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Return of the Mack

It’s been a while, since the last post, I thought it about time that I fired up the gaming PC and put season 5 of my Spurs PES 21 on modded PC, Master League to bed, for now at least.

I will reiterate once more that these five seasons, abnormally spanning over a much longer time period due to various circumstances, have been one of, if not the most enjoyable ML campaigns I’ve ever played on any PES game, not of course due to the amazing ML mode itself, but due to the superb PC mods that completely transform the aesthetics, presentation, and immersion of the game, enough to put a fairly waterproof plaster over the ML cracks.

So, recapping from my last post a good 6 weeks or more ago, we finished the season fifth, which was disappointing, and the early poor league form really costs us, but we won the FA Cup, and now found ourselves closing the season out with a UEFA Champions League Final against Athletico Madrid, in Istanbul at the Ataturk Stadium.

Extended highlights of that match are below.

And that closes off this ML, for now, as we know PES is pretty much dead, even in name, the complete farce of a product Konami are sending out next week is not PES, in any way shape or form, they’ve sold out to the casual mobile phone gamer, so this modded PES 21 really is the last incarnation of a true PES game we will ever have, I might bury it in a time capsule and bury it under the hot tub for future prosperity.
We will see how the year unfolds, footy gaming wise but its nice to know that PC PES 21 and its fandangled mods, will be there if i ever need to fall back on something.

So, without further ado, lets see how the UCL final played out:

A nice way to finish off this chapter, European Champions and a double cup win in season 5.
We definitely rode our luck throughout that game, a cagey, nervous start saw us give the ball away in midfield way too much and invite pressure on, Athletico should have been 3 up by half time, lady luck was on our side, epitomised by the nature of our goal, but we will take the win, and the glory.

Upon checking the club rankings I had taken Spurs up to 7th best team in the world, behind Liverpool, Man City, PSG, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid – Pretty decent company.

Now, with all things PES put to bed, and the official release of FIFA 22 just days away, I am set to start a brand new Career Mode, I am as of yet, undecided on whether to start with a Championship/League One side and work my way up, try to take a Premier League team to glory, or use the new ‘Create a Club’ feature in FIFA 22 which allows you to make your own club, with kits, and stadium, and turn them into world beaters Master league style, too much of a nod to nostalgia not to, surely?

Let me know in the comments what you would prefer to see for the new season’s posts.

Future posts may go live on Mondays, as I now host a weekly House music radio show, which I perform live, on a Wednesday night, which does not leave me any time to play, capture, and prep content for a Thursday post.

29 thoughts on “Return of the Mack”

  1. Woah, you can do that on FIFA now? That’s awesome! I’m assuming you get default-like players then as well or…? This has me intrigued and then some.


  2. #1 – YES!!! a brand new feature for FIFA 22, Master League in all but name.
    You can choose a club name, design your own kits, crest and stadium, choose which status you wish to start as such as ‘non league hopefuls’ right through to ‘world class club’, which will determine your board objectives, you can also choose what star level and average age your team should have, the game then generates you a 24 man squad of generic players, based on which team and league you start in.
    Start in england and your generic players will be mostly english with a spattering of foreigners.

    You can also change your stadium and kits every season!


  3. It’s got to be that really hasn’t it. They’re not daft, it was pretty much the only thing master league had worth having.


  4. Turf – Its a shame EA’s offering doesn’t allow renaming player names, or using our own imported kit designs, or adding sponsors, so that side of it doesn’t match ML, but EA having so many licenses were never going to open that up to custom kits and all the licensing furore it could bring with their sponsors and partnerships.

    Imagine YouTube videos of Man Utd walking out for a UCL match with a Nike Kit and Tesla as their sponsor, Adidas and TeamViewer (Sponsor) would never stand for it.


  5. hello Paul, everyone well what a time of the year this usually is for us, today in my country I heard for 1st time people talking about the tradition of FIFA, s you might know pES has always been the big game of Spain. The younger people under 25 have never heard of pes. I sitll love it and I always will but the series memory will end with our generation.

