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Stoke F*!%&ing City !!!

Stoke Fucking City. I hate them. Pisspot place in the UK, and shit hole of a team in FIFA 19.
There always seems to be one bogey team in every footy gamers career mode, my bogey team of FIFA 19 is Stoke Fucking City.

They always beat me, no matter what, usually convincingly, despite being a much weaker team, despite me out playing them and dominating the games, they always sneer and sneak by and get lucky, and so it happened again.

A session of 4 matches saw me play 3 back to back cup matches, first up was FC Copenhagen of Denmark in the last 32 of the UEFA Europa League, the first match was away from home, and we absolutely battered them, if it was a boxing match it would have been stopped at half time, racing into a 1-0 lead early, we continued to pepper their goal all game, but struggled to secure the win with another goal.

Point blank saves, Dennis & Kluivert both missing sitters, Foden scuffing shots, it had 1-0 and get turned over back at home written all over it, that was until the 90th minute.

Adama racing free to grab a second goal and secure a decent 2-0 away win, surely that would cement a place in the next round.
You can see by the stats below what a one-sided game this was, but the COM was insistent on keeping the scores down to make the second leg more of an event, rubber-banding anyone?

Match Facts.png

Next cup game was a 5th round FA Cup game away to Man Utd at Old Trafford.
A very tight tense game with the battle being in midfield for large parts of the game, until Utd went 1-0 up just before half time with a headed goal from an unmarked cross into the box for their CF to nod home from 8 yards.
A switch to attacking mentality and a couple of subs and we pulled it back to 1-1 via Foden, before a nice lay off inside for youth promotee Shaw to run on to it from midfield to smash home for a 2-1 win and a place in the quarter finals.

Next it was the return leg in the Europa League, home to FC Copenhagen, it finished 0-0 in another game that we dominated but just couldn’t break down their packed defence, job done, on to the last 16, where we drew OG Nice, a favourable draw compared to the other teams that were pulled from the hat.

Dennis hadn’t scored for 3 matches by this point but had done enough to earn him January’s POTM award.

Dennis POTM.png

Lastly it was on to that damn Stoke game, with players playing 3 cup matches over a week, I had to field a few fringe players and players who had half stamina, it showed, we lost a little ground in the title race, slipping down to 4th, and now being 3 points behind, but the leaders have a game in hand, Chelsea who are second have 2 games in hand and can go 4 points clear if they win them both.


8 thoughts on “Stoke F*!%&ing City !!!”

  1. Paul – lovely hit for that United equaliser there, and that type of goal – finding the crucial pass in the box for a teammate to slot in – is probably my most common type of goal now in the other game, more evidence that the gamemakers are making their games more similar in an effort to court the online masses. And they’re succeeding too.

    It’s a shame Copenhagen can’t be your bogey team, as their three-letter shortening – FCK – is readymade for fiery blogging about. And you were definitely scoreline managed in that match.

    For your Stoke read Sunderland for me – my bogey team in every PES from PES6 to around PES2013 when they dropped off the radar. Football games are designed experiences, no question. A team sits down and decides what kind of experience they want the player to have, and then they code a piece of software that delivers that experience. You’ve got to say they know what they’re doing.


  2. NG – Shaw was only in the team because Tchoumani was out for 3 weeks with a pulled calf muscle, and Decouré only had 50% stamina due to playing in the previous game 2 days earlier, but his run from the deeper DMF position into the box and then the finish after Dennis’s nice little lay off was a pleasant goal to score.

    Those types of goals are most common for me too, long range shots are still very possible but since the patch you really have to hit them sweetly to get one on target, so they are fewer and further between.

    My Bogey team in PES was always Everton, seems in FIFA its Stoke.


  3. From previous thread Paul – really? Any reason why they dropped handball? (Apart from it being ridiculously frequent and random in my previous games – I have it turned off in 18). Does this mean handball is always on or never on? And surely FIFA will embrace VAR (while konami completely ignore it).


  4. Turf – Handball has been removed from the game, you cannot turn it on or off, its totally redundant from the game.
    most people turned it off due to the random nature of it, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a handball, you don’t have control over the players arms or anything and it didn’t add anything to the game other than an annoyance factor, so EA removed it.

    I don’t see how VAR can be implemented in a game other than for purely aesthetic reasons.
    The reason we have it in the sport is because officials miss things in the cut and thrust and pace of the real-time game, so VAR is there to enforce decisions that are missed.

    Nothing is ever missed in a video game because the COM is aware of all events and decides the outcome of them all, if an offside is given, its because the code triggered A>b = offside, there’s no disputing it, same with whether a ball crossed the line, whether a foul occurred etc, the only way they could include it is purely for that real life presentation/tension effect.


  5. Paul – I would love to see fouls reintroduced to football gaming across the board, and if they did that then there would be a place for a VAR-type interlude, even if it was only aesthetic. Will you/won’t you get the decision – it could work. If they bring back fouls. Which they won’t.

    I’m looking forward to my FIFA18 turn – a week or two away – but am wondering how I will handle a literally fouls-free experience. Although I regard nuPES as a fouls-free game, a 0 fouls match is actually pretty rare (1.25 or so is the average for me).

    And it will be FIFA18. I had it in the disc tray the other day just for a look and really enjoyed the different feel of the players.

    Also: bring back handball! I quite liked the feature, even the times when it randomly penalised me (which was every time of course). It was in keeping with the rule-change that the sport is about to take on board, where if the ball hits a hand or arm it doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not if that action is decisive. A great rule change, which in combination with VAR is going to make next season brilliant in real life (I’ll enjoy the fans’ slavering anger more than anything – we’ll be listening to “but he didn’t MEAN it!” forever, probably), and I predict EA at least will take note of it and make it a thing in their game.


  6. Same here. I don’t know how but I just don’t see ea ignoring one of the biggest impacts on the sport n years. Handball is of course still in 18 NG, although I couldn’t tell you how good it is. Drove me nuts in 14 and has never been turned on since.


  7. Handball was one of my go-to scoring methods in 14: low driven cross against the unsuspecting defender’s trailing hand!


  8. abbeyhill – VAR makes that a valid tactic in the real world.

    I finished another season yesterday and managed 13th in the Premier League despite not winning for 10 games at the end of the season. I’ve signed a couple of new midfielders to slowly increase the quality of the team and managed a draw with West Ham who thrashed me twice last season, although no Dennis for them so assume they’ve sold him, maybe to Forest?

    Board expectation is Europa League, tad harsh for 2nd season after promotion.


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