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From Carrow Road to Night City

So this weeks post, isn’t the usual update post, quite simply because, well …. I’m bored of PES 2021.
You will all recall i slated PES 20, and for good reason, but with Konami tweaking most of the points I had issue with, and with FIFA 21’s modding scene looking uncertain a couple of months ago, it was this driving factor in me picking up and playing PES 2021.

I am playing a heavily modded PC version of course, with many graphical enhancements and a game play mod that makes the game even better on the pitch, and have to admit, I have been enjoying the on-pitch action quite a lot, trying to take Sunderland back to the Prem, then being sacked, and taking over at Norwich.
But, as was always the fear, despite enjoying the on-pitch action, Master League is just so boring and repetitive and shallow that the feeling of being embroiled within a living breathing football career world is just not there, lately it just felt as if i was playing friendly after friendly and making a few signings here and there, to coin a term used by others in the past ‘games in PES, just don’t matter’.

There is little to nothing to do between games, its a simple process of play match, skip to next match, play match, skip to next match, play match, make a signing, play match, rinse and repeat.
We all know the issues with ML so i wont go over old ground all over again, but the appeal, the addiction, to will to want to play PES just hasn’t been there the last week or so, so for now, my PES21 ML on PC is on temporary hold, much like most of our lives this year.

I was lucky enough to bag a PS5 a few weeks ago, and have FIFA 21 on that platform, with its shiny new dual sense controller, so have opted to start a FIFA 21 Career Mode on PS5, which I will play alongside Cyberpunk 2077, which I will comment more on later in this post.

But I need help, undecided as to who to choose to start a career with, do I go for a lowly prem team and try to build them up to glory? Take a Championship side, go for promotion and the aim of securing their legacy amongst the English elite, or do i go all road to glory style and take a league one, or even league two side and go for the long haul, and try to get them from the pits of english football to competing on the european stage?

I have added a few polls down below, and would be most greatful if you could complete them, then I will take the results, and base a new FIFA 21 PS5 CM on the most popular choices.

Here goes:

If Premier League then choose a team from the following:

If Championship then choose a team from the following:

If League One then choose a team:

Or lastly, if League Two, choose from:

Once I have the results I will start a CM immediately and probably post some mini updates within the comments, im mindful that it’s the week leading up to Christmas and people will be busy, as next Thursday is Xmas eve, I will aim to get a post up early morning, and wont post again until the new year, but will be active in comments.

Cyberpunk 2077. The most anticipated game for years, 10 years in development, several delays, it’s ready when its ready, was the tagline from CDPR, well I dont think they would have envisaged the reception the game has got this past week, due to the many issues and bugs.
I’ve heard horror stories, I’m yet to experience them myself, I’m playing on PS5 which should obviously run the game flawlessly, and I have only encountered one crash and one bug, which just exited the game suddenly and threw up an error code, restarting the game, which was almost instant thanks to the PS5’s power and SSD drive, and replaying that segment saw the game continue without any issue, and a bug whereby i could not proceed a mission until all enemies were killed, which they were but the game failed to recognise one kill because his face was stuck to a pillar, once I’d shot him again and the collision detection mechanics kicked in and he fell to the floor, I was able to proceed.
CDPR are due to release a hotfix any day now, to address some of the issues, but will admit, for the length of time the game has been in development, and how many delays it has head because CDPR wanmted to get it right, it is a tiny bit underwhelming*.

I say that with an asterisk because I’m only about 4 hours in, probably, not even 2% of the game, so much yet to see and do, and the wealth of missions and things you can do is overwhelming, but mostly meant the graphics and textures. a PS5 running the worlds most developed game should look amazing, yet a burger, on top of the bar, in a meeting with sidekick jackie whilst discussing a mission, looks like something out of a 90’s PS2 game:

It’s little details like this that taint the experience slightly, however that being said, I’m still enjoying the game and excited to see all the many different ways you can play and decisions you can make which affect the path you take.
Also have to commend CDPR on the retail package, I bought the standard version, and with it was a big fold out city map, artwork postcards, stickers, and an actual game manual, giving the lowdown on Night City’s many gangs, hideouts, cars, weapons etc, felt good to actually read a proper game manual again rather than pressing a button to bring up a watered down screen in game.

