What a Hanson one

Season 3 has started with intent, our new signing MBappé up top, flanked by Son, Depay, and Insigne, I’m hoping our goal scoring prowess proves to be our deadly weapon, and helps us through tough matches where we may concede.

So far so good, as shown below, MBappé’s goal scoring record so far is 13 goals in 19 games, with Insigne also clocking in with 10 goals, and Son scoring regularly too.

One downside to having the worlds best CF in your squad, is that in every single match the CPU uses the ‘Tight Marking’ tactic on him, meaning he’s always pounced on by 2 defenders at least as soon as the ball goes anywhere near him, makes it very difficult to dribble or use Kylian’s biggest asset, pace, so most of his goals have been give and go’s around the last defender, on the occasion the opponents do give him some space, he is deadly at weaving and jinking and using powerful bursts to get in behind defences.

Those goals have kept us firmly in the title chase, with us, Arsenal, and Liverpool all chasing leaders Chelsea, Man City, Champions for the last 2 seasons have fallen behind and lie in 5th place.

Our UCL campaign is also going well, having progressed through our group as winners, with qualification guaranteed with one game left to play, we await our opponents in the KO stage, and look to avenge last years exit at the hands of Juventus.
Reaching Champions League latter stages and challenging for domestic titles is key to keeping, and attracting players like MBappé and Insigne.

I’d like to get 5 seasons in on this ‘exploratory’ ML campaign, and with the pace you can get through seasons on PES, it should be quite easy to get at least 5 in, before taking a footy gaming break before the expected release of new games later in the year.

On that note, news of PES22, which will debut in Unreal Engine, have been scarce, with barely a mention in the media about it, Konami pulled out of E3, and there have been no leaks whatsoever, however, this surfaced on the PSN store late last night:

I haven’t had chance to test it yet, but by all apparent means, its a very early network test for PES 22, as the info on this ‘game’ directs back to the Konami WEPES website.
A quick scour of social media doesn’t sound very promising though:

It looks as if they have ported across the textures and models from the PES Mobile game and are using it purely to test the crossover play and stability of the online servers, let’s hope so as if PES22 looks anything like this, it will bankrupt Konami, they will be a laughing stock.

As usual, will finish up with a selection of goals from the last few play sessions.

14 thoughts on “What a Hanson one”

  1. Ah fair enough Paul, I was misled by an online headline about it being the PES2022 demo and down in London so couldn’t try it for myself. Agree the footage does not look very promising


  2. Abbeyhill – Can confirm that the ‘New football Game Online Test’ aka PES 22 is possibly the most horrible thing i’ve played since PES 14, I just hope for everyone’s sake that this is just using the mobile games assets as purely a test of their servers, as currently it doesnt look like a move to a new powerful engine, it looks just like a mobile phone game and plays horribly.


  3. horrible typo there old boy, no idea how your phone managed to turn PES5 into PES 14, which was of course a tremendous and under-rated edition. Agreed, there is no way that even Konami could view this as an improvement on the decent last-gen engine. Loved the footage as usual, those Insigne free kicks are unstoppable but my favourite goal was around 3.00 when Mbappe lacerates the ball into the net left foot


  4. Abbeyhill, I don’t even mention that abomination of a Pes ‘game’ that was PES 5 😉
    In a magazine interview the head of PES Productions stated that they were going for photo realism with the new engine …… couldn’t imagine a bigger contradiction.

    Insigne’s FK’s are better than having a penalty, as my score ratio from them is higher than penalty conversion rates, his right foot really is deadly from a spot kick, amd Insigne’s all round general play is superb, he’s fats becoming my MVP alongside Son.
    MBappé is MBappé, a goal machine, but Son and Insigne run the show with their dribbling prowess and creativity.


  5. That would be typical of Konami to place huge emphasis on the celebrations, faces, tattoos, etc and nothing on the actual game. I thought the euros would encourage me to return to the football but it hasn’t, I feel the stirrings of football manager but not fifa. Strange. Quite enjoying the tournament though.


  6. Shame you don’t have a PC rig to try PES 21 modded Turf, its a complete different game to the one on console, and the mods really do elevate it to another level.

    There have been some superbly entertaining games in the euros, and it just shows how piss poor English officials are in the Premier League, cause these continental refs have allowed the games to flow, and VAR has barely been called upon.


  7. The VAR has worked exactly how it should and you’re right Paul, the officials have used it proportionately and quickly. Wtf they are doing in the premier league with their long stoppages and multiple questions – I suspect it’s more the off the field lot than the ref but surely no one is going to put up with it after seeing how it can be applied. Exactly the sort of thing I’d imagine old NG would have a twopennorth on. Will it ever make a PES or fifa?


  8. Turf – back to the start with VAR, it was only EVER intended to be used in a situation where that has been ‘clear and obvious error’, ie, did the ball cross the line, the ref doesnt give the goal, VAR proves it did and a goal is awarded, or wrong bookings/red cards etc.
    It was NEVER meant to be used to draw thick lines across a screen in a completely incorrect aspect ratio to determine whether or not a players lace was offside, in the meantime the stadium sits in a confused silence for 2 minutes.

    The Euro’s officials have only ever used VAR when necessary, and as you said, its quick, snappy decisions, just shows how piss poor the officials are in this country.


  9. My main complaint with the refereeing (and I know nG would contribute on this) is that players can still be grabbed and wrestled in the penalty area during corners and other set pieces. Oh, and maybe a few more cards for simulation.
    Still nice to see someone challenge the myth that keepers are a protected species and can do no wrong when coming for a ball.


  10. New post should be up later today, a fabled windows update taking best part of half a day yesterday kyboshed my attempts.


  11. I hear the same things every Wimbledon as you get at the start of the football season/tournament. Too many sendings off, penalties for holding in the area etc etc are all forgotten after a few games. Wimbledon’s is slippery grass. A death trap in week one, no mention by week two I guarantee!


  12. Quick Update:
    Apologies for the lack of a new post this week, i was all set to prepare it last wednesday, but a windows update took hours to finish, then after that it rendered PES broken, the app would not start, no matter what I tried, meaning i could not capture required footage and screenshots.

    Right after the update, my PC fans started chundering away like a boeing taking off, they’re usually silent, but these were horrendous.
    It’s never done it before and started right after the update, so has to be related.

    Anyway after much research and fiddling, I have resolved the issues ( i think) so should be on track to get a post up tomorrow as scheduled.

    And that’s why, apart from gaming, I hate PC’s, this crap does not happen on a mac!


  13. Similar issues here – thought I had a YLOD on the ex-PaulS4. During ESO it just turned off. Wouldn’t turn on again. Gave it a minute, managed to get it going, it then started rebuilding the storage, all looked good. Fired up ESO – no data. Yet another ‘it does that’ thing apparently. Was told to wait, reload and sure enough my save game appeared. Honestly, online is fraught with additional drama. I wish I could play the game in my own little bubble.

    Tbh didn’t see England happening, but not sure there’s a vintage team in the tournament – no van basten era Dutch, matthaus Germany or Iniesta Spain.


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