Smells Like Team Spirit

Apologies for the missing post last week, i planned to post it up Friday, but after rewiring all my gaming/cinema room tech due to fitting a new surge protected socket, I then went to fire up the gaming PC and couldn’t get a signal out of it, spent 45 mins turning it on, off, etc but no good, and due to other things I had to do, I had to leave it.

Turns out where Id moved stuff about, the HDMI cable had pulled out of the back of the AV receiver that the PC runs into, that was all, Schoolboy !

Been a busy week so not that much to report on the ML front, I removed the game play patch I was using, it does some good things, but also introduces other issues which were agitating me, so back on Konami Vanilla GP.

Team Spirit (TS) is slowly increasing, and it really is a ball ache to play ML with a TS rating under 75, even there its a bit shoddy still, it affects runs, positioning, passes, tackles, everything, and not surprisingly, as my TS has increased, results have started picking up a bit, including a 3-0 away demolition of Chelsea, who were sat in 3rd place.

Europa League Spots are going to be our best hope this season I feel use it as a springboard, sign some better quality and give it a go next season.
We need some better quality out wide on both flanks, as I prefer to play Saint-Maximin as a Support Striker, using his pace to get in behind.
We’ve had a bid for Rafinha of Leeds Utd accepted, he will join in January, which will give us more pace on the right side.

It is still such a joy to play PES21 with its slower more considered game play, after the frantic rush and attack of FIFA 22, but I’m still getting caught out by the FIFA muscle memory, and the way you need to play PES is vastly different.
Its a nice thing to have a PES modded up ML on the burner though to pick up and play when the urge arises.

I also downloaded Madden 22, I got it free as a subscriber to EA play, the presentation is superb, so detailed, and I enjoyed the few games I play, I just have absolutely no clue which play to pick and when so mainly play a passing game, going for the hollywood touchdown pass everytime.

A small handful of goals, nothing special but a nice variation from my last couple of games:

121 thoughts on “Smells Like Team Spirit”

  1. Btw – that’s shocking to hear regarding efootball shizzle 23. I thought it had improved greatly from what I’ve read one evoweb but I guess not.

    I’m glad pes21 is still a really, really solid game. Collecting and using your own mods is also something I enjoy greatly about the whole experience.


  2. FIFA 23 seems to be getting a pretty good reception all round, at least the gameplay and career mode. I sometimes watch ‘spoonypizzas’ youtube videos despite his silly name and he thinks it is really decent. Certainly compared to his efootball23 footage which looked dreadful, churning gameplay with no player individuality

    my own PES21 ML now in season 4 but taken a turn for the worse. After 3 seasons of progressive improvement (17th, 8th, 4th in D2) and assembling an excellent squad the new one got off to a mixed start (2-1-3 in league but 4-0 win versus D1 team in cup) and I am suddenly hit with ‘win next game or you’re sacked’ from chairman. Seemed a little unnecessary. Not sure if I’ll go all the way back to the start or jump to FIFA23 if the fateful match is not won this evening

    Quite enjoying Cyberpunk but now find I’m missing Elden Ring! Struggling to settle on a game…..


  3. Abbeyhill; do you have FIFA already? if not id stick with pes21 for now…it really is a very solid game even on vanilla gameplay. Perhaps swoop up FIFA when it’s cheaper. As far as Elden Ring goes; I was much in the same place, it kept calling me even immediately after I finished it. In fact I started a new game just to test out a build and ended up playing that over God of War. Close to finishing it a second time. I only ever had that with Skyrim way back in 2011.

    Also, Paul or anyone else; is anyone a skilled kitmaker for PES2021 and still making kits? I recently came across this

    I found myself drooling over the middle kit in the first pic (or the top left one in the second pic), the one by “RtxJC Kits”. I’d actually pay money if someone had the skills to make that!


  4. I still play my ps4 PES 2021 a lot and love it and I think of my modded PC PES 2021 as PES 2023. I have the virtua red patch, its one of the versions from a year ago with all the stadium in it bt I don’t update it as I don’t want to even try to keep up with updating it, takes too much time. Also with a modded .exe file that I got from somewhere and cannot remember where! it makes all the bodies heavir and the ball too, not by a lot but enough to make it a different game. I keep meaning to create my own splash intro screen for the saying PES 2023, it is easy from what I can see, but have not fuond the time yet. I tried the FIFa 23 and it is quite good, but how after a few updates… nop I am not doing that again!


