Hi Everyone, first and foremost, apologies for not getting a post out as promised on Christmas eve, the tech difficulties thrown up by the PS5, and lack of time just meant it wasn’t possible, but I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas, as best as you can given the rules in whichever area you’re in.

So, PS5, FIFA 21, Career mode is on, thanks to everyone for voting in the league and team polls, and the resounding winner was Luton Town in the Championship, so that’s what we will be going with.

Not played too much FIFA 21, and the games I have played I’ve enjoyed, but I will admit to feeling slightly underwhelmed by the next-gen graphics of the game, I know its really only a token effort, and that the true PS5 power consuming version will be FIFA 22, but even for this PS5 update, the turf feels like playing on a rock hard snooker table, there’s no texture to the grass at all, and also, despite the turf colour vibrancy option in game, the pitch still looks dull and washed out, and in their wisdom (!??!) EA have disabled the turf vibrancy selector in career mode, why!?!?!?

Anyway our first venture into FIFA 21 Luton Town CM is presented in an intro video below, taking you through the setup process, and basic set up of my team, formations, tactics etc.

I will say now, the video is a little crude, I simply did not have time to edit it as thoroughly as I would have liked, and please excuse the echoey commentary on the match footage, the PS5 controller contains a mic which is set to on as default, so recorded the sound through the mic, as well as in game, I have turned it off now.

I just wanted to get a post up ASAP, will follow up with a more polished post soon as we get deeper into affairs with the Hatters.