After finishing season 4 as Premier League Champions, there was only one way to go, up!
Up the difficulty to World Class level, if I thought professional gave a solid, realistic, enjoyable representation of the beautiful game, then World Class takes it up another notch, every single match of this new season has been a 10/10 experience.

WC level is obviously much harder. those  little turns, skips away from defenders, physical barges, most don’t work on WC level, the AI is superbly more intelligent, tougher, and more realistic, there have been none of the 6-1 and 7-0’s of last season, every game has ebbed and flowed like a modern day televised match between two Premier League level teams, the challenge is real, just what I needed after coasting for large parts of last season, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, each game matters even more now, and feels so much more rewarding when you grab a result.

This weeks post comes in video blog form, so without further ado, here it is:

It wasn’t featured in the video, but the UCL game against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu was easily the hardest match I’ve ever played in my life, we lost 4-0,. could not get anywhere near them, and when we did attack it seemed almost impossible to break their lines, the stark difference between an up and coming side and a giant of European football, beautifully realised in pixelated form.