Smells Like Team Spirit

Apologies for the missing post last week, i planned to post it up Friday, but after rewiring all my gaming/cinema room tech due to fitting a new surge protected socket, I then went to fire up the gaming PC and couldn’t get a signal out of it, spent 45 mins turning it on, off, etc but no good, and due to other things I had to do, I had to leave it.

Turns out where Id moved stuff about, the HDMI cable had pulled out of the back of the AV receiver that the PC runs into, that was all, Schoolboy !

Been a busy week so not that much to report on the ML front, I removed the game play patch I was using, it does some good things, but also introduces other issues which were agitating me, so back on Konami Vanilla GP.

Team Spirit (TS) is slowly increasing, and it really is a ball ache to play ML with a TS rating under 75, even there its a bit shoddy still, it affects runs, positioning, passes, tackles, everything, and not surprisingly, as my TS has increased, results have started picking up a bit, including a 3-0 away demolition of Chelsea, who were sat in 3rd place.

Europa League Spots are going to be our best hope this season I feel use it as a springboard, sign some better quality and give it a go next season.
We need some better quality out wide on both flanks, as I prefer to play Saint-Maximin as a Support Striker, using his pace to get in behind.
We’ve had a bid for Rafinha of Leeds Utd accepted, he will join in January, which will give us more pace on the right side.

It is still such a joy to play PES21 with its slower more considered game play, after the frantic rush and attack of FIFA 22, but I’m still getting caught out by the FIFA muscle memory, and the way you need to play PES is vastly different.
Its a nice thing to have a PES modded up ML on the burner though to pick up and play when the urge arises.

I also downloaded Madden 22, I got it free as a subscriber to EA play, the presentation is superb, so detailed, and I enjoyed the few games I play, I just have absolutely no clue which play to pick and when so mainly play a passing game, going for the hollywood touchdown pass everytime.

A small handful of goals, nothing special but a nice variation from my last couple of games:

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  1. If you want a quick run through of modern tech Paul just let me know…first, this is a plug….!

    I dumped my fifa career after everything shit about it came together. I’d spent ages scouting players, doing trades, organising deals and then the regents hit and it was all pointless, I could recruit a better 16yo squad for free than buying experienced players. Same with my youth academy, my best player was mid 50s and looking good – I could pick up a similar age 70 overall worth 5m. So that was the good team I assembled. Played Melbourne city, they had a man sent off and the game turned me over 4-0. 4 shots, to my dozens. After I’d won the pre season tournament against much better sides. It’s far worse than PES I think for that, and feels like it’s got worse since release. I’ll probably come back to it because there’s no way I’m buying 23 when they as you say ‘patch the shit out of it’ and change the game.

    So, I picked up the PES 21 update given the endorsements on here and the NG news – wonder if he’s playing pc patched or vanilla console? Again the master league is a shitfest but I picked the Thai league to level the playing field with my defaults. They are the differently named ones of course, but same stats. Few worth keeping but no choice given wage budget. The game is much slower than fifa, and feels like it’s played on a bigger pitch. There’s time on the ball you don’t get and long rangers feel like they might just stand a chance. I think the trigger movement off the ball is poor though and I can see a few meltdowns coming when player control suddenly changes as a striker is bearing down on my goal. Overall though it looks decent and worth a spin. Shame the mode and interface is so flawed. But then the alternative was just as bad.


  2. Turf – Shame you had to ditch the FIFA career, there’s a lot to do in FIFA as we know so CM’s are rewarding, but the continuous patching to please online players has crippled the game.
    When it was released, with sliders, FIFA 22 was a proper sim and felt really good to play, but now there’s barely any distinction between the ‘simulation’ offline should be and the total cockfest that online always is, its now just a mush of the 2 and its horrible.

