Firstly, this will be a short post today.
The reason being FIFA 19 has served me up the first ever total fuckery session I’ve ever had on it. You get games that feel biased now and then but this was the worst case of blatant human player crippling and scripting I’ve seen on the game.
It put me in such a foul mood that I only played 3 games, and wasn’t in the frame of mind to continue, I needed a break, and life commitments and lack of play time right now mean this session was always going to be the provider for Thursdays post, I didn’t have anything held back in reserve.

First match in my session was away to Spurs, I absolutely needed to beat them to move back into the top four and close to within 4 points of the top team, and overtake Spurs, it was a title come UCL qualification 6 pointer, I could not lose. I lost 3-1.

In a match that was so blatantly loaded with complete fuckery, every pass I made went astray, I was slower, even my fastest players were outrun by defenders, every shot I had was saved, every shot they had went in, I dominated, they scored 3 ridiculous goals.

Next up was the first leg of the Europa League quarter final, at home to Juventus, the fuckery continued, same thing, dominated, but my players were handicapped, and everything they did come off. I lost 2-0. Juve have 2 away goals, I now need to go to Turin and win 2-0 just to force extra time, it won’t happen.

Below is just one example of the fuckery in full motion.

An absolutely incredulous hoofed cross at a thousand miles an hour into the box, first time knock back, first time volley, my GK jumps out of the way.
My Turn, through on goal, from 6 yards out, Kluivert on his favoured deadly left foot, a smasher, keeper somehow manages to react like some model X-3000 cyborg robot and save it. Rinse and repeat.

I did win  my last game of the session, beating Brighton 4-2 away but inlay after going behind twice, I was determined not to lose, but the damage had been done, all but out off the Europa League, and now fighting for 4th place instead of the title.

FIFA 19 Career (In Menus).png

The one enjoyable moment of the session was my first outside of the box effort in as long as I can remember. Captain Dekouré slotting home