Unbelievable indeed, and what a week in the world of Football.

Firstly, Liverpool do the unthinkable and overturn a 3-0 deficit against Messi and co, to win 4-0 and reach their second successive UCL final, and the next day, not to be outdone, Spurs also overcome a 3-0 aggregate deficit to beat Ajax with a 96th minute winner to set up and all English Champions League final.
It’s not looking bad for an all English Europa League final either with Chelsea and Arsenal trying to book their places, England conquering Europe once again.

Add to that the climactic nail-biting Premier League final day this weekend and its been a pretty remarkable week, and within that, gaming mirrors reality….

To get side matters out of the way first, you may recall I chose to take over the England National team, alongside my Forest role, qualify for the Euros was the first objective, and having played 8 and won 7 of our group games so far, we are odds on to qualify as group winners, here are a few goals from the Euro qualifiers:

Now on to the serious stuff, the Premier League with Notts Forest.
Picking up from the last post we had 4 games left to play, 1 point behind leaders Liverpool in second, with Chelsea chasing us both closely in 3rd place, there was no room for error in the last four games, it was all in or nothing.

Our run of games was Home to Crustal palace, Home to Fulham and away to Arsenal, we managed to pull through each match with a 1-0 victory, scraping through to keep the pace, Foden was injured, again, in the Fulham match, he really is  injury prone, and I will be looking to move him on and seek a replacement for next season.Foden injured

Here are the goals in each of those 1-0’s:

So, on to the final day of the season, the league table looks like this:

League table final day.png

2 points clear at the top, our last game is Home to ….. Chelsea !!!

The possible scenarios are:

  • A win would guarantee the title
  • A draw and a Liverpool win would see Liverpool win the title on GD (Them +18 and us +17)
  • A draw and a Liverpool draw or defeat would give us the title
  • A defeat and a Liverpool draw would give us the title
  • A defeat and a Liverpool win would seal the title for them.

Basically…… win to guarantee the Premier League. This has been 10 seasons in the making, we cannot let this slip.

brewster injury.png

Brewster got injured against Arsenal, so he was out, with Urretaviscaya replacing him up front, below is the final league fixture against Chelsea, highly condensed highlights, this is how it all played out…