Season 3 ended with a dramatic drop in board trust level, down to 46, after a very disappointing season, with several key players very unhappy and handing in transfer requests, I was lucky to survive the sack, my previous ventures obviously buying me some time, so here we are, a few months into season 4 and glad to say the tide has turned, and things are on the up again.


As a little experiment, I have taken a different approach with this weeks post, instead of a mix of screenshots and videos and text, I present to you, a large proportion of the post in video format:

I have also been busy modding FIFA even more, and amongst a net physics, and adboard mod, I’ve also figured out how to embed a logo into the goalnets, below you can see (quite faintly because of the light) my FIFAFX logo emblazoned into our home goalnets, kinda cool.


And I have also created my own FA Cup specific match ball, the FIFAFX ‘Superla’ ball.
(open the link  for a larger more detailed view)

FIFAFX FA Cup Ball blog

Larger detailed version below.

Welcome any feedback on the video and look forward to reading the comments, Stay Safe and well.