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Racićic and Clank

A few more games  on FIFA 19 now that the work on the Man Cave is dying down, steady progress, and felt good to get a proper 6 match session in after a number of weeks of not really playing, the game felt fresh, alive and a lot of fun.

prem.pngStill top of the league after 11 games but only by a point now after dropping 4 points in the last 2 games.
Firstly Bournemouth came and stifled me, they sat deep and it was a tricky midfield battle, we were iff the pace and a little feeling of the game trying to reign me back in after a 5 match winning streak, the commentary even pointed out that we was on a great run and that it had to end soon.

We fell behind ti a scrappy Bournemouth goal, and eventually levelled up to claw back a 1-1 draw.
next up was Chelsea, a really tight tense affair at the bridge which was a bit of a dour game in all honesty, felt a bit frustrating playing it son the crowd must have been bored shitless, it finished 0-0, a clean sheet against one of the big teams, away from home, but still 2 points dropped rather than one gained, we are beyond that point now, 9 seasons in, every game should be a win.

Dennis has hit a bit of a stale patch, only 2 goals in his last 6 games, but they have been important ones.

We top our Europa league group, with 3 wins from 4 games, including a 5-1 drubbing of Rangers at Ibrox in the opening game and a 5-0 win against bottom feeders LASK Linz, no idea what country they’re from but they’re poor, with that in mind our 5-0 win was deserved, we played some sublime attacking football, and Summerf transfer David Neres bagged a 17 minute hat-trick.

Mathematically we still haven’t guaranteed qualification, Rangers would need to win both their last 2 games, we’d have to lose both, and Rangers would have to overturn a minus 19 goal difference deficit in the progress, so pretty confident of going through, just a point from the next game will do obviously, or a Rangers draw or defeat.

Hoping to progress further in the Europa this season, reached the Quarter-finals for the last 2 seasons so this could be our last ever chance win FIFA 19 for Europa glory.


This could well be my last season on FIFA 19, but lost likely one more after this season to round it off with a very joyful 10 seasons.
I would hope at the very very least for UCL qualification this season, and I am keen to experience the fully licensed, branded UCL mode at least once before hanging up my managers coat.

I still haven’t transferred gaming to the large screen yet, but will do very soon, and that’s the beauty of the PS4, if you have a PSN Plus membership you can upload your game and save data to your online locker, then download it to another PS4, so you can game on the PS4 in the living room, and carry on upstairs in the bedroom, that’s what I play to do, any daytime gaming on the PS4 Pro downstairs, moving up to the Man cave in the evening.

To finish off here’s a video showing 3 goals, none of them spectacular but enjoyable in their own right.

First goal was a 3rd against Swansea, just liked the way the forward opened ups his body to side foot place the ball into the corner past the onrushing keeper, second was the equaliser in that tough 1-1 vs Bournemouth, great piece of individual play from Adama down the wing, then Dennis showing predatory instincts to pounce on to the piece of luck with the deflection, and lastly, DMF Racićic, who’s shot is usually woeful, collecting the ball on the edge of the box and unleashing a snapshot from 22 yards.

12 thoughts on “Racićic and Clank”

  1. Paul – possibly the last season, eh? Almost certainly my last season over on the other side, as I feel I’ve exhausted that game now in every sense. Maybe one more season for you to see if you can claim the Champions League?

    And – ‘every game should be a win’?! Surely you don’t mean that literally – every game after 10 seasons should be capable of being a win, is that what you meant? A football game in which you won every match would soon be over… Which tells us in a nutshell why scripting exists and must exist.


  2. Nice title. A game I once had to review and unusually in those circumstances, liked.

    Linz is in Austria, so no wonder it’s not a footballing powerhouse.


  3. Ng – yes that’s what I meant. I should be in with a chance of winning every game by now, not settling for a point away at Chelsea and considering It a point gained. But rather 2/points lost.


  4. Brilliant title, used to love those games especially the array of comedy weaponry

    My favourite Austrian player was the right back Virota, excellent in PES a bit like a supercharged Giorza. It was only his fictitious nature that limited his real life career


  5. For people of a certain age you can’t mention Austrian footballers without saying the name Hans Krankl.


  6. Just catching up Paul. Seriously impressed with the cinema room, fantastic work. Have you been using it for gaming? Imagine Red Dead on that screen.

    My CM is mirroring yours fairly closely at the moment although I’m yet to win any trophies. I was cruising in the league, 14 points ahead of Man City at Christmas but a few tricky games and I’m 4 behind with 3 to play so the league title isn’t looking likely and I have the tougher fixtures. My forwards just stopped scoring, some suspicious misses included but it’s just making me more determined for next season. The good news is I made it to the Champions League final where I face Everton so have a great opportunity to win my first trophy. I need better players but spent £100m in January and my results worsened so I may have reached peak performance already. All good fun.


  7. Cheers Cook. I’ve done some gaming on it, Mafia 3, not much, once I get FIFA 190 disc working again then shall resume my CM on it.
    Haven’t played RDR2 in ages.

    Ahhhhh The infamous FIFA Xmas curse, I’ve had it every season, as you get better and get more into the seasons its not so much of a noticeable thing but can really f*ck you up, as you have found out.

    Good luck in the UCL final!!! Everton!?!?!? lol


  8. Paul – I remember you being suprised when I concluded matters after 10 seasons but when you are done you are done. On FIFA with the ammount of matches and the in depth CM it is about the same equivelent of about 15 season on Pro Evo.


  9. Very true Darryl. Having had 3 or 4 weeks away from the game with very minimal play whilst working on the movie room, Fifa feels very fresh and new again so could well play on after this seaskn. We’ll see how it pans out.


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