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Not Quite Soaring


That’s my in-game , not so accurate alter-ego manager attending a press conference probably answering questions on why we put in yet another mediocre performance in our last match.
The Press Conference before and after matches are nice additions, albeit basic in principle, depending on the type of answer you give, your team and player morale and contentment go up or down, happy content players player better, and of course you can fudge this to just answer positively all the time but I just answer straight up, if Ayew was crap in a match, I’ll call it.

Using the FIFER Career Mode Realism Mod and game play mod really increases the difficulty of matches, AI teams are more aggressive, play much more realistically to their abilities, and on Professional difficulty, which I’m currently playing, give a much greater challenge.
The board objectives this season are to finish mid-table and reach the last 16 of the FA Cup, so far on course for both targets to be met, through to the quarter finals of the FA Cup after a 4-1 hammering of Newcastle Utd at the Sports Direct Arena, which was all the more satisfying as the match before that they stuffed us 5-0 at home in the league, and currently hovering at 10th in the table, exactly half way.

League Table

Quite clearly goals conceded is an issue, which is actually a nice thing because playing on professional, with the added challenge the mod brings, and players playing true to their real life skills, means there is plenty of life left in the FIFA challenge yet, to move up to World class and beyond, the mod also removes the number of seasons limit so I could potentially play 20+ seasons if I wanted, and had the time.

Team Selection

Above is my usual team selection, pre-season signings Plano and Cantwell are on the bench, I also have Brewster on loan from Liverpool who was injured for this match.
My target for next pre-season is to sign a pacier LMF and a decent CDM as cover for the superb Kouyaté, who has a booming shot in true PES DMF style.

I have team tactics setup for my Attacking, Ultra attacking, Defensive and Ultra defensive styles too, which of course I can switch between on the fly, and a separate team sheet setup for ‘B games’ where I pick most of my young and fringe players and rest the first team players.

I got myself a new controller when I was in ASDA the other night, an XBOX one licensed, but not official, controller that works seamlessly with Windows 10, which has one nice addition, mappable buttons underneath the controller, as shown below.


I have mapped each button to L1 and L1, as these underside buttons are in a much more natural position, my fingers automatically rest on them when holding the controller, I can use them much more efficiently than the top mounted bumpers, and as these L1 & R1 buttons are used within FIFA for driven passes, close control dribbling, and together to enforce a daisy cutter shot, its very useful having the mapped buttons available.

To finish off, a small selection of goals from my most recent session, nothing out of this world, just nice goals, the variety of goals you can score in FIFA 20 is superb, and long rangers are definitely in, I could record 20 goals a session but tend to just grab the ones that are contextually satisfying.
You will notice in the clip the goals against Newcastle, there is ticker tape confetti around the edge of the pitch, you usually only see this during pre-season tournament games but I have modded the game to include it for all matches, just think it looks nice and adds extra atmosphere.

You can do this by locating the ‘locale.ini’ file under the ‘Data’ folder within your Origin install directory, then adding the following line to it above the [LOCALE] line:


This will enable pitchside confetti for all matches, and the good thing is that the confetti colour changes to whatever the home teams colours are.

NB: I know there is 2mins 30 secs of dead space after the video ends, I once again forgot to trim the timeline down to the end of the video in HitFilm pro.

7 thoughts on “Not Quite Soaring”

  1. Paul – good goals and footage, and you can trim the dead space at the end on YouTube itself if you’re so minded to. Editor>Trim, and there’s a crude but effective handlebar drag thing in there. I’ve been using the free Shotcut, which is slow and counter-intuitive in some ways but does the job. Very few free editors will go higher than 1080p, but Shotcut does.

    Re. your new controller with the extr buttons, you can map them (or others) to your GeForce Experience recorder (if that’s what you’re still using). I’ve been working on a script to set up my Select button on PC to work the same as on the PS4 and will let you know if I have success. I can get it to work 90% of the time now! I dislike having to physically put my hands on the keyboard to use the record or screenshot functions.

    Are there any other goodies available via the .ini file?

    Game is more than holding up for me about 15 matches in. Your main formation is my attacking formation!


  2. NG – I like the L! & R1 mapped to these extra buttons, but if you get your script to map record last minute of footage working on select button of the controller, id be all over that.

    I recommend Hitfilm express, works with any resolution, even 4k, and is free, perfect for editing, just doesnt have as many of the effects that the pro version has.

    I will trim up that footage on Youtube when I get chance.

    yo can also add FORCE_REGIONALIZATION_COLOR=8 to the locale file, above the confetti line, which will remove a sepia like effect from night matches and make them look crisper and more natural.
    If you wanted foreign commentary then you could also do this with the locale.ini file.


  3. hold on, what was that Burnley right back, the number 26, doing for the first goal? Looked like he could easily get across and put in a challenge but instead he just skipped nonchalantly around, if it was PES we would be going mental at bad AI!! Maybe wouldn’t happen on world class or legendary though

    loved that little skip Ayew did over the Watford defender’s lunge before scoring


  4. Abbeyhill – just watched it back, didn’t notice that RB doing his crab shuffle when actually playing, was a bit off admittedly, at least the defender was frantically chasing me down which is more that what they do in PES.

    The contextual skips over challenges are stats based and look lovely when they happen.


  5. New Kits for a new season!!!!
    Just gotta figure out how to change the mini kit preview in the kit selection screen to show the new one now.


  6. Paul – when I was playing with the kits in Frosty a few months ago one of the tutorials I chanced upon had the full details on how to change the file that needs to be changed to make the preview panel show the changed kit as well. It’s out there somewhere. As ever, the relative obscurity of FIFA PC modding means it’s a bit trickier to find things out than on the other side. Perhaps as this new era devlopes YOU, Paul, might have to step to be the King Arthur of FIFA Modding 🙂 I mean as a one-stop resource site for information mainly, although if you dig into FIFER-style deep-level modding….?

    Great work as ever and when my time comes to restart as a much lower league team than Leeds – I’m really curious what a full-on League Two experience would be like – I’ll give you a shout.


  7. NG – I have an idea how to change the mini kits, will try it out when I next get chance, probably wednesday night now.

    Yeah no worries when you want kits, just give me some notice as the FIFA kits are complex, 27 files needed for 3 kits, Home, GK and away.!


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