August 2019, 5 months ago, was the last time I posted here on FIFAFX, that saw the culmination of my exploits with Nottingham Forest, taking them from mid-table Championship fodder, to the giddy heights of European royalty, with regular domestic success in between, mission accomplished you could say.
Now, here we are in January 2020 and its the turn of FIFA 20, but this time on the PC, after receiving a high spec gaming PC from my wife for Christmas, it has opened up the world of PC gaming, and modding, and is currently my go-to gaming platform of choice.

I was wary of the fiddling, setup and maintenance of a gaming PC, as opposed to the instant-access of the PS4 pro, but I am pleasantly surprised at how all ‘PS4-like’ the PC gaming environment is, from powering on the PC to being inside a game is less than 20 seconds, the m.2 Super fast SSD boot drive certainly helps, and with the open architecture of the PC environment, there’s a multitude of possibilities with modding games, and FIFA is no exception, with the amazing Frosty editing suite allowing you to tinker with and change literally any value within the game, as shown above as a simple test, you can see the FIFAFX name emblazoned across the stadium fencing boards.

SO, lets get started, I have decided not to go for a championship side this year, instead opted to take a mid to lower tier Premier league team and attempt to turn them into world beaters, so have chosen Crystal Palace, a few good players but nothing special, plenty to work with.
I’m playing on World Class level, with 6 min halves, semi-assisted crossing and passing, everything else assisted, using the Operation Sports sliders and the FIFER Career Mode Realism Mod, which is incredible, it adds an absolute ton of authenticity and realism to the mode, from accurate squads, realistic transfers and fees, accurate team budgets, improves the scouting, there are so many additions it would take ages to list them, but if you want to check it out, its here: FIFER Mod

The Mods I’m using for my setup are as follows: the FIFER realism Mod, FIFER CM gameplay Mod, FIFAFX EPL scoreboard and GFXMod game play broadcast cam mod, plus I’m using Re-shade software with my own custom shader settings which uses luma sharpening, adapative sharpening, clarity, vibrancy and levels adjustments which all combine to make the turfs look a more realistic vibrant, lush green, and increases LOD ( level of detail) so things like pitch wear and tear, divots, markings etc ll stand out and pop more.

You can see an example of a match below with the default FIFA 20 GFX on the left and with Re-Shade enabled on the right:


Our first on-pitch action was in the form of the pre-season Emirates cup, in which we reached the final, only to lose on penalties to SC Braga of Portugal, but picked up a handy £3.2 million in prize money for our efforts.

Injuries are a thing in FIFA 20, I lost Zaha in pre-season to a broken toe and he was out 5 weeks, similarly Andros Townsend picked up a bruised shoulder 2 matches into the season and lost him for 3 matches, so with my very limited £16 mil transfer kitty, I signed Tod Cantwell from Norwich as a backup winger for £7 mil and Plano, a RM from Valladolid for £10 mil.

My standout player in the first 6 matches of the season has been Cheikhou Kouyaté, a solid DMF who bosses games and chips in with a fair few goals, bagging a hat-trick against Norwich in a 3-1 win.

Club Objectives are re-aligned and more realistic with the realism mod, ours are shown below:

FIFA 20 Objectives

Very achievable I think.
The game play mod mentioned above really adds challenge to the career mode, as I am able to pick off teams like Norwich and Brighton, but just last night came up against a Chelsea side who tore me to pieces 3-0, I never got a look in, the mod makes the better teams, quite a bit better, this is reflected in our current early league position.

FIFA 20 League Table
I’ll leave you with a short video showing a couple of goals scored so far this season, note the absolute corker from Cheikhou Kouyaté in the middle of the video, it feels so good to be able to score goals like this again, as they were extremely rare, or absent entirely from PES 2020.