Good morning, it’s Thursday again, and time for another FIFAFX update post, how the time rolls around so quickly during these still strange times.

Who would have thought back at Christmas time that come mid-July, we’d still be watching Premier League football with the season unfinished, still be playing FIFA 20, balls-deep in FIFA 20 actually, and that our way or usual life would be changed so drastically, but here we are.

Season 7 is still unfinished in my CM world, probably the longest a bseason has dragged out, due to several factors, nice weather, life, work, and PC mods, all diminishing play time, more recently the mods.
My FIFA 20 game kept crashing when starting a match, so I had to systematically disable every mod, one by one, and load the game, enter CM, start a match and see if it crashed, I play with over 20 mods applied, so this took a good 2 days to rectify, its never happened before, so hopefully was a one off, and the culprit was a corrupt faces script within the new FIFER v3 Mod,  the pros and cons of PC modding, but the mods do give you so much that the odd hiccup is a justifiable nuisance.
As a result, i had to rebuild the squad file soo when you see Saint -Maximin’s goals at the end of this post, and are expecting  a black dude with a headband, what you will see instead is a very girly looking, white person, with a pony tail, I will fix it but for now I can’t be assed, I’m not that fussed, I’m not one for boots, tattoos, and faces to be a priority, FIFA 20 + (PC modded ver) still plays a bloody amazingly good game of ultra-realistic football, easily the best footy game I’ve  played to date.

So, season 7, we are out of the FA Cup, and Carabao cup, and are loitering around 8th in the league, here’s how it looks:


14 points off 4th place and UCL qualification, with just 5 games to play, it’s not gonna happen.
This has been a tough season, playing on Legendary, with the added AI difficulty imposed by the FIFER mod, its been a real struggle at times, but ultra realistic, teams like Liverpool, Man Utd, City, Arsenal, have battered me, their showcase players all stepping up and standing out, and really makes results so much more rewarding when you do grab a good win.

Our only distant ray of hope was to win the UEFA Champions League, to automatically qualify for it next season, the small matter of a Quarter final against Real Madrid stood in the way.
We played Madrid 2 seasons ago, and it was hands-down the most difficult game of pixelated footy I’ve ever faced, they tore me a new one, repeatedly, in a 5-0 aggregate win, so I wasn’t looking forward to this one.

First leg was away at the Bernabeu, look at this:

Bernabeu view

Glorious!! I’m using the GFXMod turf and camera mods alongside the FIFER mod, and at times I thought I was watching a live game on TV, it looked so photo-realistic, the stadium, turf, crowd, atmosphere, noise, was electric, I was nervous playing the game, from the comfort of my brushed Mink contoured L-shaped sofa.
We lost the first leg 1-0, to a very cruel 88th minute Shtick goal, but gave a good account of ourselves and wasn’t overrun at any point.

The second leg came after a disappointing 3-0 defeat in the league to Southampton, confidence was low, I opted to try to cancel out Madrid’s 4-3-3 attacking formation by playing an attacking 4-5-1, with Ferreira up top as a pacey target man, this gave us numbers in midfield but also width.
The plan worked superbly as we largely stifled Madrid’s midfield play, and I’d say we largely controlled the game, we finally went 1-0 up to level the aggregate score, and extra time beckoned, then in the 92nd minute, this happened:

Unbelievable, and very unfair, first you see our equaliser then the cruel hand of fate snatch the tie away from us in the final minute with a shot deflected off the post against my defenders foot for an OG. Devastated.

So that’s it, we are now out of every cup competition, and at best will finish 6th-8th.
Season 7 is effectively over, I shall be telling the boys to go out and play with freedom and have fun for the remaining games.

I feel I have taken palace as far as I can, from a mid to lower table side, to Europa League champions, Carabao cup winners and premier League champions all inside 7 years, I feel now is the right time for a change, to apply my managerial genius elsewhere.
I will see out the final game of this season, then browse the available jobs and apply for one, I fancy Spain’s La Liga as most of the stadiums are licensed, I actually did a test and applied for the Valencia job, and got it, and I was instilled as manager right away, I need and want to see out the season, so reverted back to a side save, and carried on at Palace.

So next season, pastures new, or will an appealing job offer come in on home shores? Next week’s post should have it all wrapped up and decided.

Finally, a short comp of goals from the last few sessions.