    I find myself speeding through matches on PES, because there is literally nothing to do except respond to an incoming transfer bid now and then, no actual proper budget to manage, no press conferences, no player interactions, nothing.
    But on the pitch, it’s a much better game,


  3. lol, ‘total cockfest’ of online, I do love some of your phrases Paul! FIFA21 is also very arcadey with massive gaps behind the full backs to charge into – don’t know if it was always thus or if it started out more of a sim like FIFA22

    Who would have imagined when the next-gen PS5 era kicked off that by 2022 most of us would be back on a last-gen PES? Will almost certainly join you after wrapping up this season on Career Mode; it’s always nice to play a footy game with a bit of (virtual) company


  4. Abbeyhill – I delved back into FIFA22 last night briefly just for a quick FUT game, as the PS5 was already on (Was playing Madden 22) but PES21 PC modded is definitely the go to for career (Master League) Mode football, shame we don’t have any decent footy title anymore, to make the most of the PS5’s power.


  5. I finally got a ps5, through sheer luck. Was wondering to upgrade FIFA to the ps5 version but guess I won’t (already own the ps4 version, was not impressed).

    Back to elden ring and GT 7 it is then! Want to download the virtuared patch as well but it’s such a monster size wise. For my connection at least. Still hoping for evoweb to update their patch. Or is that nixed completely?


  6. I’ve not looked at ps5 with any serious intentions but am so surprised they are still not readily available. Deliberate? Shortage of raw materials? Supply chain issues? What’s going on?

    PES 2021 on world class is proper old school hard. I haven’t scored a goal yet


  7. my guess would be the AMD CPU & GPU are still in short supply, Turf, given the general shortage of high end semiconductors. Seems a bit of a waste that my PS5 has been 95% used for Fortnite and Rocket League, both of which run happily on a Nintendo Switch.

    Anyway, played my final games of FIFA for a while last night, Championship playoffs with Exeter City. Dramatic last minute equaliser and extra time winner to see off Bournemouth in the semis, but then lost to Swansea City at Wembley. After two and a half years on FIFA career modes definitely time for a break. Lack of goalscoring variety on FIFA21 has been disappointing, looking back at my FIFA19 videos it never used to be this bad. Looking forward to a ML on PES2021, and have also started Elden Ring


  8. I’m struggling badly abbeyhill – like being back in 2012 era – I’ve scored three goals approaching halfway through the season. I’m finding routes to goal with the defaults on world class are so limited, maybe my formation needs tweaking, but I’m resorting to long rangers to cause a bit of panic and hope to snap up a rebound.


  9. you’re in Thailand right, Turf? Presume the defaults are pretty much the same guys they’ve been for the last few years, even if yours are named differently. I was thinking about starting with real players in the weakest team in La Liga or Serie A and go straight into a relegation battle


  10. Yes. The defaults are the same players, they just have different names – you have your decent AMF, useful SS, ok RB and pretty much any old rubbish after that depending on your view of the scrappy CMF. However, the Thai league is obviously a bit lower standard than Div2s in major nations. Not that this fact seems to have reached the AI. I’m on 1 point – a goal less draw from the first half of the season. I’ve organised for some of those defaults to be sold and some new players to come in but the wage budget is so restrictive they are little more than good defaults themselves. I had to go for youth aiming to train them up but I can see a situation similar to the USA cap whereby a good player just demands too much of my wage budget to keep. In fact, I think that’s what the FIFA/PES model really is – you need never spend money on the transfer fee, it’s all about paying the players. I’m hanging on and hopefully not being sacked until the Buffon, Zlatan etc regens turn up.


  11. Hey guys, hope you’re all well, I know the new posts havent been posted last week, but am super busy right now, havent played any PES at all.
    Work is busy with projects, the music production has sky rocketed, im now signed to multiple labels and have 6 tracks due for release across the various labels within the next month, as well as DJ’ing my weekly radio show.

    On top of that we recently (Tuesday) picked up a rescue dog, a 3 year old labrador/staffy cross, shes gorgeous, but also takes up alot of time.

    I think going forward the new posts will have to be as and when I get time rather than commit to a set weekly schedule.


  12. Sounds good Paul. Mini turf has slowed down a bit – he’s found the jump from apps to FL studio a bit overwhelming. He’s got himself on the Gateshead youth music board as the guy who runs it is into EDM so he’s hoping to get some training.

    I’m into the second half of season 1 in Thailand, now with an entirely new 11 from the defaults, but they are only 1 or 2 points better due to the wages. I’m beginning to think I should have saved up and bought 1 or 2 players to fit with the defaults, but most of them have release fees so I couldn’t hang on to the Castledine and Arcas clones anyway. It is a real surprise this game as it plays like an old school release – fouls, passes going astray, balls bobbling, proper muck and nettles stuff. Shame the ML is awful but football wise I really can’t criticise it much at all. Why did they throw all this away? It could have been the platform to rebuild the series.


  13. wow Paul that sounds incredible, music career is really taking off then!! Please let us know when the new tracks are out and where to stream/buy them. Understandable to take a break from regular footy game blogging from now, we will keep the chat going in the comments

    Best of luck with the rescue dog. We did the same a few years ago, partly because there were always dogs in my family growing up. Sadly we hadn’t realised quite how traumatised our new border collie Skye was until getting him home, don’t know what happened in the poor guy’s past but he was physically unmanageable for my wife and unfortunately we had to take him back. Still feel guilty about it. At least you have chosen a more mellow breed, so hope it goes well

    Down in London all week but excited to get new PES21 ML going this weekend


  14. Turf – The jump from mobile basic music ‘fiddling’ apps to a proper DAW like FL Studio or Logic or Ableton is huge, its another world, and FL studio is one of the more complex in how it works, the UI etc.
    id advise him to grab Ableton lite, its free and will give him a much more gentle learning curve.

    Abbeyhill – Thats the thing, rescue dogs are usually such for bad reasons and you just never know what the temperament of the dog will be like, whats happened in their past etc.
    The pooch we took was just in rescue care as her owner suddenly passed away, so she’s been in and out of kennels and foster homes, and had a cruciate hip surgery a few months back, a lot of people were put off by her potential vet bills if the condition ever flares up again, but she’s made a complete full recovery, and you’d never know she even had it done.
    Thankfully we are in a position financially where that wouldn’t be a problem, so wanted to giver her a forever home, other than that shes the most affectionate, warm, gentle, placid thing ever, although she does dislike cyclists and wants to eat them, but we are gradually training her out of that.

    Such a lifestyle change being responsible for another living being, we have already had to cancel several events we were attending due to having to be home for her, dammit. lol.


  15. Abbeyhill – 21 games, I’ve scored 7 goals. Filthy old school toughness, I don’t know how I’m going to improve.


  16. well good for you Paul, sounds like you have both committed a lot of thought and preparation to giving her the best possible home. And I can understand her stance on cyclists tbh

    7 goals in 21 Turf, not sure what you’re complaining about? I kicked off a ML with the crappest Serie A club I could find, Crotone, and have managed 1 goal in 15. Also struggling to see what I can do to improve – no way through the dense ranks in the middle, when I work the ball out wide and whip in a decent cross my 198cm striker sort of glitches under it and makes no contact. But as you said earlier the game is great, a proper old school challenge, players have momentum, the ball bobbles around in a satisfying way with fouls, long range shooting, some agricultural play from the AI, very impressed


  17. and can you actually get fired in this PES? After an opening 3 defeats there was a cutscene with the chairman was already complaining and threatening the sack. However following umpteen subsequent defeats there has been no further sign of the twat and I can’t see a ‘manager rating’ stat anywhere


  18. abbeyhill, you CAN get sacked for sure, i was sacked at all my clubs until i was many seasons in but at the start of the career the game gives you a free ‘let off’ after your first ultimatim form the board.

    You will be alright unless results don’t pick up by about 75 percent season mark

    If you get another cutscene take it very serously as the sack will follow if you don’t win the bnext match or whatever it says to do.

    pes 2021 is a fitting end to the series on console, it has the bestof all the ps4 era in one package. The only downside is that in normal times i would have had pes 2022 to follow it but I have played pes 2021 for two years worth of football gaming and played so much that my hands play it more than my head does if you know what i mean lol. So i have to ration sessions to one or two a week. I play more pes 2012(on PC) these days because of that factor. I am jealous of you and uncle Turf just starting 2021!


