Still stuck in limbo, awaiting the Data Pack end of October with all the summer transfers fixed, before I can start a Master League, so found myself downloading the new 2K remastered Mafia: definitive Edition.

Its a new 4k remake of the original Mafia game from years back, with some added extra content and sharp crisp graphics, I never played the original but this is superb, a GTA style story based open world shooter, set during the 1950’s US prohibition era, with the backdrop of being a new recruit into a local mafia family, and having to complete missions to work your way up the ranks.

The game looks beautiful, and the voice acting is really good, missions feel tense and I’m enjoying playing, will be nice to have a side game available whilst waiting for the footy game season to kick off.

I have put together a few clips from actual live gameplay below. WARNING: Contains spoilers, so don’t watch if you plan to play the game yourselves.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been playing more pointless friendly matches in PES21, trying different teams to gauge which one I fancy taking through a Master League campaign.
After watching the Sunderland ’til I die documentary on Netflix, I fancied using them, but as they’re now in League One, they don’t appear in PES, and the All-in-one mod I’m using on PC doesn’t allow you to edit teams names or kits, so am looking for a workaround, if I can find one then possibly Sunderland will be the team I use.

For testing I’ve been playing as Luton Town, a local-ish team, using the Holland v5 gameplay exe, along with a different dt18 file I found on a forum that frees up dribbling, introduces more AI error, and makes the game a bit more responsive, really liking it so far.
For those unaware of the PC modding side of PES, certain code to do with game play is stored in the actual exe program file and other things are stored within the dt18_all.cpk file in the data folder, so you can mix and match these to get different combos of modded gameplay.

I also imported Klashman’s tactics, which assigns custom real life tactics to pretty much every team in the main leagues, England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland etc, in both divisions, so teams play much more varied and true to life, much better then the default version, or PS4 version in which pretty much every single team use the deep defensive line tactic, meaning as soon as you get the ball, the whole team drops back into the penalty box to form a Mourinho style wall, which is boring and frustrating to play against.

I have posted a short compilation of clips from a few Luton Town matches, just showing some nice moments that happened during matches, I also love seeing Luton’s Kenilworth Road stadium in the game, part of the 500+ stadiums pack I downloaded, nice to play at a small, gritty, lower league ground, these stadiums used to make master league, but obviously have been removed in recent years.

I haven’t mentioned FIFA 21 in this post because I am not actively playing it, I have the full game downloaded on PS4 as part of my EA Play 10 hr trial, but don’t plan to play on PS4 at all, as and when, or if, mods become available for the PC version then a FIFA 21 career mode will definitely be on the cards.

Clocks go back next weekend, so we will all lose an hour (NG’s fabric of time frustration) nights will be colder, darker, and Christmas will soon be here, would like to say its been a strange old year and will be glad to see it end, but the way things are going, we will be spending much of next year the same way.
With cases rising and more hospitalisations, the end is nowhere in sight, so hope you and your families stay safe and well.