Yes, that image above is a live capture of my Tv, showing me downloading a purchased efootball PES 2021 off Steam.
I know I said recently I’d never buy another PES game again, until they radically sort their shit out, and PES21 is just a repackaged PES20, but, I have a bit of a conundrum.

FIFA21 does not release until mid October, by which point there will be less than a month until the PS5 release, my beloved wife wants to buy me one for Xmas, if only we could get hold of any, so realistically, it would be Jan before I could start a proper Career Mode in FIFA21 on the PS5, it would not be worth getting the PS4 version in October, only to then have to ditch 2 months worth of progress, time is valuable.

Also, on the PC front, the developer of the Frosty toolsuite that allows such in-depth modding of FIFA has now gone to work for EA, relinquishing all Frosty development, the mod creator by the name of FIFER is working on his own modding tools, to take over from Frosty, well he’s paying a developer to work on one, so realistically it could be months, maybe 6 or more, after FIFA 21 is released, before we can mod the game in any kind of way.
With me needing a footy game fix, that leaves me with a couple of choices, either wait for ages for FIFA, or try and squeeze some form of make-do-until-then pleasure from PES.

I bought eFootball PES 2021: Season Update, to give it it’s full title, off Steam, I still think £25 for the exact same game that was £45 last year is a piss-take, so I used CDKeys, and got it for £15, that’s the price of 2 pints down this way, so thought may as well.
I also ported across the Sider folder from my PES20 installation, all 370+ GB of it, which is the ‘Ultimate Patch AIO’ mod, it has everything, all the new kits, faces, goal songs, crowd chants, menu themes, badges, and I downloaded the additional stadiums pack which is quite simply, unbelievable, 511 stadiums, pretty much every stadium for ever club in the game, Turkish, English, French, Brazilian, Argentinian, Spanish, German etc, and for multiple divisions, every EFL Championship team, and every Premier League team has their proper stadium complete with flares, banners, and all proper adboards.

After playing PES20 with the above mentioned mods for a week, I was enjoying all the visual aspects, but gameplay still irked me, mainly the complete lack of responsiveness, dribbling was impossible, and being out of the PES loop for so long i visited the evo-web forum and it turned out that the latest Konami data pack, DP8, totally broke the game, made players unresponsive, sluggish and just ruined it, and all the early reports of PES 21 stated that although it was the same game,. DP8, in effect had been removed and the games responsiveness polished up, along with a few other tweaks.

This was certainly evident when I first played PES 21, most of my gripes about the game, had seemed to be either fixed, or vastly improved, the AI, and teams tactical shape and movement still leaves a lot to be desired, but overall the actual core gameplay felt quite solid and fun again, we will have to wait for the PS5 and PES 2022 on the new unreal engine, for any major changes, hence the rebrand of PES20 with a few minor tweaks into PES 21,, but the changes have made this game playable again, and after only playing PES20 for a short time before moving to FIFA, for me, along with the superb mods, it feels quite new again.

So, for the short term future at least, i shall be starting a new Season 20/21 Master League, on PES 21, on PC, with Super mods.
One drawback to this is that Konami do not release a data pack with the finalised transfers until 22nd October, so to have a realistic ML, with the likes of Havertz, Kiyech, Silva, at Chelsea, DeBeek at Utd, Ake at City, Thiago at Liverpool etc, I will have to wait until the October update before starting a ML.

Who would have thought, a few months ago, balls deep into a superb FIFA 20 CM on PC, that today I would be about to start a PES 21 ML, it has been a funny old year for sure.

Below is a short video of just a few highlights and nice moments from the PC modded PES21, using a couple of different teams, I have had to use Windows10 game capture facility, as the NVidia GeForce recording s/w has been playing up and for some reason wont initiate when playing PES21, and the win10 s/w only captures at 1080p, not the 2k footage I usually use, so not sure if it will do the game justice, but trust me, it looks so sharp, vibrant and clear, and moves beautifully.

The below footage, when live was played at 2560 x 1460 resolution, Ultra high settings, and with a LoD maximiser mod installed.