My Cup of Tee

The football season has dragged on, and on, and on …… obviously due to the current situation, of which i am totally bored of, but a Champions league final, in late August?!!? madness.
I’ve had enough football for one year to be honest, definitely football gaming, so have given it a rest, will come back fresh, renewed, full of excitement for FIFA 21, but for now, my attention lies elsewhere.

Last Friday saw 2K games released their new golf offering, PGA Tour 2K21, I was a big fan of the Tiger Woods golf games back on the PS3, under the EA guise, and is the perfect game to have on the backburner to just pick up and play without any hassle when you feel like it.

The career mode is very good too, take an existing pro to PGA Tour glory, or create your own golfer, in your own likeness, start at rock bottom, work your way up, earn your PGA tour card, compete in tournaments, earn sponsorships, become the FEDEX Cup champion, that’s what I opted for.

It’s pointless explaining in words and pictures when a video does it all so much better, so below is a 30 minute video showing an intro to the game, and playing a few holes, I want to keep content coming regularly here on the blog and maintain interest, and a sense of community, and chat, so will post different videos over the next few weeks, could be PGA tour golf, or other games that I am playing.

I hope you like the video and find some interest in it:

A shockingly bad round by my own standards, but as mentioned in the video, I did well to get back to even par after round one, and knew I had a chance to put things right in round 2, and what a difference it makes when you focus and concentrate.
I finished 14 under in round 2, absolutely smashed it, those clumsy pars and bogies were turned in birdies, and I ended up winning the tournament by a clear margin.

29 thoughts on “My Cup of Tee”

  1. You know I think that’s the first time I’ve heard your voice. If I didn’t know better I think I’d place you somewhere near Bristol. Slightly West Country pirate burr…

    I didn’t even realise EA weren’t making golf games now. I bought Rory Mc – never really played it as it was a download, so I don’t see it on a shelf to jog my memory. I just assumed they were still banging them out. I did love a golf game, my first ever was on the spectrum where you entered a distance (1-100) and an angle to hit the shot. I think it was maths by stealth.

    Really enjoying FIFA now I’ve cleared the decks. Bloody typical but I haven’t told him he’s getting the console yet! Also liking playing a bit of free roam sleeping Dogs, again a download so hasn’t had the same play. I actually like it as much as GTA back in the day, nowhere near as much to do but with a much more likeable character and great if you like John Woo type stuff.


  2. Haha turf. Nothing like farmer Bristol accent.
    Really enjoying the learning curve with pga tour, a nice pace of game for this time of the year.

    A game I recently downloaded on ps4 from my Ea play account is battlefield: hardline
    Very GTA/sleeping dogs-esque but you play as a cop on the trail of hardened criminals. Its a decent play.


  3. I actually thought you sounded very similar to someone from Coventry we know.

    Presentation looks fabulous and know how well 2K excel in this area from playing some of the basketball games.


  4. Darryl – No way! lol
    As FIFA21 isn’t out until October sometime, it gives me a couple of months to just try out new games I wouldn’t normally get chance t play, NBA 2K20 is on that lkist, a freebi from the PSN+ subscription.

    Will also have a spare PS4 going cheap in a couple of months if anyones interested.


  5. Mini turf was asking about psplus as he wants to play fall guys – I think it’s a bit beyond us oldies but anyone played? Or seen via a child? I’ve never had membership but I think it’s currently 49.99 a year


  6. Paul – depending on whether I can gracefully give up this one, I might be interested. Would have to see what state I’m in post kitchen/bathroom (In terms of clutter and house layout rather than your no doubt generous terms).


  7. No worries turf. When thenos5 is out ill move my ps4 Pro up to cinema room and that leaves a spare ps4. It will only sit in a cupboard so when the time comes if you want it, I’m sure we can sort something out.


  8. Cheers.

    I’m currently 8th with Blackburn but just cheekily applied for the Ajax job. It’s a bit odd that the only jobs available in world football are the leading clubs in my division – Leeds, West Brom, etc and half a dozen in the eredivisie.

    Golf is one of many hobbies I should have played more of. I never played when I became a greenkeeper and since then I’ve always found the four hours plus travel a bit of a strain on time, especially when I’ve also been doing that cricket thing.


  9. Yeah there are too many unrealistic job offers in the game, they definitely need tweaking. Doesn’t take into account your past success or fails or anything.
    They need to get rid of the manager rating number and introduce a manager reputation system.
    Based on past successes. Developing youth. Trophies won, media perception etc. And base job offers on that


  10. I also think a good improvement to the FIFA career mode would be to have different objectives and length of contract, when negotiating your contract renewal. For example you could sign a 5 year contract with an objective to have secured Premership football by the end of your 5 year plan. This all could be done by using similar cut scenes to the player negotiations but instead meeting the chairman.


  11. Paul – Well done for keeping the content going when you need a break from the main focus of the blog. Maybe a weekly “Paul Plays…” section?

