The Pes a Man Can Get

A little something different this week, sort of. After playing over 600 FIFA 21 Ultimate Team matches, I needed a break from the FIFA style game play, which is often fast, frenetic, and a little bit sterile, so this weeks post see’s me launch into a new Master League, which I am playing alongside my current Luton Town FIFA 21 Career Mode save.

I chose to take the post Mourinho Spurs on, and turn a good team of underachievers into world beaters, I am also played PES21 on PC, modded to the eyeballs, using the VirtuaRed v2.0 patch, which is insanely superb.
Everything PES ever lacked, or has been criticised for is here, in abundance, It has over 700 real stadiums, pretty much every major league in the world, real entrance tunnels, crowd mosaics, all 1st – 4th kits, addons for turf, lighting, competition graphics, over 450 balls, boots, everything, if you play on PC this is an essential mod: https://evo-web.co.uk/threads/virtuared-com-patch-2021-pes2021-pc-v2-0-faq-in-98-fix-24-03-2021-in-2146.85333/

I am also using a modified exe file and modified dt18 file for game play changes, which improves dribbling speed and flow, reduces the Ai laser guided challenges and increases fouls, some decent nu,mbers during matches now, this was one of the fewer fouls games too, but a big improvement on old.

So, Spurs, great stadium, good team, but serial losers, I set about changing that by making a few signings, first in was Douglas Luiz from Villa, a talented DMF who can get box to box and shore up the defensive side of midfield, and also signed a CF, Real Cortal, on a free from Uruguay, as backup for Kane.

Samuel Umtiti (CB) is also on the shortlist but so far negotiations have proved difficult with his wage demands.

Our season kicks off with the Pre-season International Champions Cup Tournament, a good platform to get used to the players, formation and adapt to the PES way of playing again after so long playing FIFA.
We started with a 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich, but followed up with a 3-1 against Man Utd, and a 1-0 win vs Inter, top 2 teams play off in the final, Spurs vs Man Utd, unfortunately one of those irritating PES bugs that are seemingly impossible to mod out, two of my own players colliding in our box, resulted in a tap in from 6 yards for Martial and Man Utd beat us 4-3 to life the cup, which is more than they did last night (lol).

condensed highlights from Bayern ICC Match

Sticky start to the Premier League season too, with a 2-1 defeat at home to City, after Lucas Moura slotted past Ederson to give us the lead:

Europa League also beckoned, with our opening group game taking us North of the border to face Scottish side Aberdeen at Pittodrie stadium (also in the game courtesy of the patch), a thrilling end to end match eventually closed out with a 5-3 win to set us up nicely.

Bale flighting home a superb FK to help us on the way to a win vs Aberdeen

5 thoughts on “The Pes a Man Can Get”

  1. Haha, good to see that free kicks are still too easy on PES! Loved the footage Paul, looks fresh and different after so long on FIFA and the presentation is superb with the patches, Pittodrie looking great, never thought I would witness that stadium in a football game. Impressed that you saw 4 fouls if that was one of the games with fewer. That ‘focus on the hammering out conditions’ to remind us that Konami have never mastered footy lingo. The patch must be massive surely, how easy is it all to install?


  2. Abbeyhill – The Patch I’m using, VirtuaRed, once downloaded and unpacked is around 260GB.
    A huge patch but the bulk of that is the stadiums, there are 770 of them, pretty much every first and second div of every league in the world, or at least in the game, has their stadiums in, so good playing a premier league and Europa league in the right stadiums.

    One thing i have a new appreciation of, is the more considered game play, playing this like FIFA just does not work at all, you cannot receive the ball turn and run at defences, you have to hold the ball up, bring others into play, and it takes some getting used to, as its not all 100% about speed.

    I’ve installed a ML text mod that changes all Konami’s weird and wonderful Japanglish text to a more legible text, so ‘focus on the hammering out conditions’ is now something more like ‘lets make sure we get the best terms out of this deal, we can’t afford to let players dictate to us’ …. which is more bearable.

    The 4 fouls was a low foul game, I’m regularly seeing 8-12 fouls most matches, I’ve scored a bundle of FK’s, they’re still too easy, but the modified dt_18.cpk file I’m using for game play tweaks does increase the difficulty somewhat, you have to really nail the FK bang on to score, otherwise the keeper usually dives and pushes it around the post.

    I’m really enjoying this ML adventure with Spurs, and look forward to each session, and always play for longer than I really have time for, the true merit of a ‘proper’ old school ML, and not an experience I’ve had with PES for years, all thanks to the mod.


  3. Thanks for the extra info Paul, that does sound an unbelievable amount of work by a large team of guys (or indeed girls), recreating 770 stadiums using whatever software one uses to build a stadium in PES format. An incredible labour of love for what is quite a niche game these days. But the key file is probably that dt_18.cpk gameplay patch?

    Lloyd – well that was indeed a dramatic twist! After watching William Higgins get on the end of an almost infinite sequence of curling crosses through your footage, and then set up the opener in the title decider, I could not imagine anything other than success. Surely your CB Da Sil should have emptied that at the end? Rather than looking for a pass? On the penalty spot, deep into injury time, with only a few seconds left to survive and win the title?

    Best goal was that one on the edge of the area from Horvath, but the strike just after from your number 4, if only that had gone in…..

    And what happened in the cups? Still trying to work out how you can dominate FIFA to such an extent that Higgins scored 84 goals but there was no silverware!


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