As you can tell from the above, after cruelly being dismissed from my role as Sunderland boss, I decided to reject the sunny beaches of Brazil, to take over at the canaries, on the Norfolk coast, opting for the fens over copacabana.
This time of year is always busy, time off work, Christmas shopping, getting bits done, as a result I’ve not had much gaming time at all over the last week or so, and what i have had, I’ve been dabbling with the new PS5, and next-gen FIFA 21, odd friendly matches and a bit of FIFA ultimate team, which is a true abomination of the sport, whoever at EA developed that mode and sat back and said “Yeahhh, this is a good representation of football” needs firing.

As a new FUT team, I had mostly mid 60’s rated players, I opted for a Brazilian theme, having players of the same nationality builds team chemistry, and chose to play division rivals.
You play a series of 5 placement matches which takes your performance into account and is used to place you into the right division based on your skill set, these matches are ludicrous and totally pointless.
Every single match i was pitched against a player who had a team full of world superstars, with 100% team chemistry, I was quite obviously overpowered and exploited in every match, and lost all 5 matches and was dumped into division 8.

I thought at least in the lower division, I would get more evenly matched games as they will be full of players who aren’t that great, or new players with relative beginner squads more akin to my own, but no, not the case.
I’ve played 3 Div 8 matches so far, lost all 3, and every team i have faced has had the likes of Chilwell, VVD, Trent Alexander, in defence, Pogba, De Bruyne, Salah and Mane in midfield and MBappe and Neymar up front, pretty much every squad I face is identical with all these world class players.
There ius absolutely no uniquness, or individuality about any team, its so boring so very quickly, and the game play, high tempo, frantic, foul-less with every single shot even from ridiculous angles and distances flying into the net, it’s soul destroying.

I’m looking forward to a FIFA 21 career mode on PS5, but wont be touching FUT again that’s for sure.

Anyway, rant over, back to my current PES21 ML.
After taking over at Norwich I have inherited a decent-ish squad, but as of yet haven’t had time to make signings in order to stamp my own individuality on the team, I did try to sign Kean (CF) from old club Sunderland, but they weren’t letting him go, too important, same with their CB Feeney who is a heading god, have some transfers lined up for January’s win dow but this is my first team squad as it stands:

Pukki is a decent CF, but the other two, Hugill and Grot are hit & miss, several positions will be bolstered if the Jan signings come off.

Our league position shows we are hard to beat, but also don’t win games, too many draws, and since this screenshot was taken, I’ve played 2 more matches, both draws, we need to turn this around and am contemplating trying a different formation, a more attack minded one, but with it of course comes the inevitable team chemistry hit.

So the ML journey continues, for now, am looking forward to facing Sunderland. but i feel my PES21 ML time may be severely limited in the near future, as I’ve just had a text message from DPD saying my copy of Cyberpunk 2077 will be arriving within 2 hours! The very reason the cinema room was built, beyond excited, and looking forward to the PS5 upgraded version.

Will leave you with a short comp of goals from this early season phase with Norwich, and will b e back next Thursday with more, and first impressions on Cyberpunk.
next week’s post will be the last one before xmas, and wont post again until the new year, but will be active in comments all over the christmas period.