So my time with the domestic side of Career Mode on FIFA 19 has come to an end, I will still be blogging about my exploits with England in the European Championships when I return from my holiday in 2 weeks, but for the journey I embarked on with a mid-Championship Notts Forest back last October, it has all come to a finish with the climax of season 11.

To summarise, the treble was on, League, FA Cup and Champions league, but unfortunately this accolade still eludes me in FIFA, as we lost the FA Cup Final 1-0 to Chelsea in a very frustrating game.

Fa Cup Loss.png

It was another of those fixture pile up matches, so having to field a weakened team comprising of youth players and tired first teamers was a handicap from the off, plus Chelsea owed us one, as we’d beat them in the league a few matches before, ending their title chase, and also beat them in the Semi finals of the UEFA Champions league, so this was their revenge.

Once Chelsea scored midway through there second half, they sat back in midfield and packed the defence, and was literally all over me like a rash as soon as I got near the ball, 2,3 even 4 players harassing me and chasing me down, I just didn’t have the stamina within the team to be able to compete, and the treble dream was dead.

However, still a big double to play for with the Premier League and UCL still to go.
We once had a 7pt lead at the top of the table but Man City managed to claw back some points after my simming of games saw us lose 2 and draw 2 of the previous 5 games, so there was only 2pts in it with 2 games to go, and our penultimate fixture…..
Man City away.

A true title deciding match, away at the Emirates.

A well earned 2-1 win over City cemented the title, back to back premier League wins.
Proof that we were the strongest team in the league as 80% of the seasons matches were simmed, whilst I concentrated on blogging about the UCL, the simmed results had us top all season, I only actually played key games to keep the momentum going.

On to the UEFA Champions League Final, and guess who?
Yep, Man City. Here we go again.

I thought as per the Chelsea FA Cup final, that City may owe us one and get their revenge in this match but in a surprisingly straightforward match, we dominated, and ran out 3-0 winners to lift club footballs biggest trophy, ol’ big ears comes home.

So that concludes it, the double of sorts done, back to back Premier League wins, having now won every trophy available domestically, heres the breakdown:

FA Cups – 2
League Cups – 3
Premier League – 2
EFL Championship – 1
Community Shield – 3
UEFA Champions League – 1
Europa League – 0

13 trophies in 11 seasons, not a bad haul, returning Nottingham Forest to their historic perch at the top of European football, Cloughie would be proud.


Have to say the 11 seasons I’ve played on FIFA’s career mode have been 11 of the most enthralling and enjoyable seasons in any footy game I’ve ever played, possibly the best.
The presentation, atmosphere, beefed out Career Mode, options at your disposal, commentary, it may sound like fluff to some, but when you are trying to create your own little fantasy footballing world inside a game, these things are just as much factor as the actual on pitch game play, maybe even more so.
I could easily play on and hit the 15 season ceiling EA Impose but I feel this is the right time to end career mode in terms of club football.

I fly off on holiday Friday so will be sunning myself in the Med for 2 weeks, but will try and drop in on comments and post when I can, and upon my return we will pick up with the national side and try to steer England to Euro glory.

See you soon!