Whilst our league form remains sporadic, our European ventures are surging full steam ahead. Thanks to our 6th placed finish last season, Palace are now competing in the Europa League, and so far remain unbeaten in the group stage, here is the group we were drawn into:

Europa grp

Wins in all three of our opening matches have cemented an early top of the table position, and put clear daylight between ourselves with 9pts and AZ, whom we beat 2-0 away, on 6pts, just a draw from our remaining 3 games should be enough for qualification to the knockout stages.

Whilst European form is good, our performances in the Premier League have been a mixed bag, hovering around mid-table after 10 games, Professional level is still proving to be a more than accomplished challenger, worth remembering of course this is layered up with the OS sliders and FIFER v1.3 realism and game play mods, which add extra difficulty to the Professional level challenge.

Training Schedule

Exciting youth prospect Schinkel, is developing well, with a rigid training routine every other week, he has developed from 54 OVr to 61 OVR in half a season, and have currently listed him for loan, to help him gain match experience.
I’m also keeping a close eye on the youth academy as there are several players with a very high potential, but as per how the FIFA stats/scouting system works, you never know if these young players will reach their potential or bottom out as yet another disappointing 55 OVR makeweight.
One drawback to this very in-depth youth system is that I’ve had several youth players (15-18yr olds) say they want to leave as they feel they should be promoted to the first team, but then dont want to go out on loan when you promote them, maybe a side-issue from the mod that reduces the rate which English players move abroad.

I’ve switched to a new formation for this season, moving to a 4-4-2 Wide formation, rather than the 4-3-3 I employed the previous 2 seasons, I have always preferred having 2 forwards up top for link up player rather than a lone striker with 2 wide wing forwards, but maybe the players I have aren’t suited to this system as well, as results are showing, will adapt throughout the season if need be.

FIFA 20 Screenshot 2020.02.26 -


League table

I did plan to record a full length match with commentary, showing how I use tactical defending and my methods for defending, but even after 30 minutes of fiddling I could not get the microphone working, its a gaming headset with mic on, its enabled and shows up in Windows settings and everything, and is selected in the Geoforce experience settings, but when recording match footage, the game audio records fine, but my talking is  just a very feint crackly white noise sound, I will invest in a proper mic, and get something up soon.

Lastly, a small selection of goals from this early season 3 action: