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Lower league struggles & Game play niggles

The headline pretty much sums up my fledgling FIFA 22 career so far.
My players are rubbish, with the odd exception, and results are very hard to come by, as our poor league position will show, it is very reminiscent of a very early doors Master League with the defaults, frustrating, anxious and a struggle, compounded by the fact that I’m seeing a few things with the FIFA 22 game play that i don’t like.

It’s very early days so will save the game play moans until I have had a proper chance to assess it over the course of a whole season, but the main bug bear right now is that every single AI goal against me is a smashed, net-ripping top corner barn stormer, every single one.
I’ve resorted to using the Operation Sports Slider settings to see if that ‘shores’ up the game a little, reduces the number of ridiculously unrealistic AI goals and tightens things up positionally, as they were all things I wasn’t enjoying.

So on to the actual career mode, and as you can see, Bletchley Town Utd are struggling for consistency, although in our last 2 matches we have managed two 1-0 wins, clean sheets are always welcome, disappointing after such a stellar start to the season, spanking Bolton Wanderers 6-1 on the opening day.

We desperately need signings, maybe I was a bit naive when setting up my club, only giving us a £1mil transfer budget, I’m not au-faix with the transfer fees commanded by league one level players but it appears not many go for much less than £1mil, and having already spent 670k on a much needed right back, we are left in transfer limbo.
I have identified and scouted a few Argentinian lower league players, none of which were willing to relocate, and the squad is very thin currently, with not enough cover in key positions, for example I do not have an alternative CAM, and my one backup CF is only rated 59, with no pace whatsoever, I’m not sure what the answer is.

With our board demands rightly being so low, I think this season will be a consolidation season, avoid relegation, build a base, develop players and pick up results where we can, and see what happens, sound familiar?!

Developing players will be key to providing squad depth

The one player with any noticeable ability in my side is CF Elliott, who, after the first few games was top scorer, but a run of poor results saw his goals dry up, we are relying on him to start scoring again soon if we have any chance at all

FIFA 22_20211010212831

We lost our opening Carabao Cup game 2-0 away to Coventry City, and our opening ‘Papa Johns Trophy’ (I’m assuming this is like the Autoglass trophy??) group game 4-2 against league front runners Rotherham, so it really is all about focusing on the league this season, the bread and butter.

Remember, if you are playing FIFA 22 Career mode then let us know who you’re playing as and how you are getting on in the comments, also feel free to include any noteworthy goal clips or general play.

I will leave you with a few goals from my opening few league games.

15 thoughts on “Lower league struggles & Game play niggles”

  1. Create a Club isFIFA on hard mode!

    only scored one wow goal so far

    hope this works

    my best goal so far, playing in england league 2 with my created club United Rangers (lol I dreamed the name up under pressure trying to think of a typical english club name). Varga is one of my free agent buys in a terrible team like yours Paul. Create a Club in the bottom division with the generated playes makes the pes defaults seem like a cake walk.

    Check the free agents lists for some decent players, if you haven’t already. lots of players around youtube have the same ones so there is still that community around create club that we had with ordaz and Castolo and the rest

    nearly at the end of the season and I might make automatic promition but I am going to fail almost all the targets and might get sacked. coming from pes i just ignored the targets for most of the season. this is my first career mode season since i can’t remember

    Paul do not lose heart, at about the halfway point it clicked for me and the AI still does the awaful pass-pass-pass goal like our Espana 2010, but defending gets better as the team does. I miss the heavines of pes a lot but i am lking the change of routine for me and i want to see where i can take UNR

    if it helps create another carerr with a bigger club with better players

    i have mostly reset all the sliders bar shot error which is 60 for both. i tried slowing pass speed down but it was not satisfying for me. i am still a beginner with fifa and want to play original for a time


  2. postscript, meant to say: playing semi assisted everything, pass error 55/55. no other sliders slided


  3. Nice decent range goal there Adriano, looked like a bit of a flukey finesse floater, the keeper really should be saving those.
    Just had a session of 4 or 5 games, and I must admit, my enjoyment was minimal, the game play still hasn’t clicked for me, every team in league one, with average players rated about 60, seems to play one touch tika taka passing football like 70’s Brazil, FIFA’s big plus point for me up until FIFA 21, was that teams always played differently, and lower league sides felt weaker, and big sides were hard to beat, whereas in PES, every team played identical, and famous players were anonymous, that was one of FIFA’s biggest draws for me.
    But this year, it all seems a bit off, maybe its relative, maybe because my team is so shit, every other team feels much better, it’s still early doors, but I’m not massively enjoying this career mode as of yet, hopefully that ‘click’ will come and things will pick up.

    On the flip side, i’d be negative towards the game if i created a brand new club and was winning easy and got promoted first season,

    My free agents list was practically empty.


  4. The fifa free agent list has always been very poor and unrealistic – Indian strikers, Chinese centre halfs, ridiculous when you know who is actually available.

    I’ve still not started, still ferreting away in UT, offline as I haven’t spent any money so I know I will get smashed. I have one genuine top level player from my random packets – benzema. The majority of my players though are of the Danny Ings level. Great player irl but when the opposition lines up with pele, messi and puskas you’re wasting your time.

