So all was going well, PES 2021, modded up to the eyeballs, on PC, Ultra high graphics, looking the nuts, had started a ‘test’ master League with EC Bahia in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, new players, a pool of players across South America I hadn’t heard of, including the youth team, using the ICMP/Holland game play mod, fouls were there, it was all going really well, very enjoyable, so much so, that i was planning to carry on with this ML, and make it my main, season long journey, then, of course in true Konami style, it all went tits up.

the gameplay mod introduces some fouls at least

You see, there is a bug within the game, that causes Bal and ML modes to inadvertently crash randomly, I’ve experienced it a few times, and the way i got around it was by skipping or simming the next match, which up until now, cured the crash, I was allowed to then carry on through the season, not ideal as simming matches takes the result out of your hands, and if you are playing a cup match, or pushing for a title, this could go against you, but at least it allowed me to progress my ML, I only had to sim 2 matches up to the halfway season point.
However, I reached a point where this method no longer worked, the game crashed back to desktop at the same point every single time.

Konami have put out statements on social media that they are looking into it, but a ‘hotfix’ for PC was to delete various system files, update the gate, and restart a ML ….

Yes!! delete your edit and ML save files and restart, Konami want every user experiencing crashes to just ditch 2 plus weeks worth of playing, all transfers, tactics, training plans, matches everything and restart, that’s their fix!?
Find it incredulous that a multi million dollar developer cannot issue a fix in their own game without everyone having to waste all that time with their progress, but as i couldn’t continue, I indeed had to ditch my promising ML, and delete the files.
Who knows if this will actually resolve the issue.

So, as of now, i have not bothered restarting a new ML, I will wait another 2 weeks for data pack 1 and all the transfers to be fixed before starting, and then, maybe Brazil again, maybe England, undecided.

In the meantime, here’s a short compilation of goals scored before my ML ended:

I have an EA Play subscription, so was granted early access to a 10 hour trial of FIFA 21, must say, early impressions, on PS4 at least, are not that great.
The game feels very frantic, and arcadey, and the new agile dribbling mechanic is awful, and I have no idea what EA are thinking but the pitch turfs are horrendous, a washed out, dull, drab kind of sage green/grey colour, completely unrealistic and lifeless, never seen a top flight pitch like that in my life.
So if I do play FIFA 21 for the long haul, it will have to be on PC, with a reshader, and mods, and the modding situation is in limbo right now.

Whilst working at home, I setup my laptop at the kitchen table, easy access to plug sockets for chargers, and can use my macbook as a second screen when needed, but take my lunchbreak, and sit in the living room, whilst I’m lunching I’ve been watching several footy documentaries on Amazon and Netflix, I started off with the Spurs one, always fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes at an elite football club, and my hatred of Mourinho has changed since watching, he’s not actually the asshole he appears to be.

Next up after that was the Man City one, never realised Pep’s team talks would be so boring and uninspiring, and currently halfway through the Sunderland ’til I die series, also never realised the club was in such a dire situation, and after watching the Spurs and City shows, Sunderland’s facilities look like a working mans club.

As I type, I am downloading the new Mafia: Definitive edition, which looks insanely good, always nice to have something other than footy as an alternative.