clear at the top of the table, early days yet with only 8 games played but a good start carries momentum, we will certainly need it as the season goes on.
The biggest difference so far has been our ability to claw games back and grab a win after being a goal down, which we have done a few times, most recently against West Ham after it being ‘one of those games’ where nothing goes for you, but patience paid off and we ended up 2-1 winners, last season we would have lost the game.

New signings are bedding in well, Oblak is a solid superb keeper, and Diop in the AMF role feels like a proper nimble, world-class, technically gifted player, brought in to replace Foden due to his constant injuries last season, the only issue with Diop being that he rarely lasts a match, his stamina is at about 10% after 60-70 mins so always ends up being subbed off.
Racić is a solid player too at DMF role, but with him, and Tchoumeni both in the centre mid positions, its solid, but we lack craft and guile, so all the creative play is shouldered by the AMF.


The Europa League kicked off with a 5-1 win against Rangers in the first Europa league group game followed by a 0-0 stalemate with Girona, I’m confident of progressing through this group, I need to be, the board expect me to win this competition.

I simmed the first round of the Carabao cup, fielding a youth team, and lost 2-1, the domestic cups are not my priority this season, after winning the FA Cup back to back in the last 2 seasons, and winning the Carabao cup and getting to the final the following year, I’ve had my fill of those, the fixture congestion and player fatigue as a result is just too much, my priority is to focus on the league and Europa League.

On a side note, this is what happens when you get a FK on target in FIFA:

In PES that would have nestled in the back of the net with ease, here as you see, the keeper flies across his goal, palms the ball out and ends up in the net, it looked nice, but scoring FK’s, even when you do get the power and direction bang on, is a very difficult skill.

Another Quirky thing happened, I was 2-0 up against Newcastle, they pulled it back to 2-1 and had a period of domination, I needed another goal to kill the game off, and got a counter attack break away, my winger runs into the box and was caught by a late sliding tackle:

What was all that a bout?! Obviously a bug, a clear penalty, even the commentary eluded to the fact, but a goal kick was given, luckily enough I held on for the win.

No outstanding goals to report in my few and far between sessions, so to finish off here’s a few random goals scored during the last session.