    Turf – My lad plays Fall Guys. It’s a bit like Takeshi’s Castle meets Total Wipeout, and has nothing to do with Lee Majors. It’s very younger generation focused with simplistic graphics. You are a one of a hundred blobby characters rushing to get over the finish line of a bizarre course. After each event the first half-ish progress to the next course, until eventually someone is the overall winner. Seems harmless enough.


  12. Chris – fall guys was a freebie with the psn+ sub, its in my library, looks good fun and will hopefully get round to having a bash before FIFA21.

    I’m also still playing g Detroit:Become human, which is a superb cinematic story-teller, from quantic dream, who also made one of my fave ever ps3 games, heavy rain.
    I play that in the cinema room so progress is slow but nice to have on the back-burner, and perfect for the big screen.


  13. Detroit:Become Human must look excellent on your big screen. Just watched a video of a three minute chase that was pretty cool.


  14. Darryl, btween us all we could come up with a great list of changes and additions to career mod, but we all know that offline career modes are not a priority for EA or PES productions.
    The changes to CM that EA have made for FIFA21 do look decent though, particularly like the look of the train a player to a new position function.


  15. Yep we’re playing Fall Guys too, pretty good laugh. Loading/match making times are slow and the controls are sometimes frustrating but the kids enjoy it. Not sure it’s worth a PS Plus subscription in itself though Turf

    Golf was an enjoyable and relaxing watch Paul. Used to play quite a lot of golf when young but eventually gave up. Found it hard mentally to recover from a bad shot, would go into a downward spiral.


  16. Very frustrating sport. Abbeyhill. Would imagine you need alot of time and money to get to a level where its more enjoyable than frustrating.


  17. thought I’d pop in here after noticing peschronicles is down….what gives over there?
    on topic, i’ve never cared much for golf but that looks ace…was also thinking about looking into a basketball game as The last dance got me all hyped up for that again. like you Paul – and many others i’m sure – i’ve had my fill of football, never mind football game. Can’t get into FIFA anymore though it’s excellent and tried every mod under the sun for PES (not worth it).


  18. Paul – Congratulations for using the phrase “grade A bellend” on LinkedIn today. Made my day 🙂


  19. #1 – Sore subject, think NG was growing tired and weary with everyday life stresses, and finding time for the blog and commenting back, and decided he needed a break, compounded by a mini-argument over there where certain comments and opinions were shut down and debate wasn’t allowed, anyway, if NG rads any of this then hopefully he knows its never anything personal and hopefully we will see him back in some giuise when he feels its right for him, if ever.

    NBA 2K20 is also a free game on PSN+ if you have that.

    I downloaded NHL 20, as I used to play ice hockey and love the sport, really enjoy the gameplay but am lost within career mode and what all the jargon means, how drafts work etc so largely ignore all that and just play the games.


  20. Hope a good bank holiday weekend had by all. I had to retire bleeding 30 minutes into first footy training session after getting studs in the head, so much for non-contact!

    Season 13 on FIFA19 was more successful, winning premier league by 7 points from Man U and FA Cup. Still yet to win the Champions League though, ejected by Juve in round of 16. Keen to play out the final two seasons but also keen to move to FIFA20 and start a career mode with Ipswich to coincide with the start of the ‘proper’ season, decisions decisions…….


  21. Thanks Abbeyhill. Hope yours was good apart from the head injury.
    Congrats on the double.

    I’ve been playing PGA Tour, no Fifa for me at all, probably won’t play fifa again until 21 is released in October. Enjoying playing other types of games right now.


  22. Currently playing Stranded Deep which I picked up for a tenner. I have always been a fan of survival games and this one does provide a lot depth and a slow paced sense of isolation that I love.


  23. Paul – I did and the game has very similar mechanics and feel to it. However, it really started to annoy me as the more you built in the world the more you got attacked by mutants who then became even more aggressive and destroyed everything you had spent days creating.


  24. Ah, I keep looking at the forest but never going for it. I’m getting to the stage of sleeping dogs that hits me every task game – repetition and ultimately fizzle out. I can’t remember the last time I finished one (gta, red dead, mgs etc – far cry I guess). My sideline of fifa denied me Ajax but now decides that all the Italian jobs are available. There are some surprising oddities in the game, just irritating little quirks.

    Abbeyhill – I don’t understand, you retired? From a mere bloodied head? You’ve obviously never heard of terry butcher? Opted out of the blitz? Don’t recall agincourt?


  25. Turf, seriously your worst comment ever, as a lifelong fan of Ipswich Town I’ve obviously never heard of Terry Butcher? Footballing hero in my teenage years?? Broke my heart when we were relegated and he joined Rangers??? I felt proud to look a bit like Butcher with a bandage round my head but still blood streaming down

    Obviously I meant retired from the affray rather than the battle, and will be back at training next week.


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