    Gameplay niggles – the odd definite slow down, like the pause button is gradually being pressed. Never seen it before in fifa. Also the scripting is just as strong – when you’re not scoring, nothing will work. Long rangers more common for me but keepers are better in one on ones. Speed seems a bit dialled down but the big lumbering strikers are more useless than ever as crosses are pointless. I bought Troy Deeney for my lower level team objectives, he should be a beast, he’s a plank. Some very strange stats on some players.

    I’m playing 4-1-2-1-2 and I’ll be playing that in career, possession, forward runs, drop deep. I’ve set up, just waiting to tire of the packet opening.


  5. Turf – having spent a good 6 month solid smashing FUT last year, I came to the realisation that its absolutely pointless, a complete waste of my time, because there’s no end goal or achievement.

    Whether you spend actual money (i didnt) or points, you constantly scour the transfer market and buy packs in order to open new players (the chance of you getting a half decent player are extremely rare), then you assemble a squad, or two, and play what are in effect, friendlies, have to put up wit the shithousery that goes with online, or just the stale robotic AI if playing FUT offline, and for what……to amass enough points to enter the weekend FUT champions League, upon where you will get your ass handed to you every single game by young kids who have VVD, Ramos, Varane, Trent Alexander at the back, Messi, Neymar, Salah, Pogba and Ronaldo in midfield and MBappe up front.

    Great mode, great presentation etc but Totally pointless waste of time.

    Also I believe you are playing FIFA 22 on PS4? If so, thats just FIFA 21 with create a club mode in, no actual game play changes whatsoever, doesn’t have the new hypermotion engine or anything.


  6. how is the new hypermotion engine in action Paul, does it affect the feel of the gameplay much or just a few extra animations on top?

    Great to see these new footy gaming season posts, look forward to hearing how create a club pans out for everyone. Those gameplay niggles do sound a bit concerning Paul but I guess it’s still early days. One of the things I like about FIFA21 is that league 2 games feel really like lower league players with mistakes all over the pitch and some mad goalmouth scrambles


  7. Abbeyhill – I do not even notice the Hypermotion engine, whether that’s a good thing or not i don’t know.
    Really struggling with FIFA 22 at the moment, matches are frustrating and angering me in the way PES matches used to, I never ever used to feel cheated in FIFA, but currently experiencing this in FIFA 22.

    Whether or not its my poorly rated players and team but every League Once CPU team knocks the ball around first time, one touch passes and BANG!!! top corner bullet from 20 yards, getting exasperating.

    Have reverted the sliders back to default, the OS Sliders make the game harder and its already very hard with 57 rated players.


  8. I have noticed the top corner business as well on PS4. The “scripting” excuse the term has quite the pes-feel to it I agree. Initially I like the heavy feel of the game but now I’m not so sure. Players feel a bit samey as well. In my Fulham fifa21 career I could really feel a pronounced difference between players. Now, not so much.


  9. I’m liking it but there’s one enormous issue. It’s been bad for years, NG used to rate it in PES in terms of incidents per game, fifa has been the same. It makes the whole thing a bit farcical – fouls of course. I’ve played about 50-60 matches so far in ultimate team and friendlies. I’ve had four penalties (which is better than some years) but two fouls. Two fouls in all those games. Neither of which were close enough to shoot. It’s pathetic. I played one online match yesterday, purely to tick off an objective. Needless to say the guy was doing the full dribble shit so I went to take him out. You couldn’t. They have effectively removed one of the central aspects of football. I don’t know whether it’s better in career but I suspect not.


  10. Fouls are abysmal – I’ve tweeted the official EA account and highlighted it but one voice amongst millions – wont get noticed, its strange as FIFA was always ok for fouls, lkow foul counts but a foul was always given, I had no shortage of FK’s or penalties in career modes, but this year with FIFA 22, it does seem like they’ve been systematically removed.
    I’ve played 25 league games and had 2 FKs, one was a yellow card for the AI, one was a straight Red, neither within shooting distance so am yet to experience a Free Kick..

    On a plus note thought, I’ve taken Spoony Pizzas from YouTube suggested ‘PES Gameplay’ feel sliders and applied them with some tweaks for the lower divisions and it has transfomed the game.
    If anyone wants more info I’m happy to share but it adds a much more ‘free’ game and gives more of a PES feel, also ramps up the Player individuality too.


  11. FIFA 22 patch came out late yesterday, huge updates if you are interested full list here:

    But this was interesting, seems they have worked on refs and fouls but contradictory, we all dont get any fouls yet EA seemed to think theres too many!?!?

    – Improved referee logic to call more fouls caused by high velocity tackles.
    – Improved referee logic to call for fewer penalty kicks caused by reasonably timed slide tackles.
    – Improved referee logic to call more fouls in situations where a player purposefully collides with a goalkeeper that is holding the ball.
    – Improved referee logic to call for fewer fouls due to soft physical contact.


  12. That’s insane, soft physical contact causing fouls? Not a chance.

    I’m currently playing bronze matches to nullify some of the overpowered players and get used to career.


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