It’s been a busy time of late, certain life commitments, hot weather, work being done on the house, work commitments etc means I’ve barely had any gaming time, as a result I’m only a part way into season 7, however season 7 has begun, and on Legendary level.

I felt it was time to move up from world class as last season saw us win the Europe league, reach the Carabao Cup final and finish 4th in the league, another level of challenge was needed.

Game settings

I also reset the gameplay back to FIFA default, 50/50 across the board with the exception of pass and shot error, at 54 for both user and CPU and an increased injury frequency but less severity.
It wasn’t that the OS sliders were bad, great in fact, I just wanted a new style, sense and feel of gameplay for Legendary, variety is the spice of life, plus the added layer of gameplay difficulty that the FIFER mod brings.

Prem Table

Legendary has been a struggle. Its what I was looking for but the AI seriously kicks your ass. Teams are faster, stronger and play some mesmerising football, I’ve suffered drubbings at the hands of Arsenal. Lost at Burnley and was absolutely fisted in the UEFA Super Cup final by Juventus, 5-0, easily the toughest match I’ve ever played on a pixelated football game, I just couldn’t get near them and the AI was passing and dribbling around me for fun.

As the table above shows, just under a third of the way into season 7, and already 12 points off the top, Man Utd and Liverpool are formidable, I can’t see us getting back within touching distance from here.

The feasibility of Legendary long term is still in the balance, I need to ascertain whether realism still prevails or whether weaker teams start playing like 70s Brazil, a la PES, time will tell but for now I’m enjoying having to focus 100% on every match.

Things are a bit brighter on the cup front, with a Quarter final Carabao Cup tie to come, and having secured top spot in a favourable UEFA Champions League group, with the knockout phase to look forward to.

Carabao Cup;Draw

UCL Table

The move up to Legendary has been tough enough with a full squad, but just 8 games into the season, Brewster suffered  a 2 month injury, and with a fairly thin squad I’m relying on Star CF Ferreira and Youth promotee Schinkel, to do the job, signing a backup CF in January has to be a priority.
This is Brewster’s third injury in two seasons, a Micheal Owen kind of player, electric pace and deadly finishing, but injury prone, those hamstrings can only take so much.

Madrid interest

It’s nice to see my Shankly-esque managerial skills haven’t gone unnoticed within this crazy pixelated football world, fresh off the back of turning Palace into European champions, and Premier league champs, other big clubs have been sniffing around, and want my services, I’ve stalled on accepting this offer, I have until January to make my mind up but 99.99% certain I will politely decline and remain at Selhurst Park until the end of the season, at which point I intended to hang up my FIFA 20 boots for the year, and spend some time having a break from footy gaming and fit in some of the other games I’ve been meaning to play, but then this happened:

Pretty impressive looking. It’s out today, suddenly the appeal of taking charge in the Brazilian league next season, complete with madcap Portugese/Brazilian commentary may keep me going for a few more seasons yet.

I have also made my own Mod, which brands the Career Mode Hub news ticker with the BBC Sport Logo, so when transfers, results, cup draws etc are announced on the main CM hub screen, it will be branded up as BBC Sport, for the PC players, here is a download link:

FIFAFX CM News Hub Mod

You’re welcome.

CM News Mod

Finally just a few bits from my last few matches, still no true long rangers, those seem to be rarer than rocking horse shit these days, but plenty of still enjoyable ways to score.