So the business end of this ‘new approach’ season is upon us, the UEFA Champions league group stages are finished, the Premier League is heading to.a climax and the domestic cups are entering the final rounds, and we are in With a shout at all four of them, a historic, never been done before quadruple?

The quadruple dream is over, and here is why:

fixture congestion.png

Ridiculous Fixture congestion, and I know this was fixed a couple of patches ago by EA, but it only applies to newly started CM’s, not much use to someone 11 seasons deep into a career is it.
Look at that, Middlesborough on the Saturday, Southampton 3 days later on Tuesday, 3 more days then Huddersfield, and then the killer, the very next day, Man City in the Carabao League Cup Final. And if that wasn’t bad enough literally 2 days later another UCL match, the first of the knockout stages, and I’ve inadvertently given a spoiler there. Sorry.

We played the league cup final vs Man City with half a first team with less than 40 % stamina, and the rest were youths, we had no chance, by the hour mark every player was  dying on his feet, we couldn’t run, tackle or do anything, City scored 3 late goals, like a boxer biding his time and delivering. flurry of punches to his opponent who is on the ropes exhausted,

So on to Champions league action, we had 2 group games left, needing only a win from those 2 to guarantee qualification, 4 points from the 2 would secure top spot.

A decent 1-0 win against Spartak Moscow away, secured qualification, followed up by:

Another 1-0 win against Lyon, to secure top spot in the group and the supposedly easier last 16 KO tie.

Having watched the videos back it does seem apparent but I can’t emphasis enough the quality of the atmosphere in these UCL matches, EA have done a superb job with the license, all the glamour and grits presentation is there but each game has a raw energetic feel to it, totally felt in essence when playing the game, the crowds are louder, it just all feels tense and special.

UCL Group.png

We stormed the group and setup an ‘easy’ last 16 tie as group winners:

UCL Last 16 away to IInter.pngAway to Inter Milan at the San Siro, so much for easier route, it will be a great game though and looking forward to playing at the San Siro under the lights in Europe.