My Luton Town career on FIFA 21 has so far, been a right struggle.
Mid table was the board objective, but currently languishing several places below that, as can bee seen in the league table screenshot below.
FIFA 21 on World Class level is much harder than FIFA 20 was, fact. The difficulty levels and the AI have been improved, I am also running with the Operation Sports sliders, with a few adjustments of my own, to make things a little harder, we draw far too many games and are without a win in seven matches, this season will have to be a consolidation season, with a view to strengthening the squad in January and over the summer to try to compete next year, if I am, still in a job of course.

The squad just isn’t good enough, there are a few standout players such as Mpanzu in LCM, and Cornick at RW, but most of the other players just blur into the background, I could not name them now if you asked me.
One adjustment of the OS sliders is to increase injuries, so far I have lost my first choice 70 rated CF, Collins, to a broken leg and he’s out for four months, backup striker Lua Lua was sidelined for 6 weeks with an ankle injury, I’ve had several 5 days injuries here and there, and just last night, picked up a double injury to my two CB’s, one for four months and one to 2 months.
We have around £million in the transfer kitty, and about £50k p/w wage budget, it is very difficult to sign anyone as good or better than what we already have with that kind of limited budget, we are just approaching January, so i have been pre-scouting for players inside the last 6 months of their contracts and will try to add some cover to the squad in terms of free signings, quantity over quality this time round.

I’m on the fence between really liking FIFA 21 and being completely underwhelmed by it, i still haven’t decided, but for a next-gen PS5 edition, I did expect more.
I know the PS5 version is just the PS4 version glitzed up a bit and we wont see a truly next-gen edition until FIFA 22, but I just expected, and wanted more.
The turf for example, is like playing on a snooker table, an old washed out one, it feels rock hard, there’s no texture to the grass at all, it doesn’t feel 3D, or alive, saying that, the ball does bobble and bounce a lot more realistically across the turf, hits divots, and moves around during passes, just a shame the graphical levels don’t match the animations, of which there are a ton more in F21, players do move about quite realistically, and some of the build up play, meleés, and midfield battles do look ultra-lifelike, but overall the game does not feel PS5 level, graphically at least, and I have experienced a few crashes too, with the game freezing and having to be exited out of.

Most of the decent changes have been made off the pitch, and really do impact the game in a positive way.
We now have development plans for players, s you can train players in specific skillsets, such as assign a ‘Box to Box Midfielder’ plan to a CDM or CM, or a ‘Creative playmaker’ plan to an AMF etc, your staff will give you updates on how the player is progressing and you can see changes in their stats and how much they are developing.

Player interactions have been remodelled too, just last night I had an email from Leeds saying they were unhappy with how much game time I was giving to a player, O’Kane, that is on loan to us, and that they hoped he would develop by playing for us, and if he doesn’t get more match time they will consider recalling him.
Also my own players coming to regarding tactical decisions, Lua Lua came saying that since we changed formation, I’ve been asking him to play a different position (wide left winger rather than CF) and that he’s happy to play wherever I need him too if it benefits the team.
You then have several responses you can initiate, praising his attitude and maturity, or being more assertive and telling him he’ll play where you choose, each one affecting the players morale and match sharpness, its these little interactions that always set FIFA apart, making it feel much more like managing a football club.

Speaking of formation change, I recently switched from the default 4-2-3-1 formation to an attacking 4-4-2 as I always felt we was being overrun in midfield, and didn’t have much support when the lone CF received the ball, this culminated in ending the losing streak with a 1-1 draw at high flying Bournemouth, who only equalised in the last 3 minutes.

We are far from free scoring, but here’s a short comp of a few goals scored in the last few sessions, nothing outstanding but a few nice build up goals.

Don’t forget, if you are playing FIFA 20 or 21, post your updates, goals, clips, pics etc in the comments.