At last, some structured footy gaming back in my life, no more meaningless friendlies, just proper pure competitive football, today’s the day, a new Master League campaign gets underway.

Konami released DP2 for PES 21, which mainly included all the transfers up until 6th October, I was waiting for this to be done before starting a new ML, as some big signings have been made and its always nice to come up against teams with their proper players.
I chose to play as Sunderland, I thought it would be a good rebuilding project, after watching the Netflix documentary ‘Sunderland til i die’ it’s obvious they’re a great club with a huge and passionate, loyal fanbase, who have fallen on hard times, so it seemed a good challenge to take on.

As Sunderland are a League One club IRL, they don’t appear in the game, so some mass editing was required to get them in. As I play on the PC, and use an AIO (All In One) patch, it wasn’t as simple as just editing their name etc in-game, as the patch I use uses kitserver which only works if every team is licensed, and you cannot edit licensed teams, so the hunt for a tool that could delicense teams begun, i finally found one and managed to unlicense some teams so I could edit over them, then it was a case of using a different tool to load the PES database up and manually edit players, names, positions etc, it took a few good days of solid editing WERD style, but we got there in the end.

unveiled as Sunderland’s new manager

One of the mods i am using is a ML add-on mod that changes some of the graphics, adds new cutscenes, and changes the usually poor ‘Japanglish’ text for press conferences, and on the main ML hub screen.
Below you can see an example oif Danny Graham signing a new sponsorship deal, just little things that make the mode more immersive, and as we all know, it needs all the help it can get.

So, without further ado, the video below is a 10 min watch, but shows the ML intro, my team setup, tactics, new signings, and also includes highlights of our first league match, at home vs Rotherham.

A very one-sided match, we dominated and should have won, but avoided defeat and will take a draw into our next match against Millwall.
Every Championship stadium is included in the patch I use so will be great to be able to play at various grounds you don’t usually get to see in PES.

The Roker rebuild has started, H’way the lads!