One last thing I’d like some direction on, going forward for the new FIFA CM, what kind of content would you all prefer to see in weekly posts? I want to make the content as engaging and enjoyable to read as possible, so one last poll below:

That’s it for now, speak in the comments, all the best.

27 thoughts on “From Carrow Road to Night City”

  1. I voted Paul, but just wanted to comment on the future posts type. As much as I love the parody and fictional side I realise this may take longer to create each post. I would much rather more frequent posts with the occasional newspaper and interview.


  2. Hi all, cyberpunk is a blast, I baulked at the patch size but after a couple of nights with the ps4 on standby it finally patched, the story is mature and dark and I love Delemain, reminds me of the taxi from Total Recall. Manual smells nice too😄


  3. I also voted, differing from Chris only on the latter point as I really like the newspaper gossip style, Easter eggs, etc but yes, agree it’s not a thing to give yourself a full time job over. We appear to agree we want to see you David pleating across the pitch though.

    I started my new ‘never played before fifa20’ with a Bolton wanderers career. I saw too much of the championship with Stoke and Blackburn. Bolton have zero money and no ambition which suits me feeling my way back.


  4. Hurrah, back on FIFA! I voted for League 1, starting towards the bottom, but not such a long slog with a decent team, and Oxford Utd as I remember them as a good team back in the late 80s and visited the Manor Ground quite a few times. With a similar approach on FIFA20 I have just got promoted in season 1 via playoffs and looking forward to taking on the vastly superior Championship teams with my relatively weak Ipswich, not many signings so far but good development from the younger players.

    As for weekly post content, really don’t mind Paul, the main thing is you enjoy writing it and we continue the chat in the comments

    re Cyberpunk for once I find myself on the side of the moaning entitled gamers rather than the developers – the way they held back any footage or review code for consoles in the hope that people would base purchase decisions on the PC version was pretty poor, especially after 8 years development. A patch might sort out some bugs but there is no way the weak CPUs of base PS4 or Xbox will ever run it properly. Still, delighted to hear you’re enjoying it Werd!


  5. Thanks for the comments and votes guys, keep ’em coming.

    WERD – long time no see, I’m enjoying Cyberpunk too, and as mentioned only experienced once crash and one bug so far, on PS5, looking forward to the PS5 upgrade patch due in 2021, hopefully very early 2021, and knew you’d enjoy the package with the manual etc.
    I can only imagine you spent a fair while in the character build section and dread to think what your ‘V’ looks like 😉

    Turf/Abbey – Make sure you get your FIFA goal videos etc recorded and posted up here in the comments, be good to follow eachothers career modes.
    If we get enough I’ll run a little Goal of the Month comp.

    Looking forward to F21’s new career mode features, the in-depth player training and development, and like the sound of now having a fully populated youth system rather than having to scout and sign youths from blank.

    A final word on Cyberpunk, the fact the game is so huge with so much depth to it, and that it comes on 2 x 50GB Blu Ray discs AND has a day one 50GB patch update, gives you an idea of the size of data the PS4 has to process and load.
    I initially loaded it on to the PS4Pro in the cinema room, but after reading all the horror stories, didnt want to get too far in then experience a load of issues, plus the Game’s HDR settings are a bit whack and not very compatible with my HD Projector, so the game looked very dark, so now have it running on the PS5 down in the living room, on a 55″ Samsung QLED Tv, and it looks much better.


  6. Goal decision system always seems to confirm what the referee has already decided, at least in my experience

    Your goal of the month competition, with lavish prizes, sounds a strong one Paul. Annoyingly I got a cracker with Dozzell in a pre-season friendly the other night but didn’t think to save it. Like your choice of Bolton, Turf, they assembled a decent side following near bankruptcy e.g. Darryl Murphy and low board expectations should take the pressure off

    Hope none of you have had Christmas plans wrecked by this evening’s u-turn by Johnson. Perhaps the right thing to do, but why leave it so late?


  7. After the quadruple in season 11 the focus is fully on the CL in season 12. Got an easier group than most of the other English teams so should be on course for the last 16.


