FIFER 3 title

The new v3 FIFER career Realism Mod for FIFA 20 was released this week, along with an official EA patch update, a night usually spent playing was devoted to installing these patches and mods, redoing all my custom kit and adboard and other mods, and getting the game back to an up-to-date working state, its not actually as laborious or time consuming as it sounds, but alas, I lost a night of play time, so actual progression on season 7 has been slow.

The FIFER v3 is a work of art, its a huge update, with near on 60 individual mods that you can mix and match, from themed menus to gameplay mods, scoreboards, banners, faces, even stadiums, well worth the £1.46 ($2) per month.
Along with this patch came a new refined gameplay mod, sneaking a look at the locale.ini file code i noticed the AI has been made more aggressive, with closing down and tighter lines a focus, as a result, gameplay is harder in v3, along with legendary, this season is a learning curve, and it shows in our league position.

League Table

Languishing in 8th is not acceptable for last seasons Europa League Champions, we are expected to improve on our 4th placed finish, as a result my manager rating has sunken to around 68.

I lined up some end-of-season free transfers, but one player who did join us in January in a cash plus player swap deal was Allan Saint-Maximillian, who we bagged for £5m plus Nicolas Pepé, and has so far performed superbly out on the right flank, his debut goal can be seen at the end of the post.signing

Something screwy going on with the FIFER face assignment as we all know Saint-Maximillian is a Black African guy, oh well, #BLM.

The AI on legendary is a cut above, players dribble, weave, jink much more, and perform skill moves and shoot from distance, high calibre teams like City, Utd and Liverpool can tear you apart with one touch quick passing, and leave you frustrated as they clamp down and pressure you and give you no time to find any rhythm, clean sheets have been hard to come by, but a 5-1 drubbing of Blackburn, a 4-0 Cup win at Blackpool, a 2-0 win against West Brom, and a 4-0 win at Villa have lifted hopes of a top 6 finish.

header image

Whilst tinkering with camera angles inside the games code, via Frosty editor, I also managed to find a way to turn on the on-pitch scores, much like appears in FUT matches, I really like it.

Score on PitchThere is so much in the way of graphical props, options and other things that EA leave out by default, its a mystery why, animators and graphic artists have gone to the effort to design these elements in-game but EA then leave them out, if you was playing on PS4 or XBOX, you’d have no idea, or even if you did, no way of enabling such options, the PC format really is the utopia of gaming fiddling.

To finish this week is a short video just showing a few ‘bits’, a couple of nice goals including Saint-Maximillian’s debut goal, Julian Brandt, my AMF. showing how he’s becoming a sniper from that edge of box position, some nice dribbling and an example of how you can jink and dash past players with the right timing and control, but then how unforgiving semi-assisted can be when it comes to placing your shot.