  19. I am now 3 games from the end of the season and things have picked up a bit – 10 goals scored, but 18 points as I have become the 0-0 specialist. Still bottom but no ultimatum. I’ve signed a default+ type squad but can see me having to replace all of them in future – old friend of the programme Lobato has come in – has any player ever underwhelmed as much as him? He can barely make half time before needing to go off. He will make good cash though but wages are going to be the issue. And I’m wary of Thailand being out of sync with the main transfer calendar. I might have to move on to get anywhere as I’m not sure if it means I’ll miss the regens?

    It really is a surprisingly great game of football, it has the elements of all the past classics and can see why NG is still going with it. Shame the ml is awful but better that way round. Only thing I miss is a Fifa ‘come to me’ trigger to create a bit more space, it’s so tight at times and poor players just don’t make the moves. I need a real top class regen striker.


  20. Good to hear you guys sampling and enjoying PES21, it is definitely the best ‘next-next-gen’ era PES game, and i Suppose a good way to bow out of the PES franchise.
    Imagine it on PC with all the mods, bells and whistles, its glorious, just wish I had more time to invest in my recently started ML, time is just so tight these days and today is my first day back in the office in over 2 years, i won’t be making it a regular thing thats for sure!


  21. I’ve finished season 1. W3, D9, L18 GF11 GA34. Bottom by 11 points. No mention of the sack, one job offer from China but I’m holding out for the Crotone job… unless a good Euro offer comes in I’m going to try and stay and build in season 2 as I like the short seasons.


  22. !!! No cut scene, no warning – they’ve sacked me! Played the old boys match and bang, out of the door. I’m in shock.


  23. There u go! The game is generous in season 1 with I think just a few tweaks from league to league about which warning you get and when you get it, I started in protugal all the way back in sep 2020 when the game arrived and got a warning about midway through it then the sack immediately when I didnt win a match, in pother nations it can be earlier or later, a lot depends on the size of the league. I think you said it was a small league in was it thailan?

    I kept backup saves to go back to but never did as I like to take what comes in a game. I took another club and treated the game as my career really, always loved to play pes that way since it was possible, my record was 7 or 8 clubs in pes 2017, easily beaten that in pes 2021 already


  24. At least it gave me options, although because Thailand runs differently my end of season sacking was January 1 season 2 in Europe. I could have stayed in Thailand but that would be repeating year 1, and apart from China the only other offer was Bologna – in the relegation slots in serie A. So I’m effectively doing what abbeyhill has started out doing, except I have better players possibly available?

    I was fuming. It’s brutal as you say Adriano2.


  25. Wonderfully brutal and don’t worry (if your worried) eventually you get to the stage where you only move to other clubs if you want to, we all know that stage with any pes game. I’ll be intersted to hear if your or abbey or paul ever think you have pes 2021 tho, in the waythat old pes games could be cracked. I never have felt that pes 2021 was cracked by me, it has stayed challenging all through my must be 25 seasons now

    Moving from club to club has a drawback, it can take a while befor eyou spend long with any group of players so you can lose that deep connection to indvduals that we’ve always loved pes for. I solved this problem by taking my best players with me from club to club! I remmber starting with Defaults in 2021 and taking Arcas and a coupe of others with me to all my clubs until he retired! I used to just buy arcas in th enext transfer. He got more and more expensive as the seasons went by so it would take a couple of transfer periods sometimes, and then I statyed at one club cska moscow until Arcas retired, and got him as a regen in the youths! The pes stories and feeling are still there and never went anywhere

    efootball 2022 next week and i see the buzz is pretty good but there’ll be no modes t play for a long time, so pes 2021 and pes 2012 will be my foot games for a long time still. If I had not already played so much pes 2021 i would just play that, i need 2012 to help me forget i know 2021 too well


