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When Harry met Harry

Heading into the final four matches of the season, our chances of beating the drop were significantly boosted by the rich vein of form our Striker, Harry Cornick, has been showing, originally a shoe-in because of the long term injury to main striker, Awoniyi, Cornick has grasped the opportunity by the balls and elevated his performances to another level.

Due to Cornick’s goal scoring prowess, the Hatters won 5 of the last 7 matches heading into these final few fixtures, and as a result, as shown above, found himself battling another famous Harry for the Premier League Golden boot award.

My time spent playing Ultimate Team, against very good players, has hardened me up to the point I now find playing the AI very repetitive and predictable, and matches were becoming too easy on World Class level, so for the final few matches I played out the season on Ultimate level.
This brought about a renewed focus, and engagement and I was starting to enjoy AI matches again, with the change in difficulty justified with a trip to second placed Man Utd, who after a tight tense start, moved into a 2-0 lead.
2-1 just before half time courtesy yet again of that man Cornick, gave us hope, before conceding an early second half Cavani header to find ourselves 3-1 down.

The usual tried and all too easy approach on lower levels wasn’t working here so a few tweaks and some concentration, saw a remarkable turnaround with the hatters hitting 3 goals inside 25 second half minutes to run out 4-3 winners at Old Trafford.
This effectively ended the title race, with Liverpool crowned as Champions, ahead of the two Manchester clubs.

The final Premier League table with Champions Liverpool just out of shot

A 9th placed finish, and a Carabao Cup win was actually a pretty damn good season, and kept me in the job, with the board wanting me to continue my work at Kenilworth Road.
Cornick emerged as the runaway top scorer after bagging a brace and a hat-trick in the last few games to take his season tally to 31 goals in 35 games, we may face a tough time keeping hold of him now he has established himself as a bonafide world class Premier League striker.

We were awarded £144 million in prize money, tv rights money and loyalty payments for our top 9 finish, with comments from the board remarking that the funds would be used to bolster the transfer coughers for next season, and to spend wisely, so I was quite dismayed to find that of that £144mil, only £30mil had been given to me as transfer funds. Not even enough for one good player.

So on to next season, still undecided about whether to test the waters at another, higher stature club, or stay and try to guide Luton Town into Europe, building a capable squad with just £30mil is going to be a ridiculous task, and it has irked me quite a bit that the board haven’t invested adequately.

There is the lure of a Europa League qualifying tie to play, get through that and Thursday nights travelling around Europe in our 1980’s banged up Souls coach could be fun, but then again so could UCL nights under the lights and competing for titles.

It’s taken a long time to get this season finished, due to personal life matters, and lack of gaming time, plus the loss of interest here and there, but our first Premier League season was a success, and should probably be built upon in a true career mode / master league mode style.

Mentioning ML, some really nice new game play mods and patches for PES 21 around now, had a few games the other night, and it was a nice aside from the tempo and frantic pace of FIFA, one for the backburner perhaps, and does look mighty fine on the new 82″ 4k TV.

Will leave you with a few goals from the season run-in, with Cornick showing his sniper eye:

11 thoughts on “When Harry met Harry”

  1. Nice one Paul, I could see that Harry Cornick was a bit special in your previous videos. To win the golden boot with a 75 OVR striker is a pretty good achievement. Don’t understand that £30m figure though, sounds annoying, I thought the game almost always gave you about 80% of prize money back in a transfer budget?

    I’ve also made painfully slow progress in season 4 of my career mode. This season seems to have some meta-script going on where Europa League matches are quite easy but all domestic fixtures are complete buggers, it is getting really wearing. Beating the likes of Marseille comfortably then losing to MK Dons first round of the FA Cup and near the Championship relegation zone having been in the playoff final last season. Half hoping to get sacked so I can put FIFA20 to bed and move onto another game!


  2. No idea what happened with the Prize money Abbeyhill, but its ridiculous, £144mil stripped down to 30mil ??? impossible to build a squad with such paltry funds, I guess, you wouldn’t see the Likes of Luton Town spending 40/50 mil on a player in real life, so its probably realistic but still…..

    Do the honourable thing and resign?!!!? 😉

    Still dabbling with Pes21 ? any new game play mods you can suggest?


  3. I’ve still not been back – I’ve got very little interest in UT now and pretty much only play ESO for an hour or so each day. Even that is not really why I enjoyed the genre in the first place – I guess because it’s not just an RPG, it’s an RPG with everyone else’s shit in it. The mob spawning in particular is insane. I think I will possibly start an old fashioned offline single player game soon and maybe come back to 21 career during the Euros. Mainly though I’m waiting for 22 details to land.


  4. Turf – I thoroughly enjoyed the Mafia remastered games, did mafia 1, got 2 and 3 lined up, also still got Cyberpunk on the go and CoD: Black ops.

    you’d have thought Konami would have shared PES22 details by now, can only imagine the move to the new unreal engine has caused problems for them and they are running way behind, would be typical Konami.


  5. I’ve got one of the Mafia games, I assume it’s 1, but think I had to delete it because of the ridiculous update procedure on PS4. I never knew that it creates a new version while retaining the old one, then deletes the old one. So for a short time you need space for both versions. When you have ESO and FF7 weighing in at huge Gb that’s it for a 500Gb console. 2 games is all I could have on it! I’ve already filled one plug in hard disc.

    Was amused playing ESO last night though as one of the missions is all about the Wyrd Sisters and their Wyrd spirits and Wyrd tree. You get some Wyrd gear as a reward and I couldn’t help think about our tinfoil hatted wearing Chronicles Mr Punch. Presumably he hasn’t been troubled by Covid as he knows it’s all a Bill Gates plot.


  6. Yay!! Don’t know if you’ve played ESO werd but I think you’d hate it, there’s just no opportunity to contemplate your existence. No quiet moments on a mountain looking out over the land. No living the life of a simple mercenary.


  7. Hey Werd – Long time!!!

    Turf – Really?!??! The PS4 update process uses 2 copies of the game? seems odd, i thought the patches just do exactly that, patch, or inject, new code and assets into the game, and only ever uses the one copy.


  8. That’s what I thought Paul but I had 50gb spare for a small patch and it kept saying no space. Googled it and found out why. It’s mad and the reason why a lot of ESO players only have that game on their ps hard drive.


  9. Ah so its Specific to ESO? Developers fault then, Sony should lay down rules as to how patches have to be implemented.
    when it ea
    Todays post will be up later today, currently sofa ridden, been suffering with a back back for the last week, went to the Chiro yesterday and I’ve sprained ribs at the back., pain is searing and very uncomfortable, so when it eases i’ll get up to the PC and finish the post off.


  10. (Insert your own assumptions about Paul injuring himself benchpressing in his otter fur speedos here…)

    I have achieved the highest possible level for a man of my years in my own sporting world – elected as treasurer of the tennis club. Abbeyhill I shall be calling on your services to make us rich off the back of the silk road/spice route/south sea bubble.


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