That pretty much sums up online gaming in general, but especially online footy gaming, where the people that play online, don’t appear to play for the enjoyment of the game, but more to win at all costs.
You have the good players, players that play the right way, proper football, show etiquette and are generally a lot of fun to play against, you have the bad, people that play Overpowered formations, and tactics such as all out pressure for 90 mins, and choose all the teams with the fastest players in, and generally use every skill trick in the game in every attack, then you have the ugly.

The ugly are all of the aforementioned bad traits, but with an agenda, an agenda not to enjoy the game or even play out, but just to piss off/aggravate the other player as much as possible.
Constant pausing of the game for 35 secs at a time, several times in a row without making any changes, watching every single replay all the way through, purposely fouling you as soon as you get the ball, laggy connections that remind me of a 90’s dial up modem, and rage quitting, quitting midway through the game, not always even when they are losing but even if you equalise.

This was one match I played, every time he attacked, smooth as butter, every time I got the ball, this happened:

These people are unfortunately the majority, and probably an accurate representation of society today, certainly the predominant online gaming age group, 12-20 year olds that think they are owed everything and want it immediately without earning it, with attitudes bigger than Peter North’s cock, who are delicate little butthurt princesses who cannot take not winning.

But when you do come up against the good players, its generally a good fun experience playing other humans online, and that’s what I’ve been doing with FIFA 19’s online seasons mode.


I started out using average South American teams such as Cruzeiro, Independenté and Santos, in the hope of playing more football minded people, but that didn’t work out so opted for Borussia Dortmund, a 4 star team, with a good balance of pace and power.
I started in season 10, and upon first attempt was promoted to Div 9, then to Div 8, then I won the Div 7 and Div 6 titles, and am now in Division 5, where I finished 2 points short of promotion in my first season, winning 3, drawing 5 and losing 2 of the 10 games, so remind in the division.

It’s a nice aside at this time of the footy gaming year when there is little else to do,  will probably play here and there up until end of August then give it a break before the release of eSuperPixelOnlineElectronicKickballFest2020, which I WILL be trying on day one, but won’t be pulling any punches, if it doesn’t hold up, then FIFA 20 will only be a few weeks away.

That leads me on to the eFootball PES20 demo that released this week.
But first, a selection of goals I’ve scored online against real humans in my FIFA Divisions campaign.

So, the PES20 demo, I won’t go into pro’s and cons of it as this has been discussed in detail in various places, but suffice to say, this won’t be representative of the product we get on release day, Konami just don’t have the balls to keep the fouls in or the game pace that considered, it would upset the online kids.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the matches I have played, and with ML getting a bit of a lick of paint this year along with custom kits and club sponsor logos, it *could* possibly have potential to be a decent ML season, if only they sort out that shady AI that seems to have creeped over from last year and been dumbed down even more.