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Kazengaaaaaaa !!!!

Kazenga LuaLua, my CF, who only come into the team after about 8 matches due to injuries, has hit a rich vein of scoring form, netting 16 goals so far this season, it has helped push us up from the foot of the table, into 12th place currently, with a decent tilt at making the play off places, if our current form keeps up.

I have now reverted to a standard (attacking) 4-4-2 formation, as I always do in football games, I just can’t play with one up top, even with two advanced wide attacking wingers, my style of play always favours two CF’s, or a CF and SS playing off each other, and a move ton this more tried and tested formation along with some tactics tweaks has helped our performances, but the key overriding factor, has been FIFA21’s new ‘Match Sharpness’ mechanic.

New to FIFA 21, alongside morale and form, is a new stat called match sharpness, this is developed over time by actually playing the training drills and having a decent development plan in place for your players, alongside that, also a new CM feature, is your weekly team schedule, whereby you can set different activities for different days of the week, training, recovery sessions, rest etc, this all ties in and affects your players physical stats.

Put in a training session the day before a match and your players sharpness may go up, but they may also be very tired and take longer to recover unless you have adequate rest and recovery days, alternatively, don’t train before a match, be less fatigued but suffer a drop in sharpness, its about finding a balance that works.
It isn’t just a stat for the sake of it either, it makes a huge difference.

When starting the season my match sharpness level was at around 50%, now it is more around 75-80% and the difference is very noticeable on pitch, players react quicker, maintain better shape, adhere to your team tactics better, get injured less, it’s like the Team Spirit mechanic is PES, but done properly.

Morrell sells the second highest number of shirts despite only playing very rarely, goal king Kazenga doesn’t even feature

Board objective was to finish mid-table, as you saw at the end of the video clip above, we hover in 12th, 8 points outside the top 6 and play off places, if we can make it, then superb, if not, the we should at least secure mid table or better, I’m hoping the prize money filters down into transfer funds because currently we have £2mil to spend and a £25k p/w wage budget, it’s impossible to sign anyone any better than what we currently have, I have to sell to raise funds which I have done, trimming the square down to bare numbers, of which I am lacking cover in various positions.
£1.7mil of the money raised was spent on signing Christian Fuchs at Left back, from Leicester City, now 34, winding down his career, at 72 OVR he was better than what we had, but rarely lasts a game due to stamina.

An example of one of many development plans I have put in place

After an initial underwhelming feeling I am now fully invested in my squad, and challenge of FIFA21, many due to the wealth of features in Career Mode, that makes it feel like an actual footy management game, next time I hope to touch on my youth academy, and a special player that has broken through, until then, I look forward to your comments.

20 thoughts on “Kazengaaaaaaa !!!!”

  1. Paul – I’m on fifa 20. I’ll check the camera angle next time I play. Think it’s a tweaked variation of the default one.


  2. I presume that’s the out of the box training option Paul, not some mod thing? If so that’s a fair step up from the pretty simple 20 effort (which at least shows the outcome, unlike wondering if it had any effect like in that other series).


  3. any chance of the 12″ extended remix of your video Paul? Was just gearing myself up for an epic all night trance session when it came to an end


  4. Keep checking back for the forthcoming EP Abbeyhill 😉 I actually used to DJ Trance.
    There was no Trance music used in that video though, just the in-game commentary and an underlying cinematic score, to fill in the gaps.


  5. yeah, I was vaguely aware from Twitter that you used to DJ and occasionally still put a set together. I’m not an expert in the various genres of dance music but thought that video had a more compelling score than the average FIFA highlights reel!


  6. After the 70s skiffle type intro I thought it was building up more like a company of drummers ready to launch the massed bagpipers.


  7. Yeah I used to DJ alot Abbeyhill. Had my own weekly radio show too.
    Still do some remixes and a dj mix fairly regularly.
    Mainly house music.


  8. Norwich beaten in the carabao gives me hope that Bolton could be effective in the Championship with a bit of investment. This was the pick of my 3


  9. Screamer Turf !!!!!
    Any goals from range have been extremely scarce for me on F21, too many bodies between the shooter and the goal, deflection/block 99% of the time.


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