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Time to master the league

At last, some structured footy gaming back in my life, no more meaningless friendlies, just proper pure competitive football, today’s the day, a new Master League campaign gets underway.

Konami released DP2 for PES 21, which mainly included all the transfers up until 6th October, I was waiting for this to be done before starting a new ML, as some big signings have been made and its always nice to come up against teams with their proper players.
I chose to play as Sunderland, I thought it would be a good rebuilding project, after watching the Netflix documentary ‘Sunderland til i die’ it’s obvious they’re a great club with a huge and passionate, loyal fanbase, who have fallen on hard times, so it seemed a good challenge to take on.

As Sunderland are a League One club IRL, they don’t appear in the game, so some mass editing was required to get them in. As I play on the PC, and use an AIO (All In One) patch, it wasn’t as simple as just editing their name etc in-game, as the patch I use uses kitserver which only works if every team is licensed, and you cannot edit licensed teams, so the hunt for a tool that could delicense teams begun, i finally found one and managed to unlicense some teams so I could edit over them, then it was a case of using a different tool to load the PES database up and manually edit players, names, positions etc, it took a few good days of solid editing WERD style, but we got there in the end.

unveiled as Sunderland’s new manager

One of the mods i am using is a ML add-on mod that changes some of the graphics, adds new cutscenes, and changes the usually poor ‘Japanglish’ text for press conferences, and on the main ML hub screen.
Below you can see an example oif Danny Graham signing a new sponsorship deal, just little things that make the mode more immersive, and as we all know, it needs all the help it can get.

So, without further ado, the video below is a 10 min watch, but shows the ML intro, my team setup, tactics, new signings, and also includes highlights of our first league match, at home vs Rotherham.

A very one-sided match, we dominated and should have won, but avoided defeat and will take a draw into our next match against Millwall.
Every Championship stadium is included in the patch I use so will be great to be able to play at various grounds you don’t usually get to see in PES.

The Roker rebuild has started, H’way the lads!

23 thoughts on “Time to master the league”

  1. nice to get things going Paul! notice any gameplay changes? forums are speculating as ever since the new update…


  2. Still to update, had only 20 mins on ps4 yesterday. My mass editing(with tea and ginger biscuits)ended in a Belgian/Dutch Superleague.
    Classic euro/rest of the world players edited to Resenbrink, Cruijff, Rep, Scifi etc and a few odd bods. Trent Reznor and Jerry Cornelius playing for Vitesse!. I now manage Oostende Zandvoorde. The other real Oostende are also in div 2 of the BeNe superliga so a nice rivalry is on the cards.


  3. #1 – i dont think even konami thought they could get away with releasing the same PES20 again branded as 21, and make no changes at all then make people wait a month for the transfers update, they have definitely worked on areas of the game for sure.

    I hated the AI in PES20, as you know, the vanilla PES 21 is much improved, AI is more intelligent in the way it both attacks and defends, theer are less instances of mindnumbing stupidity, animations seem smoother, and more of them, dribbling etc has definitely been tweaked, its much more playable, its how PES 20 SHOULD have released last year.

    I’m using a gameplay patch too so that further improves it, but for once, the forum speculation isnt just all placebo, its clear to see, and feel there have been definite tweaks.


  4. WERD – you do live in some form of altered reality!!!! imagine you sat there in a flat cap, with one of those large beer stein glasses full of some obscure european pale ale, whilst you edit in some random village in eastern yugoslavia into their equivalent of the Rymans league div 3.

    Its brilliant!


  5. Excellent video Paul and very well put together. Will look forward to seeing how the other stadiums in the Championship look. So more vids of the diaries would be great.


  6. Paul-something like That! Minus the flatcap and I do have some Draak in the fridge. The patch may knack up my work hopefully not much, apparently there are more fictional clubs to faff with…bring on the digestives!


  7. You disappoint me Paul…they’re a small club, with no taste, followed by a collection of village idiots who are overly friendly with their sisters. Do the decent thing and swap to Hartlepool, Boro or Darlington.


  8. Paul – i agree fully. i still think they flick a few switches here and there and then “unflick’ them when they want to ruin the game again. matter of time really.
    are you on Holland’s mod by the way?


  9. #1 – yes I’m using Holland v5.2 mod with the dt18 file too, and klashmans tactics importer.
    Its all a bit too realistic, really struggling with Sunderland


  10. Jan – I think not-Greg just got fed up of it amid a tough year. He might be back, equally he might not

    Cracking video Paul, look forward to seeing how the ML pans out. So, following your prompting I have remembered how to capture PS4 clips and share to YouTube. But how do I edit them together to create longer footage – need to save to usb and transfer to PC?

    Gulden Draak Werd, now that is a beer, remember it fondly from when I lived in Belgium


  11. Abbeyhill – you will need a NLE – non linear video editor. There are a myriad of basic free ones, just search on Google. Or if you want, rename the clips on sequence, such as 1,2,3 etc and upload to YouTube, give me the link and I’ll download them.andnedit them for you.

    Hold on, you’re on ps4…..? If so use the one’s own free editor – share factory.


  12. Delayed again….December 10th is the new release date. They apparently assured customers yesterday that there would be no more delays.


  13. #1 – I read the twitter debacle, dissapointing for another delay but I actually commend them for deciding to delay once again and get the game out when they feel the quality is right, rather than rushing it out and suffering a backlash if theres huge bugs etc.
    its only 21 more days anyway, I have it pre-ordered through Simply Games so hopefully they’ll ship a few days early too.


  14. Paul – I wholeheartedly agree after some initial irritation. Better than , say, Bethesda who rush their games out (well, elder Scrolls that is) and let the community sort it all out.

    In other news, I’ve found a great thread on evoweb, very useful
    Discovered a great number of stadiums there , these must be the ones you mentioned a few weeks ago Paul. Would you perhaps be inclined to share your stadium config / stadium server text thingy file?


  15. #1 – Great find!!!!
    I already have most of them but a great way to keep tabs on new stuff, cheers

    The stadiums I got was an add-on to the PES20 Ultimate AIO patch, has over 500 stadiums in,
    I just picked the stadiums/countries I will see most in a ML, and used them.

    I can share my map_teams.ini file for stadium server sure, but its obviously configured to the structure I have in my place on my PC, yours may not be the same


  16. Quite enjoying mortal kombat at the moment. It’s classic ‘I’ve got half an hour’ type fair, although there are people who go into the mechanics ridiculously detailed, not that I’d ever play online. Probably just as well as I can only get into his room to play it when he eats his tea, etc. I swapped the ps2 out and as cex are so tight on cash I opted to get a mix of PS4 games that mini turf may graduate to (Nathan drake and his quick time nonsense, a madden as he likes the nfl like me) and a couple I think I’d like (far cry apocalypse one and mafia III). When I said I was happy to let the PS4 go I hadn’t bargained on the impact of crap weather, dark nights and feeling full of cold. I will certainly be bidding for any remainder console of yours Paul.


  17. Turf – the uncharted games and Mafia 3 are solid buys. Absolutely loving Mafia definitive edition at the moment. If alternate between that and PES.

    Watchdog legion came out today so thats another purchase when Mafia is finished.

    Struggling to get a PS5 but when I do ill have 2 spare ps4’s so will definitely let you know.


  18. Abbey-jealous! There is a cool off licence in Jesmond sell all sorts of continental beers, kriek, lambic, quadruppel, alladins cave it is and my fave shop.


  19. Paul- that’d be great mate if you could. I just need a few examples to get me going as I’ve unlearnt all the modding stuff from last year. I’m assuming you have my email address, right?


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