The football season has dragged on, and on, and on …… obviously due to the current situation, of which i am totally bored of, but a Champions league final, in late August?!!? madness.
I’ve had enough football for one year to be honest, definitely football gaming, so have given it a rest, will come back fresh, renewed, full of excitement for FIFA 21, but for now, my attention lies elsewhere.

Last Friday saw 2K games released their new golf offering, PGA Tour 2K21, I was a big fan of the Tiger Woods golf games back on the PS3, under the EA guise, and is the perfect game to have on the backburner to just pick up and play without any hassle when you feel like it.

The career mode is very good too, take an existing pro to PGA Tour glory, or create your own golfer, in your own likeness, start at rock bottom, work your way up, earn your PGA tour card, compete in tournaments, earn sponsorships, become the FEDEX Cup champion, that’s what I opted for.

It’s pointless explaining in words and pictures when a video does it all so much better, so below is a 30 minute video showing an intro to the game, and playing a few holes, I want to keep content coming regularly here on the blog and maintain interest, and a sense of community, and chat, so will post different videos over the next few weeks, could be PGA tour golf, or other games that I am playing.

I hope you like the video and find some interest in it:

A shockingly bad round by my own standards, but as mentioned in the video, I did well to get back to even par after round one, and knew I had a chance to put things right in round 2, and what a difference it makes when you focus and concentrate.
I finished 14 under in round 2, absolutely smashed it, those clumsy pars and bogies were turned in birdies, and I ended up winning the tournament by a clear margin.