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Turning the tide

Season 3 ended with a dramatic drop in board trust level, down to 46, after a very disappointing season, with several key players very unhappy and handing in transfer requests, I was lucky to survive the sack, my previous ventures obviously buying me some time, so here we are, a few months into season 4 and glad to say the tide has turned, and things are on the up again.


As a little experiment, I have taken a different approach with this weeks post, instead of a mix of screenshots and videos and text, I present to you, a large proportion of the post in video format:

I have also been busy modding FIFA even more, and amongst a net physics, and adboard mod, I’ve also figured out how to embed a logo into the goalnets, below you can see (quite faintly because of the light) my FIFAFX logo emblazoned into our home goalnets, kinda cool.


And I have also created my own FA Cup specific match ball, the FIFAFX ‘Superla’ ball.
(open the link  for a larger more detailed view)

FIFAFX FA Cup Ball blog

Larger detailed version below.

Welcome any feedback on the video and look forward to reading the comments, Stay Safe and well.

7 thoughts on “Turning the tide”

  1. Paul – what a fascinating vid and a good primer on the depth of CM for those still not in the know or, as I was, mostly tuned in to the Master League reality of the past few years, I.e. just playing matches and nothing else. CM is a halfway house between Football Manager and Master League, with the emphasis still on playing the matches, but you get to do a whole lot more besides. Re. the Training segment of your vid, I too have at least one Youth wonderkid whom I am nurturing like crazy. A winger, he’s got 99 in key stats but can’t Shoot to save his life, and to make it in my team I need everyone north of the CDM to chip in with goals, so he is a work in progress. I will introduce him formally next week.

    Great start in your Season 4 as well. With my fannying about I’m just now easing into the end of Season 2. We might be playing the 2020 games in all franchises until Christmas. Would that be such a bad thing.


  2. NG – I might do more video based posts, if they are easily digestable, focusing in on different elements of CM, as you say, theres so much depth to it.

    There are some good wonderkids to be had through the youth system, and of course some regens, but thats a whole ‘nother discussion in itself as identifying regens is a whole process and needs some explanation.


  3. Paul – luck of the draw with my prime pick Youths. I’m very happy with them but it’s astonishing how lifelike their performances. I.e. a match where they’re brilliant in general play but not quite got the end product, and then low stamina means they miss the next one or two matches. This aspect of CM is quietly becoming one of its most rewarding for me.


  4. NG – ypu could argue the low stamina is non-resalistic, as 16-21 year olds should be striding about all day for fun and not getting tired.
    But yeah, the youth setup within FIFA is much better, deeper and rewarding, than what we were used to with PES.


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