  26. sorry Turf, I seem to have sealed your fate with my ‘but can you get sacked?’ After the testimonial game seems a seriously odd time for it to happen. At least you have joined me in Italy although I don’t know for how long – still just the one goal scored half a season in, really scratching my head. Need to hold off the sprint clearly after so long on FIFA, but what else?

    thanks for the reply Adriano and some good advice there. If 2021 is the last decent PES, or even the last decent single player footy game, then definitely one to savour rather than rush through. Would love to go back to 2012 at some point. PES 2017 looked for a while that it was a worthy challenger to the highest echelons of the series but the scripting was horrendous after a few seasons

    so what was the lowlight of your first day back in the office Paul? I’m trying to get my team back in 3 days out of 5 but fighting a losing battle


  27. Abbeyhill – indeed! Not convinced it wasn’t some sort of power play by you to get a nice job in Thailand with a developing squad. Comment to the Sunday papers, quite word with a super agent? I know how you city folk work…that’s why I’ve been in close contact with your back room staff. You won’t be getting them back in the office any time soon….

    Bologna aren’t too bad but they have lots of very similar players – cmf and amf are the modern PES butter mountain. They have three loanees who I’d love permanently but I might have to simply release players as chances of shifting some of them are low. Goals still remain the issue, I can’t advise really, just patience and that stand out player really. I wish it was easier to trigger runs and do the fifa come short thing as it helps create space around the edge of the box. PES is brutal on defending in numbers.

    I think this is very much a highlight of PES history; hard as ever, full of the idiosyncrasies, long rangers still possible, and not easy to stack the squad full of worldies despite the weak ml. We’d have been raving about it if it had been 2014, but sadly the ship has sailed for so many. Id have never picked it up had it not been for Paul and others comments.


  28. Abbeyhill – I’ve restarted. I don’t think I’ve ever played a harder football game, on superstar I’m simply not getting the chances to shoot, let alone score. However, I’m not abandoning the level, instead I’m going with the club lineup at my original Thai league place – Sukothai. It’s actually worse than the defaults. Fresh approach needed though. New formation. New dawn.


  29. Scrap that! The Sukothai squad are on wages of under £500! I could sell the lot and not be able to buy a five aside team. The Asian Arcas/Casteldine it is. But with all the money ploughed into one or two key signings.


  30. uncle turf as much as master liga is not what we want I have always thought it is balanced around the defaults more than the club players. Either way your development curve on Super Star will be brutal! I did the same as you and you relly have to maximize your first transfer window as it’s a long time to mid-season. Getting 2-3 players in who are better than starting squad, its tough though as the offers for your players tend to come in after that first window shuts, you end up having to make it to the first window in Janury with the starters. Make the most of the quality in the defaults. Viva Arcas! My top 5 players of the recent Defaults would be 1) Arcas 2) Castledine 3) Giorza 4) Jarvis 5) Hettich/Vrany/Rice all joint 5th lol. The rest pretty much get sold straightway


  31. Thanks Adriano2, I have all them but they are called Tayeb, Junhyoung..etc. I went big on a striker and managed to hang on to Asian Arcas and Casteldine. Rest had to go. You can’t even sign youth players for equivalent wages so I’m down to min squad number. I’m aiming for 0-0 draws as much as possible.


  32. uncle Turf, I have played in South america with their versions of the defaults but didn’t know there were asian ones too, you have givne me an idea for my next save. I don’t know when that will be though as I hve seriously played too much pes 2021 and know it better than any football game i have ever played, i was not joking when I said I am jealous of you and abbey and paul all just starting out, this is the PES game of all time! Okay, maybe in the top 3 for me lol but as the last PES game it is so great to have it

    For everyone yet to have a look at eFootball they have ust updated it to version 1 and it is now worth a look. Watch out, 42gb download. And it is very much now like PES 2022 would have been if it existed. Play the Training mode where you can use any team and play on any difficulty as long as you like


  33. Lovley! some say pes fks too easy since ps2 days but it’s not a guaeranteed goal for me by any stretch really – couple of tips, you don’t have to Pause the game to change kicker/check stats etc, you can pop up a list by pressing the left side of the touchpad on the PS4 controller, no need to Pause

    And at free kicks press R3 to drop the camera to shoulder-height, if preferred.

