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Just my cup of Tea

So I have continued my FUT play sessions, and did record some noteworthy goals to show off here, but no idea where they have gone, but there was only one on the PS5, so nothing to show here.
Still mostly enjoying Ultimate team, the beating random show off dickheads, and beating their team of galacticos is the most addictive part.
I still haven’t entered into the weekend FUT Champions tournament, the good thing is once you have amassed the 2000 points needed, equivalent to 80 wins, you can enter that weekends tournament, or save the points and enter another week, I was busy last weekend and you really need to dedicate some time to playing as many matches over the weekend as possible, thats where the big rewards come in.

Aside from Division Rivals, i have also been playing the offline Squad Building Challenges, where you play against other real players, even celebrities, FGUT teams, but offline, with the AI controlling, there are also some good rewards if you complete enough of the challenges.

Career mode got a bit of love too recently, frustrated and fed up with a constant losing streak, I changed my team formation and tactics to mimic the 4-2-3-1 formation my FUT squad uses, only downside being my Luton Town players are mostly very average, so harder to pull off, but the change brought about a few draws then I started to pick up wins, which has seen us finally move out of the relegation places:

With 11 games left to play, I’m confident of picking up at least 5 wins, which would take us over that 40 point mark usually needed to avoid the drop, which was a key board objective.
We did however exit the FA Cup in the 4th round, falling short of the last 32 as set out by the board.

The new formation looks like this:

Harry Cornick up top is keeping out pre-season signing Awoniyi from Liverpool with his superb form, Youth promotee Leleivre continues to impress on the left, with other pre-season signing Musonda giving us some serious pace down each flank.
I have custom formations assigned to each of the attack/defence levels too, with variations on the 5-4-1 for defence and 4-3-3 for attack.

One gasp of respite has been our carabao Cup form, in between losing 9 out of 12 league matches, we somehow managed to progress through to the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, where we played West Brom over 2 legs, a 5-0 agg score line sent us through to the final, where we face Chelsea

Condensed highlights of the carabao final:

League Cup Champions, surely that will save my job, along with the expected avoidance of the drop, it was a back and forth game and satisfying to grab a 90th min winner when I was geared up for and dreading the impending extra time, having already used all 3 subs.
The first league cup to grace the Kenilworth Road trophy cabinet since the 1987/88 season.

League form picked up after the cup win, as mentioned at the top of the post, with wins over Fulham, Palace and a narrow loss to league leaders Liverpool.

some Premier league match goals

I have to wonder, if I can get Luton Town promoted from the Championship in my first season, and win the League cup and keep us in the Premier League in my second season, am I wasted here?
Does a bigger club with more opportunity deserve my skills more?

Looking at the club budget, we are operating a tight ship, there wont be much more to add to the coffers after this season, certainly not the kind of money that will be needed to boost the squad and provide strength in depth, in order to challenge for European places, then I saw this….

Should I? Shouldn’t I ? Chances are I wouldn’t get the job anyway, Liverpool are league leaders, why would they sack their manager to bring in someone from Luton?
But there were some other high profile jobs, Arsenal, Inter, Atalanta, Sampdoria…..

Or in the true essence of career mode maybe I should stay and see out my journey with the Hatters.

57 thoughts on “Just my cup of Tea”

  1. Exactly what Turf said Paul. Look after your own as a priority, and we’ll still be here when you feel like it.


  2. Very kind guys thanks, things are settling down a bit now.
    Will try to get a little comp goals video up in comments later, and can guarantee a new post next thursday, concluding my Luton Town career mode season,.

    Have renovated the cinema/gaming room, whilst the projector/screen setup was great for movies, for fast action games like FIFA and PES, the refresh rate wasn’t good enough, resulting in trailing, motion stutter and ghosting, so I’ve now replaced it with a nice new shiny Samsung Crystal UHD 4K 82 inch Tv.

    Projector and screen are both up on eBay for a bargain price if anyone’s interested


  3. will throw in one VR headset…. ; ) Glad it’s getting better mate.

    I’ve slowed down a lot with Ultimate Team, especially now the end of season teams are coming out. I got one of the player of the year cards the other night in a pack and it turned out to be Cambridge’s striker…hmm, not quite what you want when everyone you face seems to have icons.

    I’ve picked up on ESO though, it’s a bit weird for a previously non MMORPGer like me to be fighting some dungeon thing and suddenly some bloke comes charging past you and starts piling in. I quite like that community aspect of it but it’s hard to find the peace and quiet I used to get from solo Skyrim. Also you can’t pause the action – you can press pause but you’ll continue being hit – so you have to find somewhere safe for the night when you log off. Consquently you get hundreds of people just standing in the middle of town. All a bit odd and a bit Werd-esque.


  4. Nice to see the Coventry fan still at the snooker and wearing a Coventry face mask.


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