Here we go, here we go, here we go !!!

Finally, a new season, a new game in FIFA 22, a new Career mode, a return to normality, here we go!

I opted for the Master League style, ‘create a club’ route, which is new to FIFA 22, and will offer as close to an old style PES ML as possible, within the confines of the FIFA framework. I chose to go with a traditional hometown fictional team, and chose to start as an average aged 2 star team in England’s League One, regenerating the players un til i had a mainly English looking roster. as shown below:

Probably a slightly better rated bunch of players than you’d get with a core ML experience, but still very uncapable with only 2 noteworthy players, in Francis at CF, rated 72, and miles at CB (73), the subs bench and reserves are pure fodder too, with average rating being around 60. Some large scale development of this squad will be needed.
I picked 2 kits from the half-decent selection of pre made kits available, opting for red and white for home colours and a high contrast black/yellow for away, unfortunately you can’t add a bespoke badge or sponsor, so chose a red/.white shield to represent our little town team.

Upon starting my new career I was presented with a list of youth team players, and a scouting report, but i have purposely ignored the transfer market because I want to assess what we currently have at the club first, and adopt a youth promotion strategy, certainly during these early days anyway, as I chose a moderately low (£200k) transfer budget to start with.

Uponn starting create a club CM, you can decide what level of strictness the board take with you, and what they expect you to achieve, as this is a ‘from the roots’ style ML adventure, I have chosen a fairly lenient approach to begin with, with emphasis on getting promoted and developing the squad, you can see a summary of the board expectations below:

The first 6-8 weeks of the season will be all about analysing the players I have, working out a preferred formation and sets of tactics, and identifying where priority transfers should be made. There are 2 youth players with a possible high potential, a GK and a RWB, so i will look to bring those into the fold also.

We accepted a pre-season tournament invite so I could get some games under my belt, learn the new mechanics, try out players and see who stands out, with a baptism of fire after suffering an opening 4-2 defeat against Gillingham, swiftly followed by a classic last minute 4-3 win over Peterborough.

I have started on World Class difficulty, with 6 minute halves, with the usual mix of semi and assisted passing and crossing controls.

This is more of an introductory welcome, to the new team and career, in future posts I will go into more detail about players, tactics and so forth, I will also be looking to post regularly on a Monday, every week going forward.

For now, I will leave you with the first few goals scored within the first couple of pre-season matches, Stubbs looks like he could be my standout player.

7 thoughts on “Here we go, here we go, here we go !!!”

  1. Paul, I am only a small way in front in the adventure with my created club. For it all to work you just have to get to know the players, it’s like watching a movie and liking the characters, same thing here. I sold the obvious bad ones before seotember , and really worked with the rest to saltgrinf the resultsand really know them so well now, there will be others sold in january (nearly january for me)

    I have that thing from old ml where I bought a striker a real player and he is like a seagull in a nest of crows among the rest, when he is out I know about it

    Oh I also started with the lowest squad possible. I still have a CDM rated 49! World class too hard for me but professional was easy, I am lov
    e FIFA 22 so much. I am learning tactical defending and it does work, just has to be give time

    I get long range goals, meaning 25 meters or more, yes. Not many fouls for me though


  2. Adriano – Good stuff!! it is absolutely about player affinity, you are right, thats why we all loved ML so much, our different adventures with Castolo, Minanda, Espimas et al, such a shame FIFA doesn’t let us rename players.

    I am only 2 pre-season matches in, so lots of learning about players to do yet, but will enjoy the journey of having to a 3 division climb up to the Premier league, which was obviously never possible in PES, starting right at the foot of the tree in England’s League 2 was a thought, but time restraints meant I’d get more from the game starting one above.


  3. McGuinness sounds a hard bastard…

    I’ve not started yet, still UTing. I suspect I will drop a league lower as I have always gone for the managerial career rather than the build a club favoured by the rest of you. Not for me the Lloyd like Euro glory with some tin pot league two rabble – I follow the money. That will be a big deal for me this year after the ridiculous offers in previous careers. Being offered international jobs after a few weeks, going from Blackburn to title contending European clubs, and the broken contract offers that see players demanding ten grand lower than they are on. If they haven’t fixed some of the worst flaws then it’s Konami levels of complacency for me. I anticipate they won’t have.

    Despite having racked up a 10-0 in one of the offline squad games (World Class but they were awful and had zero chemistry) I’m finding exactly the same as you Paul – routes to goal tightened up, player movement and patience key – the pace does seem slightly nullified, even my loanee MBappe didn’t get many one on ones.


  4. Turf Allardyce – Don’t care what the results are, as long as its a job!!
    Haven’t got far enough in yet to comment on dodgy transfers and contracts Turf, moot points anyway because, what else is there to play footy wise?!

    I have actually had to restart my entire career, same club, same kits etc, but got given a newly generated set of players, which was fine as I hadn’t played a league game proper yet, I also went for a 1 star rated team rather than 2 stars as before so my players ratings are worse.

    I restarted because I had accidentally given myself a £200 million transfer budget to start with, meant to choose £200k, and it was bothering me, so hence the restart, you can’t start with any less than £1mil budget so opted for that, wealthy businessman starting a new professional club and all that (MK Dons).


  5. January transfer window for me and this is the furthest i have played a career mode for 10 years i think lol.

    We said Create Club doesn’t give us the shared ml Default expeirence but in a way it does! The same bunch of free agents are available at the start of every career. I have seen three create club FIFA you tube players with some of the same playes i got on a free, and they’re not having as good a time with some lol. I picked up a striker on a free that is doing great for me but somebody on you tube has him too and keeps slagging him off. Shades of ordaz and the gang. I won’t say the name f the striker i got

    paul, ater about 6 matches you should know which 3 or 4 of your starting players are your stars.

    create a club is the last nail in the casket of the other game. history being made, so many pes players on fifa now


  6. Adriano – I’m only 3 games into the league proper so still finding out about my players, but there is a real sense of proper old school ML here with the very poor players and limited budget, with the added bonus of being able to play a 4 division career if you wanted, so even more of a challenge.

    It’s because the PES players have no choice, eFootball is abysmal, and is nothing like the PES that everyone knew and loved, so FIFA 22 is the only option, I just really hope EA don’t do the usual and cave in to online frantic-fest players and patch the soul out of the game.

    I’m playing on slow, World Class and have resisted the OS sliders for now, will gauge how the game goes, then decide if I need to make adjustments.


  7. paul you may not need the sliders, i spent 2 days with OS sliders and really did try, but they seem to make things flat. in the end i customized them to my own taste, put the Sprint back to 50-50 was the main step, there has to be that sense of fast players being fast even if the CPU really exploits it. Main slider adjstemtn for me is passing speed down to 40-40 and injuries up to 75 with 35 serious. I didn’t mind the default sliders settings though.

    I can say that i have not thought about my slides for many sessions on the game now so i am satisfied. i can post the full set in the fture if you like, but really they’re twaeks of OS sliders with Sprint back to 50

    viva la FIFA, descansa en paz PES. I say this with a hefty heart because PES for me and PES2013 in particular, well I cannot speak


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