  8. Abbeyhill – we’ll get something going after xmas for GOTM, I should have started a Career Mode by then.
    The Tier 4 announcement was just like every other flimsy, haphanded, undecisive thing this government does, a complete shambles. To continually state all week that xmas plans would not change, then at the 11th hour, go back on everything they said is a complete farce.
    Business bought in thousands of pounds worth of food for the festive season, elderley people had cancelled carers for thre xmas week, as was due to go to relatives for xmas, are now left alone, with no care, and no food over xmas, never seen such an incompetent bunch of imbeciles in my life, and to top it all off, they cant even get brexit done, within 6 months the UK will be a 3rd world country.


  9. Couldn’t agree more – feel so sorry for the business owners who went from 2 to 4 overnight and probably saw at least half their annual income go down the bog. Hasn’t impacted us directly as we remain 3 but utterly farcical from the most incompetent bunch I’ve ever known. I really think politicians of all sides are so much less capable than those of the past. Can’t think of a single big project they’ve not arsed up.

    Speaking of which I arsed up my loanee negotiations, moved the slider the wrong way and instead of 60/40 now pay 80/20 for a Brighton reserve striker. That’s going to rankle all season.


  10. congratulations on the quadruple Lloyd, nice video. And some very strong claims for the inaugural goal of the month competition, especially that first goal against Valencia, BOOOOOMM!!! One interesting thing I noticed was that every single one of your many goals went to the keeper’s left, at least when playing left to right


  11. Abbey – weird that isn’t it, didn’t notice that before. The goal against Valencia was scored by Felix who I got last season for big money at the age of 30. He’s proper mustard and has scored a couple this season on par with that one and bagged all 4 against wolves last night.


  12. Weirdly also…I got another goal line decision last night, this time after my defender stopped the ball crossing the line.

    Paul – the not-greggiest of negotiations, added over £1000 costs per week to Bolton’s tiny budget.


  13. Been trying out the far cry 5 you passed on Paul. What the actual is going on with some of that spawning and AI?! Clear an area, kill all the unbelievably dumb bad guys and a truck load more just appear. Kill them, walk round the back of a house and there’s some more. And a mountain lion, or ten. I’ve loved all the far cry games and they’ve never been intelligent but this one is off the scale. It reminds me of the jump from just cause 3 to 4 – insane stunts not enough? How about we double the enemies, add some tanks and a load of attack helicopters, that you can surf! I yearn for a bit of splinter cell or old school msg actual stealth.


  14. Turf. – I was enjoying far cry 5 then hit a point where I just couldn’t progress, you vs 50,000 enemies, all loaded with rocket launchers, assault rifles etc. I spent 3 weeks playing that part over and over and never made any progress so just gave up.


  15. Hey guys! happy Xmas Eve!!
    Just an update that today post I was aiming to get up first thing, but suffered some technical difficulties when I sat down last night to compile todays post.

    I had 22 individual videos, screenshots and audio recorded to edit together to form an Introduction to Next-gen PS5 FIFA 21 Career mode, I exported all the videos and screenshots from PS5 to USB stick, and then deleted them off the PS5, with the intent of loading into Final Cut pro or Hitfilm and editing them up, I needed to do some compositing so using PS5’s sharefactory wasnt possible.

    However, Sony in their wisdom, have decided to make the default video file format a .webm format, which I’ve never heard of, and apparently neither has anyone else as none of the industry leading video editors can read the files – really useful !!!!

    So I now have to try to find a way to import the PS5 video files back from the USB into the PS5 filesystem, and then use sharefactory to edit it all together.

    Needless to say it wont be up this morning but definitely want to get a new post up before the Xmas break, so may be later today.


  16. I encountered an odd PS4 requirement yesterday. I’d transferred fifa from my old PS4 system storage to the hdd so I could move it between the two machines by simply unplugging and plugging in depending on whether I wanted to play or mini turf. Except I’d also put PES on the hdd and when it was plugged in to minis machine it detected PES on his system storage and just refused to be accessible. I had to delete his PES toget it back. Seemingly you can’t have the same game on both your system and your hdd. Why? What possible dodgy or technical reason can you have for this not working? I also bought a new controller so we have two upstairs and down as that’s another total ball ache. In the days where I can access any song of my choosing through my phone on the cars sound system while driving down the A1 Sony seems to come up with barriers to easy integration.

    Anyhow, hope the day goes well – snow here, but it’s the slushy sleety stuff. Day for old films and central heating.


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