A Real Swinger’s Party

Progress with my PGATOUR2K21 career Mode continues at a steady pace, I’m now just over midway through the golfing season, and continue to perform quite admirably.

The Players championship trophy just one of many i have picked up, although I have since upped the difficulty, by using the in-game sliders I have upped the AI skill level, and in creased my swing difficulty from Pro-Am to professional, giving a much more reduced compensation gauge for the swing, meaning the backswing and down swing on the right stick now need to be pretty damn accurate and straight for every shot, other wise the flight path of the ball will deviate depending on how your swing is performed.

This took a little getting used to, as a nice 7 under par first round at the Legends Championship saw me in 5th place going into the second round, but then a 3 over saw me drop, and finish 46th in the placings, missing out on valuable FEDEX cup points.

However, the lead still looks quite healthy in the rankings, and with another 8 or so tournaments left to play, I should be nailed on to finish top 25 and qualify for the end of season FEDEX cup.

currently have a 1300pt lead at the top of the rankings
$13.3mil in accumulated prize money so far, if only.

Below are a few highlights from my last few tournaments:

In other news, I read that FIFA21, due for an October release still uses EA’s proprietary FrostBite Engine, but that the makers of the Frosty toolsuite now work for EA DICE, so have given up all development responsibility for the tools, friends of the programmer have taken over responsibility but development and future releases will be much more minimal and slow, in order to keep the tool ‘ticking over’.

FIFER who produces the PC mods for FIFA games, has enlisted the services of a talented programmer and aims to make his own FIFA21 editing and modding tool suite, so will be eagerly watching that space, realistically though, the tools wont be available for a good few months after release so looks like it may be back to the standard PS4 then PS5 for FIFA21 until the PC mods are ready anyway.

My other free time has been spent catching up with some TV and a couple of well recommended shows are ‘The Fall’ on Netflix, starring Gillian Anderson as a bolshy detective enlisted to track down a serial killer who strangles women then poses them, its a very gritty, graphic series, and very well acted, well worth a go.
Also on Netflix, Cobra Kai, the Karate Kid saga continues, the series, currently with 2 seasons takes over many years later as Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso are all grown up, (played by the original actors) and their paths once again cross, reigniting a lifelong rivalry.

Great nostalgia, seeing the original cast, with flashbacks to the iconic film which was a huge part of my childhood, just good old fashioned fun.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and getting back to some form of normality, whatever that may be, next week i will try to post some content of a different game, will see what’s in the pile, any suggestions leave them in the comments.

17 thoughts on “A Real Swinger’s Party”

  1. That’s a really creepy photo – like a shortly before the serial killer/alien clown/whatever hit small town America and did evil things…

    If only there Was some sort of control stick that you wave in front of a sensor to act like a club Paul, a kind of wand if you like. The Wii really should have come into its own with golf, it would have been the go to game.

    Abbeyhill – of course I knew about your Ipswich links, it was m’lud what I believe the interweb call ‘click bait’. Butcher was, however, a poor man’s Kevin bond.


  2. Ooft you’ve got that putter working like a precision instrument Paul, and it makes a very satisfying sounding thunk on the ball. Short game around the green also looks deadly. One other thing that struck me about the video was how good the commentary sounds, how does it bear up over a complete round?

    I note that Death Stranding on PC has been reduced from the absurd £55 on Steam to a slightly more palatable £41 today, so planning to download that as my next ‘big’ game


  3. Turf – that was a tame pic, a google image search for ‘swingers’ returned some quite unsavoury pics!!
    If only there had been an ultra sensitive, immersive, motion senor type golf game on the Wii, it would have earned cult status.


  4. Abbeyhill – in true golfing frustation, my putting game went from a deadly sniper, to absolute hamfisted medievil rapist from one tourny to the next.

    I won the Texas valero open finishing -20 under, with 12 birdies and 2 eagles in round 2, the next competition, the Legends Classic, I couldnt putt for shit, a triple bogey, 2 double bogies and a few other bogies, I finished round one 3 under, and then round two 3 over to finish even, and placed 46th, truly awful.

    This did coincide with me upping the swing difficulty to Pro, I’m getting to grips with it again now.

    Still not sold on this Death Stranding malarkey, be appeal to people who like to live insolation, reading obscure books and who frown upon socialising, but don’t think its my thing.