    I too have been playing FIFA2022 and it is a good game. I love Create Club! I don’t mind the things you listed Paul. Whoever in FIFA made Create Club did something as close to classic master league as they could and I see it as their tribute.

    I started with the worse possible players and they are terrible they make the Defaults in master league look like Barca lol. In england because of the four divisions, and thumped 8-1 in my first match. Going to be a long journey. Even if the new efootball thing is any good it will be 2023 before anything we can play in it comes out so here goes with fifa


  6. ps your pes2021 on PC game looks better than any ps5 or series X I’ve seen so far, viva la PC! did you get a new graphics gpu?


  7. Adriano – Post some of your create a club videos in here, i’m sure we’d all like to take a look!
    The PC ver of PES 2021 with mods, is stunning, as I have said many times over, it still amazes me that ordinary joes on forums can produce graphical mods and game play tweaks that elevate konami’s product to such high levels, yet Konami themselves, a multi-billion dollar games developer, can’t or just don’t do anything.

    My Graphics GPU on the PC is a Nvidia Geforce 1660ti 6GB, not new, its the one i spec’d and had included when I built the PC 3 years ago..


  8. Just deciding who I’m going to create – has to be someone local yet not a real team. So many places round here have semi-pro outfits. Maybe one of those mash up efforts of two villages I know. ESO is about to take a break.


  9. got my dlc code and despatch message…. I will be entering the UT element first – offline – to play around with settings, what’s new, etc, although I’m anticipating a different experience once I start a management career. I just hope speed and playing players out of position because they’re quick has been dialed down a touch.


  10. loved that final footage from PES2021 Paul, pretty decent Champions League final. It was almost as if the game wanted you to win at certain points, e.g. when your goalie was dispossessed in 6 yard box! Son’s scruffy winner reminded me that even when there is an open goal in PES the striker wants to roll it towards the corner rather than blast it in. Although I won’t be burying it underneath a pool I do like the fact that PES2021 will always be there to go back to as reminder of classic PES gameplay when we need it


  11. Abbeyhill – That UCL Final was pretty much a grab n’ smash, I should have lost, heavily.
    It was almost like the game was saying ‘This is the end of PES as you know it, here, take a UCL victory as a reminder of the last 15 years of good memories’.

    But time moves on, played a good 6 matches of FIFA 22 last night on various camera and difficulty settings and am quite excited to start a new career mode on that.


  12. feeling a bit blue this morn, so i dug out my old ps3 and stuck on pes 2013, picked 2 random teams. I’d only picked the team I made for NG’s vid Paul made in 2014? Turf, no1. Shed, Abbey, cook, filbert all there. And sextesticle in goal.


  13. LMAO!! Sextesticle!!!
    2013, minus its RPG elements like magic power boots, was one of the better editions of PES, many a fond ML memory from that game.

    Will you be trying FIFA 22 WERD? Right up your street with the create a club mode surely.


  14. Don’t call me Shirley. You never know. A bit Ltd in the editing. May wait till November, see what the patches are like. Seeing as I have broadband now(don t laugh) I have been enjoying the online elements of death stranding. Its still just me in the game, you don’t see other peeps but paths appear o er time and helpful ladders/signs etc.


  15. 2013 was possibly the year it jumped the shark with those insane long rangers and 100 goal striker seasons. Was 2014s joyless shit on arrival the response? It all started dying after that.

    Werd – I’ve started my ultimate team as Prince Bishops – for decades the sign that greets you on the journey home, as in ‘the land of the…’. I may opt for something more simple for career, but plain old Durham city are struggling this year already. Maybe Gornik Durham or Spartak Durham or one of those Eastern European workers team names. Lokomotiv Shildon perhaps?

    Spent an hour or so opening packs and doing easy objectives. Got a very average gold squad right now, no lucky Harry Kane card, etc.


  16. lol Paul, so you weren’t too impressed with your first experience of eFootball then!