  5. Eventful few weeks – went to Lithuania via Amsterdam, had a week long tour of the country and came back with Covid. Relatively similar to previous episodes physically – heavy cold, etc – but it absolutely scrambled my head – huge mood swings. At one point I wanted to go out for a walk in the rain as I felt like a 16 year old EMO kid! Then had a family holiday in Mallorca where the unseasonably high temperatures meant everyone got shredded by mosquitos. Feeling better now but still rooted on UT – I think it’s that ‘the next pack might be the one’ despite not spending any money on it and having no inclination to ever go online. I honestly don’t know why I’m carrying on – it’s ultimately hollow, like Fortnite and all of these get reward things that never finish. I think I’m likely to start a Tomb Raider/Far Cry type effort soon just to have a game with a start and end point.


  6. wow that sounds quite an experience, Turf. Are you sure that Covid was all you picked up in Amsterdam? We took to Belfast for an autumn holiday, still not sure why. Impressed by the amount of time you are sinking into UT. I guess ‘ultimately hollow’ doesn’t really matter as long as you’re enjoying it; none of us are playing games as part of some personal development plan

    I’m still on PES2021, frustrated by the difficulty and AI at times but still a great game. Adriano/#1 – was wondering if you’ve heard of or played Football Life 2023 yet? Apparently it’s a fan made attempt at an old-school offline PES, basically a heavily modded PES2021. Getting some rave reviews so far


  7. abbey hill, I played fl2023 just last night after seein and hearing many of the talk about it all, I am suprised no pes fan has tried doing this yet, making our own new pes games going forward is the way!

    fL2023 is Pes 2021 with some of passing and shooting changed, enough to make it a new game? Almost, yes, and it reminds me of pes6 in how loose it feels compared to pes 2021, and I played a lot of 2021 so there is a diferenca. eg passing is much heavyer, you have to press longer to shoot the ball and so.

    and the AI seemed harder to me as well, I lost 0-2 in a Professional level match that I deliebrately treated as if it was a new pes game from scratch, as it always used to be at this time of the year 😦

    overall it is a worth a look


  8. the installation tho, is horrible, one of those were you have to download it in 8 or 9 parts from a horible site with adverts, and each part is 2 or 3 gb so it is a trail, my dl speed is not much and it took 1 hour 30 to get all. Hipefully someobe will make a torrent of it.


  9. Wasn’t there a never quite finished, No Man’s Sky type hyped game called Football Life years ago – back when the metaverse wasn’t so named? Seem to recall adverts for living the life of a footballer like Second Life. Fifa UT drawing to a close for me, maybe 2 offline games a day. Mini turf hates it so got to be career soon.

    Sorry Abbeyhill I have no idea what you’re on about – I absolutely include gameplay improvement as part of my annual uni appraisal, they just don’t know that’s what I’m referring to when I fill in the generically bland statements. And I was only in Amsterdam for a few hours – enough to pay way over the odds for a cheese roll and a drink but little else. Never been to Belfast – really struggling to think where to go this coming year – got to be entertaining for a young teen but not full of the Brits on the lash or be so devoid of historical/cultural interest that we feel like it’s a hot version of Centerparcs. Getting nowhere fast.


  10. Btw the fifa World Cup free update is the difference between EA and the last dregs of what Konami was. PES would have been a buy option, delivered in March. This looks spot on – for those who are bothered about this World Cup. (I’m not).


  11. abbeyhill – havent tried that yet but people on evoweb are enthusiastic about it. are saves transferrable? I also read that you have to import your own player faces and whatnot. curious what the hype is about but am not keen on going on those shitty ad-riddled sites and going through that bullshit again…


  12. #1 FL 2023 is esentialy pes 2021 with many of the input values tweaked, not much more than what you could do yourself in a mod, im a bit confused about the fuss over it to be hinest. I think they have done a good job making the game handle differently and it might be to your taste. I tink there might be differences with the AI as I got killed by the AI on Professional in my test exhibitions. I’m keeping it on my hard drive for sure, if nothing else it’s a sttement that the pes fandom is not going to mod 2021 forever, we’re going to try to make our own pes! i cant believe konami would be happy, but i don’t know of any legal stuff yet

