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The board aren’t happy with me, as the above warning shows, fortunes have taken a severe nosedive here in season 3, after reaching the Europa league final, FA Cup semi-final, and securing 7th place in the league last season, we continued the good form by winning the pre-season International invitational cup, but from there on in its been a struggle.FIFA 20 Screenshot 2020.03.18 -

I put this down to the implementation of the FIFER Realism Mod, which was updated to v2.1, it has substantially increased the Professional difficulty level, ramping up the AI pressure and tackling, making it much harder to break teams down, things that worked before, just don’t now, it will take a season of adjustment, and ultimately it may cost me, I will do well to last the season without being sacked, the board is now used to some relative success and have demanded a Europa League qualification place, and decent FA cup run, we are still in the cup but the EL place seems far off now, we have lost too much ground.

FIFA 20 Screenshot 2020.03.25 - 20 Screenshot 2020.03.25 -









My board confidence rating was 82 heading into season 3, its now a measley 59.
As any under pressure manager would do, I panic bought in the January transfer window, out went Toko-Ekambi, a fairly reliable CF who had only been bought the previous January, and in came Max Gomez, an 86 rated CF, from Valencia, who, despite our shaky form, has started well, with a substitute appearance and a goal in a 4-0 rout of Swansea in the FA cup, then a brace in his first full EPL debut, in a 3-0 win against the Saints, he also seems to be a firm fan fave already, selling a lot of replica shirts with his name on.

We also brought in Adama Traoré from Wolves, hoping his pace and power can replicate real life and give us more options down the right wing.

FIFA 20 Screenshot 2020.03.25 -

I’ve also been tinkering around with the mods side of PC FIFA, and have designed and imported in my own alternate EPL match ball, as can be seen on show in the small clip below:

Despite the current sad situation of a country-wide lockdown, I haven’t had any more time to binge play FIFA during the day, both my wife and I are working from home, commandeering the living room and kitchen as makeshift offices, and in an attempt to maintain some form of routine and normality, its been work all day, some exercise in the garden, and bike rides in the evening, its a worrying state of affairs with more seemingly normal, healthy people perishing at the hands of COVID-19, how long this lockdown and isolation period will last, no one knows, and whilst its nice to have the escape of books, films, video games etc to keep us entertained, it all seems a little bit underwhelming right now with so much serious stuff going on around us.

I hope you all abide by the lockdown and don’t make any silly judgments about going out needlessly, and stay safe and healthy, and look after eachother and loved ones.

Just a few normal-esque goals to finish off with, the Kramaric smasher in the middle was the best effort, although I quite liked the first goal for its cheeky finish.

Take Care!