    This FIFA22 club building does sound pretty exciting, has anyone had a go at stadium construction yet? My only minor concern is that it might be hard to build a connection with a squad of randomised generic players, at least on ML we all got to know the defaults, could swap stories etc


  17. Yes, that is a shame that we won’t have the ‘I’m finding coynborough a monster’ and ‘where do you use your castolis’. I’ve yet to start, having spent a few hours opening packs and fannying on with tasks. Liking the feel on UT though, not hugely different from last year but a little better than the demo. One weird thing is how long they can sometimes take on set pieces – I thought the game had crashed till I saw the clock still running.

    Abbeyhill – a secondary school revival has prompted mini turf to download Pokémon go again, and I’ve followed so he has some company. Did you also retire? You’re still on my list of friends. (At least it gives Paul something to moan at now the cricket season has finished…)


  18. EFootball as skits now called is an absolute travesty!!!what in the hell were they thinking, its abysmal. There isn’t even a sprint button!!!!!

    Few games of FIFA 22 using various controls and teams last night, a few videos I recorded which I enjoyed:

    Like the use of LS and R1 for tiny micro movement dribbling here to find the space.

    And again here:

    And here, taking it past the last defender, then the skill:


  19. Paul, the sprint on efootball is r2, a crime lol as it should be r1. I swapped it back in settings. All the controls are new. Also with demo expanding on PC I played 10 min matches with all teams. Some good things in the game but totally a bad idea to release this now just to get one day in front of FIFA. It’s not even a finished game! In my country we say the japanese are the crazy people of the world in a good way lol

    November for efootball then gives me more time to love fifa 22 and I do love it, only negativo at this time would be that I always seem to look for the throughball that brings a 1 on 1. and then I feel that I am not allowed to score it if the scoreline is wrong. we know this from pro evo through the years of course

    create a club is great, shame yes there is no common players for us all to discuss, but I have a few stars interested to see where they go. I sell most players quicker than Ximelez lol


  20. Adriano – It has absolutely nothing good, the graphics are woeful, the turf looks like a snooker table, hard surface with no texture, the player models and collisions are atrocious, its lethargic, boring and the AI is abysmal.

    FIFA 22 rewards the pass and play approach, constantly looking for the Hollywood pass is not the way to go, plus on world class and above, this year the AI is at least 3 times better, so patience is key.


  21. Paul (and anyone else) you noticing the odd stutter? I’ve had it a couple of times now, entirely offline, the game can judder and pause.

    I’ve also noticed a bit of walkabout from centre halfs which needs fixing. Of course in ten games zero fouls but that’s not getting patched.


  22. sadly Turf I took the opportunity of a new phone in spring to part company with Pokemon Go, many happy memories though. The only mobile game my son seems to play these days is Bloons TD 6 for unfathomable reasons

    Paul – so is FIFA22 back to that tippy-tappy style, where the only way to score is patiently manipulate the ball through midfield until you get into the sweet spot for the killer through ball?


  23. Dear God that infernal monkey and those bloody balloons. I don’t get it at all – you just sit back and do bugger all but he’s had me buying hoodies from Etsy with them on. I doubt I will linger on Pokémon, I’m trying to remove idle gaming not add to it. Only advantage is it might encourage me out of the house for a daily walk while the weather is turning crap.

    Loving the heavier fifa ball and greater difficulty in scoring, crosses particularly seem to have been snuffed out even more. Really not enjoying the total absence of free kicks.


  24. Turf/Abbeyhill – not seen a single stutter on the PS5 version, run smooth as butter, and the graphical fidelity has been hugely improved, can see individual details on players during game play now where as i never did on FIFA 21.

    As for types of goals, I’ve scored a few different ones, haven’t managed a true long ranger yet, most shots get blocked but have scored free kicks and penalties, and have been getting fouls and FK’s, enough to not even think of the fouls as an issue.


  25. Have you decided to create a club Paul? It’s a no brainer isn’t it? Just a case of who. I would either think some town local to you that isn’t in the top 4 divisions, or something like Peschester Athletic or even Barnstoneworth United if you are old enough.


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