    Don’t know if pes 2021 saves can be transferred, i wouldn’t want to anyway, best treat it like it reallyis pes 2023! if you remmeber the feel of a new pes game every Fall, it does have that new pes feel.

    the facepacks are all 20gb or more, no way i’m touching them yet, it was anoyying enough getting the game from the advert sites, if somebody makes a torrent of the game it would be much better


  13. thanks Adriano, even from watching footage on youtube the gameplay on FL2023 looked quite distinct from PES2021, slower and more weighty. Possibly a bit more variety in AI attacks? As you say the download and installation looks a right pain but it’s great to have a ‘new’ PES designed for people like us as an option

    Turf – I’ve never been more uninterested or cynical about a World Cup, particularly as the real football business of Ipswich’s League 1 promotion campaign continues alongside. No idea who is in England’s group. Owing to the timing of the matches however suspect I’ll end up half-watching a lot of it throughout afternoons in the office


  14. Adriano- thanks for that. Apparently the gameplay differences come from a modified dt18 file and nothing more. Someone on evoweb was so kind to share it with me, so I will be trying this tonight. Changes in a dt18 file tend to “stick” a bit more than changes in the exe in my opinion so perhaps this’ll save the game for me. If it is indeed challenging on professional, then that’s right up my alley.


  15. #1 take into account i am biased as i don’t believe pes 2021 needs to be saved, to me it is the greatest pes of the console gen, so a mod on pc goes up against that. i love the pc platform now. I have been playing more of FL2023 and it is challenging on professional because of the changed values, i think, difficult to see any real change in ai (which i say again is not “broken!” to me!)

    despite my dounts with fl 2023 i love the idea of it and wanted to support it by sitting for 2 damn hours getting all the files from an advert site. We need pes to survive in some way as there is nothing else yet. efootball when it gets master league is the last chance. i have quite liked efootball gameplay when i have tried it but there is nothing to do with it yet


  16. Abbeyhill – it’s a shame as the match times are very agreeable for working from home but not only can I not be enthusiastic about the venue, process of choosing it, messages from FIFA, etc etc but I find this England team has gone from youthful optimism to same old same. The suggestion that Southgate picks players on form dies immediately when you see Maguire in the squad. Still at least Paul had the joyous T20 World Cup to follow. Bet he’s still on cloud 9 about that…


  17. Adriano – appreciate the sentiment, unfortunately I think anything above professional is nigh unplayable. I tried the fl23 mod; it seems to heavily influence the passage of play by drastically slowing down passing speed and accuracy and doing something with turning speed. I appreciate the endgoal but I don’t prefer the way of going about it. Feels like I’m passing through treacle though overall games definitely are more enjoyable. Gonna keep looking..


  18. #1, my genuine opinion is that FL 2023 is a pretty decent standalone mod for the game but I am astonished about the enthusia for it by the community, and I think I know whay it is – people who are “amazed” about FL2023 are reacting well to ***pes 2021*** which many have never given a proper chance to. It is all about the politiccs of soccer gaming. E.g. if eFootball somehow turned to the greatest game ever made (just pretend it will lol) there are so so many who will never be able to admit it because of the way things are right now and have been for the past year or two. pes 2021 hassome of that from the community, theres a sort of ‘i’m now too cool for this’ weird thing, i see it all the time from friends who used to play and love pes in real life and would love pes 2021, but it’s impossible for them to change now, all very weird


  19. Adriano , really? I happily move between the two depending which one is better. I remember the whole fifa vs pes thing was way more happening 10 years ago or thereabouts …maybe I’m just out of the loop.

    On another note I caved because fifa23 was on discount. Got it for ps5. Played with a mate yesterday. I was shocked at how bad it is. Super fast and slidey, shooting and passing feels so very off. And the weird thing is, animations feel very stilted and choppy. Almost cut off mid animation. It all made for a very odd experience, it feels like the game has regressed massively. Even fifa 22 seems miles ahead.

    I’ll give it a good go on career mode with sliders but as it is, I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole for now. Going back to my pes21 ML.


  20. Poor World Cup. I also think EA have patched FIFA to be faster and a bit more chaotic – some strange ball physics going on for me at the moment,


  21. Wow. I applied the FIFA community sliders and it’s still shockingly bad. Utter garbage. There is no feel to it at all whatsoever. All my opinion of course but I can’t even get through one game.


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