    Mention of FIFA makes me sad as FIFA 22 was all set to be the football game of the year until the patches started to eat it alive, and now it’s one of the worst FIFA of the gneration in my opinion. FIFA 20 still my favorite of recent years there


  34. Thanks Adriano2, tbh I went into the formation as I’d never set the free kick taker, assuming I’d never get a decent chance. Had no idea what any of my players were like at them. To be fair they’re quite regular (by modern standards obviously, none of yer pes5 12 v 9). It does seem ridiculous that we can buy a game that is then completely altered after the event by simply being online. I doubt I’ll be buying a fifa ever again. But then I said that about PES.


  35. uncle Turf, we can be confdent that pes 2021 (and every other pes ever made) is what it will remain now. I love my PC modding options but the console version of pes 2021 is where I played 95% of my playing hours and there was never a bad version of the game through all patches I would say. konami have a different philsophy for patches than ea, or they used to. I have a feeling the eFootball 2022 patching scandal is just starting. It really plays like a PES game now, for good nd bad, and ‘the fans’ are already calling for more repsonsiveness and crap like that, be interesting to watch the journey to a FIFA clone which seems inevitable.

    Which mkes me even happier that old PES games are not going anywhere and won’t chenge


  36. Cracker! Pick that one out, loved the way it flew straight as an arrow, not a hint of curve. Also amused by the keeper literally giving up and turning round to remonstrate with some blameless defenders before the ball was in the net. The name of the scorer made me feel nostalgic for PES3 when the only realistic early signings were an excellent collection of Korean and Japanese stars at unaccountably low valuations


  37. Season 1 concluded last night, one of my most inept in PES history. 1 win, 4 draws, 33 defeats, 7 goals for, 75 against for Crotone in Serie A. Amazingly that wasn’t enough to get sacked, and the chairman is happy enough to tilt for top 8 in Serie B this season. In two minds – would be good to rebuild the club and get it back up, but so far I’ve spent zero time on squad development or sorting tactics because I was viewing it as a trial season with inevitable sacking. Restarting with the defaults also tempting


  38. Wow. 7 goals, that is dedication to an absolute beating. I’ve not played much recently but my restart with the same club in the same Thai league was going much better as I knew what to expect I.e play for the 0-0 while the players are so bad. I think more so in PES because you can’t move them around as much with the come short instruction and the trigger run has always been more flaky for me, with far fewer individual tactics. You’re relying a lot more on their stats.

    What’s sidetracked me has been a game called Skyrim…where I’m doing my first ever play through as a Nord. It feels slightly Aryan and wrong but listening to some of the dialogue it’s clear everyone in the game has shades of grey and there’s no good guys. I’m still finding new areas, even though I only started as my new I.d doesn’t show the trophies I previously won on what’s now mini turf’s I.d. Not having him look great while I seem a newb.

    Anyone ever been to Sweden btw? Being sent for work for a few days and wondered if there’s anything to look out for? Apart from the usual crime drama, abba and Volvos Im totally ignorant.


  39. so I decided to park my Crotone save for now, can always go back to it later, and start another with the defaults in French ligue 2. So nice to see them again after all these years. Assembled a 4-2-2-2 formation with a simple tactic of long balls to Mihailov and then Arcas, Castledine plus Jarvis (with his amazing finishing stat) feeding off the scraps. Canning, Vasilj, Erikson and Giorza across the back, Rice and Hettich centre mid. Sold all the terminally hopeless guys like Driessen and Pallister with the intention of bringing in some loans, frees or youths at some point. However the season has kicked off with a string of 1-0 defeats. Had forgotten quite how bad these players are Turf, as you say there is very little you can do with them. Even the lowest stat players in FIFA can control the ball turn and run with it. My memories of Rice were a dynamic box to box tough tackling midfielder but in reality he is entirely useless

    glad to hear Skyrim is still holding up, in its 100th anniversary year. I’ve been to Sweden a few times, in fact last time we stayed in the Abba hotel in Stockholm. Apart from being expensive and generally pleasant I can’t think of anything essential to look out for, although the areas around water are beautiful and worth exploring


