Firstly, apologies for the delayed weekly post, I had recorded game footage during the week but when it came to piecing it together for the blog, there was no audio, so fiddling with GeForce experience ensued and once it was working again, I had to replay, and re-record footage.

I am still playing 2K’s PGA Tour game, and doing alright.
I’m currently way ahead in the FEDEX Cup points rankings, so far that I can probably afford to pull out of a few tournaments, of which there around 12 remaining of the season, and still comfortably make the top 30, if not make the top spot.

I’ve now won 10 season tournaments, most recently the Trinity Invitational, I play 2 rounds, so 36 holes, per tournament, except the Tour Championship which is 4 rounds, but with 72 holes (4 rounds) an option per tournament, of which there are over 40, theres some decent longevity in this career mode golf game.

Now to the interesting part, I thought I would end this ‘footy gaming year’ the way I started it, by playing eFootball PES 2020.
This may come as a shock to those who know my thoughts and feelings around PES, but as I own a pretty sturdy PC Gaming rig, I thought I’d pimp PES up and just have a look as a side by side comparison vs a modded FIFA 20.

The above footage shows a full half of play using two random teams, I went for a London derby, palace vs Arsenal, using the Ultimate AIO (All in One) patch which contains all kits, badges, competitions, improved turfs, banners, crowd chants, goal songs and music, custom cameras, and bespoke broadcast cam settings for every premier league team’s home ground, pretty much everything you can think of, plus an amended gameplay exe.
It’s a whopper at 160GB uncompressed but is a very impressive piece of work.

I will be totally honest and say that if Konami released the game like this, there wouldn’t be nowhere near as much call for criticism, obviously they can’t due to licensing etc, but they could certainly enlist the skills of these mod makes to help improve the base PS4 game no end,

PES 20 above, modded, looks stunning, the atmosphere is superb, and I actually enjoyed playing the matches alot.
I was rubbish, as FIFA muscle memory was still strong, and there are issues with game play that annoy me that are still present, but I wont go into all that as it’s been said numerous times before.

If I was to start a ML, unfortunately it would still be the same bland, dull, stale, shallow emptiness of a mode that exists on the PS4, but at least the matches actually feel more alive and ‘finished’ looking now.
if only konami could totally revamp ML from the ground up, with these kinda mods, it would be a very decent football game.

I will probably mess around with Modded PES20 now up until the new FIFA is released, giving full manual passing and shooting is on my to do list.