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First Season Finishes

Afternoon guys and girls, firstly apologies for this weeks post being a day late, I have been busy with work and also the garden project, which has been halted for weeks because of the continuous abysmal weather, so made the most of the bright dry weather this week but finishing that.

It’s been a busy ol’ week, the US presidential election farce, the UK going into another national Lockdown, my garden project, and season one in PES 21 climaxing to a close.

With the rush to get this weeks post up, I have presented the meat and bones of it in a video, shown below, its a long one, but worth a watch.

So with season one done and dusted, we moved on to season 2, a fair few signings were needed to strengthen the side, especially defenders as we leaked too many goals, in next weeks post I’ll detail the new signings and
provide an update on season 2 so far.

As you can see, Bournemouth and Watford were promoted, Bournemouth pipping Watford to the title on the final day, and Stoke joined them via that playoff win against us.
Palace, Villa and West Brom all join us in the Championship after being relegated.

A sneak peak at a new Cf we did sign, Kean, signed from PSG, he was happy to join as he wanted games, at 74 OVR he’s the highest rated player in our team, and joined on a free with a 12k per week salary.
Slow start so far, has pace and a good touch, just finding his feet as all new signings do for the first few weeks.

On a side note, I bought and am playing the new Watchdogs Legion game, only had an hour on it so far but looks incredible, the photo realistic recreation of London is amazing, now that I’ve finished the Mafia, I needed another side game other than a footy game, so this will do nicely.

16 thoughts on “First Season Finishes”

  1. Wow! Stoke were absolutely brutal in the final, despite your half time tactical changes. Reminds me of the savage AI in some of my favourite PESs such as 03 and 12. Still, you did pretty well to get to the playoffs in the first season Paul given how weak that starting squad looked, and also presumably to give Norwich a well deserved beating in the semis


  2. Thanks for the kind words abbeyhill. I WAS BMOEN way by Stoke in that final, I didn’t expect to be 2-0 down after minutes from then on it was always a chase game. Never ideal.

    ML always imposes its own extra difficulty layers and with the gameplay mod im using it was certainly a beating.

    Was quite happy with our first season, as you said, very average at best squad, and after 1 win from the first 8 matches and being in the relegation spots, to make the playoffs was an achievement.


  3. Abbes. Only played the opening mission but so far my impressions are that if you want a shooter with stealth, tactical and a massive beautifully created open world to play in, then its well worth a look.


  4. Abbes – I was really disappointed by WD1, it started great but then I realised the ai was terrible, you could shoot at people hide behind a rock and they’d forget you were there. All of them have that to some degree, even MGS but with WD it was way over the top. Has it improved any?


  5. Turf – nit far enough into WDL to comment on the AI but having just finished Mafia Definitive edition. It had the best enemy AI I’ve seen. If you got shot. You was severely wounded. If you got shot again, dead. The Ai would see you hide behind things and come looking for you. Very good


  6. That sounds ideal Paul, not many games give you that degree of realism. There’s times you don’t always want it but it was a big downer for me in some of the stealth ones – I remember a hitman game that you could just turn into Die Hard and not lose any chance of success.

    Mrs turf got a text message this afternoon – the council have said her team should be visiting schools to assess kids. She is now the third one who has to self isolate as one of said kids is positive. Not a peep from the official trace, this is the school telling her three days later. What a complete balls up, I wouldn’t trust any of the current line up of politicians, scientists, outsourced contractors, etc to run a bath.


  7. TURF – shocking but expected.
    The corona figures are being totally overcooked, any old death is being labelled as corona due to laziness and an easy admin task.

    I know of 5 people.personally who tested positive, 2 were a couple who booked tests, had a family issue come up so couldn’t make the tests, but were notified 3 days later that the tests that they did not even take, had come back positive.
    Another just placed the clean swab into the vial and sent it off. Came back positive, another person dipped the swab in vinegar, came back positive.
    And the last person was involved on gangs in London, tested positive for corona, didn’t have any major symptoms butb2 weeks later was involved in a gang related shooting, was shot in the head and killed and his death cert was signed by the coroner as ‘covid related death’ all because he died within 28 days of testing positive.

    With such glaring inaccuracies with testing, and knowing of 5 false positive tests personally, extrapolate that across the population and you gent a sense of just how big a balls up this all is.


  8. Yeah saw that ages ago when EA first announced FIFA21 CM changes Chris99.
    Not my thing. If I want to watch a match play out id play Football manager, with a better match engine. I want to be playing the matches if I’m playing FIFA.


  9. Ahh Sorry Vhris, I clicked the link and a page came up chatting about the match sim engine.
    I was aware of all the other CM changes too, the new youth academy setup and training players to new positions sound like good changes, I will get round to playing FIFA 21 CM at some point, still enjoying this little dally into modded PES21 for now though.


  10. Quite a few decent enhancements there, it’s good they are still putting some effort into career mode. Just picked up FIFA21 yesterday, will be interesting to see whether there is much difference between the PS4 and PS5 versions

    Paul, I’ve just about finished my guest post, a couple of videos to be added. What’s the best email address?


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