  5. It’s (Death stranding) one of the few things that no one on here, chronicles or my mate who finished it has been able to get me interested in. I’m usually encouraged by any mention of something but just not that. Seems as dull as Ico (proper research surveys by clever people have concluded that Ico is in fact the most boring game ever made ever).


  6. Turf – I saw on Twitter the other day someone posted saying they would give their life for a video game where you just walk around. No side quests. No missions. No goals to achieve, nothing, just walk around and explore the world. I couldn’t resist replaying back saying “why not just go for a walk” wasn’t being sarcastic. Just seemed obvious ?!


  7. Again great looking menus and presentation of the career package. The Fall is next on the list of my TV binge watching. Just finished watching ‘Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing’. I have never been a fan of either of thier works or fishing but have been smitten with this programme. It has a wonderful charm about it and have since seen it described as like having a warm hug. I couldn’t think of a better description. I really didn’t want it to end.

    Paul – As for your previous question I haven’t fancied Last of Us 2. I played the first one and finished it and is up in my top 5 games. I have always remain convinced that no follow up could beat it. I think some games should be left as they are.


  8. Sounds right Paul. I don’t get the flying simulators either – I’d last ten mins before I wanted to crash the plane or shoot something out of the sky.


  9. Darryl – its well worth a watch, you’ll enjoy the fall.

    I watched a show years ago called a passion for Angling which sounds very similar, 2 older guys, trouncing through forrests and secluded areas stumbling upon natural lakes, sun beating down, sat there with their little wicker baskets and old cane rods, trying to tempt a fish, wasn’t so much about the fishing but the melancholic stories them rambled on about that gave it that warm fuzzy charm.


  10. Turf – Same. dont really get the point, taking off, flying around, landing, is all well and good, but it’s not going to qualify you to fly an actual Airbus A37, and if the scnery and surroundings, flying over the golden gate bridge etc is the lure, then why not just load up a 4k fly by video of it on YouTube, kick back, sip a whisky, listen to music at the same time….. just don’t see the point in it.


  11. I’ll second Mortimer and Whitehouse, and I’ve never been River fishing. Bob Mortimer seems to get funnier as he gets older. Also been rewatching Taskmaster. Haven’t turned on the PS4 in months, just haven’t got the urge after a day working from home.


  12. I’m liking Cobra Kai as well, really sparks nostalgic feelings. A real mindfuck is that I just realized that both William Zabka and Ralph Macchio – the actors that play the main characters – are quite a bit older than Martin Kove (Kreese) and even Pat Morita (Mr Miyagi) when the karate kid came out.

    as far as gaming goes i’m not really doing anything. read Marco van Basten’s autobiography which was a bit boring. now reading Wesley Sneijder’s which is quite interesting. strangely enough i find myself anticipating PES 21’s release even though it’s guaranteed to be dog shit.


  13. Not sure what you’ve been smoking #1 but Ralph Macchio is nearly 30 years younger than Pat Morita and 15 years younger than Martin Kove (who I can also remember from Cagney and Lacey).


  14. Aah. Just realized I misunderstood what you were saying #1. I read it as you somehow thought Ralph Macchio was older than Pat Morita
    which would be astounding and probably require a time machine. Apologies.


  15. #1 – either lock down has fucked you up or you’re on some high grade class A’s !!!
    Larusso and Lawrence are in there 40s in the new show, Mr miyagi was at least in his 60s in the original karate kid. Kreese was at least the same age in the original movie as larusso and Lawrence are now.

    And if that wasn’t proof enough, the fact you are excited for the release of PES21, which is the EXACT same game as PES20, just with updated transfers and kits, the same shit, stale hollow boring ML mode and piss poor commentary and presentation, is an absolute clusterfuck of emotion.

    I’ve been more elated at a bout of rip roaring bright red piles than I have any new pes game, which isn’t new at all, in any sense.

    I’d rather go play on the M1 than play any pes game this year.

    And I thought the pandemic had largely passed us all by ……


  16. A passion for angling is superb. Mortimer and Whitehouse is marvelous telly, 30 minutes of feeling lovely.

    Darryl – The Last of Us 2 is tremendous mate, well worth investing in.


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