  40. So that’s that then. The end of footy gaming as we knew it. At least we’ll still have 2012…

    The defaults truly are a test of the pure of heart abbeyhill. Like you I thought the Asian Rice (that’s not a casually racist pun btw) would be a little battler. He was useless. They all have to go.

    I’m off to Lund, it seems like a place like Berwick but with a huge historic uni. I never realised how big Sweden is though, I had fanciful ideas of seeing a few places but even with their public transport it’s a good few hours to get up north. I’m goosed if the man with a pond thinks it’s expensive though!


  41. two ponds Turf, keep up!

    14 games with the defaults have so far yielded 6 points and 5 goals, two of which were own goals. In my defence it was not until last night that I checked out what ‘Advanced Shooting’ actually meant in terms of aiming and realised I’d been doing it completely wrong…..

    So, E Football versus EA Football from here, interesting times


  42. Championship Manager/Football Manager was the cautionary tale someone posted. I foresee nothing but an increasing spiral of online, streamed, brand mashup, identikit awful gaming ahead. Really the comparison between being alone and reflecting on the stunning scenery in a vast wasteland in Skyrim and the mob charging past you to slaughter hordes of random spawning enemies in ESO seems appropriate.

    We clearly got it wrong about Paul, he’s just a guy who enjoys good things. You, abbeyhill, with your dual moats are the one wearing the snow leopard fur slippers and saffron robe.


  43. Tried fifa22 for ps5 for a bit since it is now free with ps plus. It all looks very slick so far but the gameplay is….basic. very ice-skatey and ping-pong.

    Trying to get back into pes21 with the updated evoweb patch and assorted goodies but I’m finding the going to be pretty rough. It feels so unpolished and already I’m seeing the cpu going for the same old, tired routines. Of course there’s a bunch of gameplay mods but these all have their downsides as well.

    Football limbo it looks like once again


  44. in contrast I’m still really enjoying pes21, excellent old school PES character and gameplay, cpu has more variety than FIFA at least – I like the way some teams subject you to a long ball assault while others pass it around or dribble. Also loving the fact, which I only just realised, that when celebrating an away goal you can run straight towards the home fans, jump on the barrier and goad them with a shhh or blowing a kiss, fantastic stuff. Maybe you could do this in PES for years, don’t know. Sacked after season 1 with the defaults, well adrift at the bottom of Ligue 2, but straight back in with a restart and full of plans how to improve things this time.

    Happy birthday Paul, and congratulations on your song charting! That upbeat piano is particularly nice


  45. yeah just superstar, #1 – have never managed to cope with Legend – surprised how difficult I’m finding it with the defaults but it has been several years away from PES. No mods as I’m happy with the gameplay as it is and, like you, always wary of potential unintended consequences

    More tempted by all the other customisations and enhancements Paul had on his PES2021 installation. Unfortunately the total file size was something like 200GB and I’ve only got about 50 left on my SSD owing to the likes of Elden Ring and Read Dead 2


  46. I’m still debating a fictional league, Ironopolis v Elizabeth’s or a fictional aussie league. Killed my first major boss last week on elden ring, took 10 go’s but loving it.


  47. Abbeyhill – oh yeah i get that. I remember being really frustrated with superstar last year but perhaps something changed in the meantime.

    By the way, you could also go with the evoweb patch and then add on stuff later. The bulk of the virtuared patch, which is what Paul is using, consists of stadiums. Those are nice but you can do without. Evoweb is much smaller than 50gb so that will sort you out.

    Werd- was it margit? I love elden ring, clocked more than 200 hours before finishing it. Most accessible and epic souls game imo. Its so good I almost want to restart immediately.


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