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Transfers.pngMy scouting for players entering the final 6 months of their contracts yielded a few good results, after weeding out the players positions I needed, I made formal approaches for the players above.
No need to negotiate with the club as any player within the last 6 months of his contract is free to negotiate a pre-contract deal with another club, I took advantage of this by not having to pay huge transfer fees, I was able to offer the players I wanted lucrative deals to persuade them that Nottingham is the place to be.

Skriniar, a 92 rated CB from Inter joins on a 180k p/w salary and a 3 year deal, Neres, a very pacey winger from Chelsea was signed on a 4 year deal worth 150k p/w and Jan Oblak, a superb keeper joined on a 2 year deal for 160k p/w.
I have also instructed my scouts to find world-class players from Argentina, England, Spain and Italy who are due to retire this season,  in the hope of unearthing their regens, FIFA regens work totally different from PES whereby the famous name just reincarnates as a younger version of themselves, more on this process later in the post.

Europa Draw.pngWinning our Europa League group has earned us a last 32 fixture away first leg to FC Copenhagen, a relatively unknown entity, should be an interesting match.
We also have an upcoming Carabao Cup Semi final, and a 3rd round FA Cup tie with Brighton, the squad is being stretched, often having to field a few fringe players in ‘lesser’ games to rest some of the big names, a tactic that backfired 2 matches ago after fielding a weaker side against Brighton, only to be beat 2-0.

The Dec-Jan ‘fuckery’ window has so far, with the exception of the Brighton game, been tamed this season, we are playing well and even when we don’t, we often nick a 1-0 win, the sign of potential champions.

Dennis had a barren 4 match spell but has picked up again and is once again prolific, it’s great to have his pace up top as  an outlet when our usual precise passing style is being smothered out by packed defenses, demonstrated here against Liverpool in a tight match which we won 1-0 thanks to an over-the-top out ball which Dennis latched on to:

It’s been a while since  scored a ‘non team goal’ so this rasper from CB Denswill from around 22 yards was a nice surprise, surprise in that when I hit it, seeing who was shooting I expected a row Z effort, but this was a peach:

Season 8 rolls on, and its shaping up to potentially be the season that title challenge breakthrough occurs, that ‘click’ in any footy gaming career mode whereby your team and your abilities reach a level where you are confident in every game, I’m about there now, 8 seasons in, and its been a most enjoyable journey getting here, now to push on and make it happen, I’d love to retire from FIFA 19 whenever that point comes having won a Premier league title and a Europa League cup.

Lastly, a summary of how to find Regens in FIFA 19:



10 thoughts on “Buy one get one free”

  1. Paul – hints above at your own end-game state in sight on FIFA19. Would a title+cup really do it, or would you continue to see if you can establish a dynasty? I think it’s be worth continuing to see how the world of CM matures and how all those new signings/Regens turn out.

    Also can’t wait to see some footage captured from the projector, although might be too much of a faff to get the PS4 linked up to it, a few seconds of it showing a movie would do me.

    Jealous of you still being in the Europa League btw. It really annoys me that my single season competing in it on ML might be the only chance I get at it.


  2. NG – No actual end in sight for me and FIFA 19. Still immensely enjoying it, and due to life circumstances, am not playing as much at the moment, so the sessions I do get are cherished.
    I wouldn’t want to finish with FIFA without winning a European trophy, and a league title, but I’d also love to sample the Champs League presentation and atmosphere too, so a good few seasons left yet, in theory I have 7 more seasons after this one, with the 15 season CM ceiling.

    Projector will arrive today. I wont be home until around 11pm tonight, so will take a few mins to very quickly hook it up and shine it at a bare painted wall, as the room isn’t decorated yet, it has wifi capabilities, so will record some footage of Youtube vids or a movie, and if i get time, will grab the spare PS4 out of the bedroom and hook that up to it and show some PES or something.


  3. Paul – I’ve used up all my time off work until April now so game sessions will be precious for me too, and footy gaming isn’t the only show in town for me anymore. I’ve made a deliberate choice to get off the footy hamster wheel, with a long-term wish not to be enslaved to it so much anymore, but we’ll see how it goes. Today for example I will have a spare 45 mins or so before work, and what will fit perfectly in that 45 mins? That’s right…

    You might as well go on to the end of the 15 seasons now? Bags of time left in the game year. You could do the 15 and finish before mid-summer, probably, for some messing around with other things.

    That projector is going to change things a touch I think. Footy gaming on a 100-inch screen!!


  4. NG – I have 4 days left to take in March, then my allowance starts again 1st April.
    Might carry those 4 days over, but I’ll probably need a couple of them to add finishing touches to the Game/Movie room.

    Footy gaming is so accessible, and flexible, its the perfect type of game to fit into short sessions whenever you can grab them, but I also want to get a few other games played throughout the summer, such as Detroit:Become Human, RDR2, and the Division 2 will be out soon, also fancy that Days gone.
    So will probably finish my footy gaming around May time, giving me a few months to play other things and a little refresher break from the footy gaming churn.

    I’m not absolutely sure on the screen size yet, its not a short throw projector so will see later how big an image I can get mounting it on the back wall, anything around 80″ I would be more than happy with,m as the seating distance will only be about 8 feet away, any bigger from that close and the image would start to blur.


  5. 92 rated CB, guy will be a beast I’m sure. I have a couple of low 80s rated and they’re amazing at breaking things up. Interesting to see how the wages go up considerably for the top level players. My top wage is £45k at the moment but imagine that’ll be changing after a couple of seasons in the Premier League.

    I took a week or so off after promotion but got back into it yesterday with the first 5 games of the season. First up was a 0-0 with Arsenal, great defensive performance but this was followed by consecutive losses to Man Utd, Leicester and Wolves (in the cup). It was a welcome wake up that my team wasn’t good enough so got in a new right back from Real Madrid and left midfielder from Valencia, both had generous release clauses so all good. Next game a 1-0 win away to Liverpool (no Salah, Firmino, Van Dyke etc) but a great performance from the new guys so a bit of optimism for the rest of the season. I only spent £20m net in the window and have bought in 3 decent players, whether good enough for survival remains to be seen but I’m optimistic.

    One thing I’ve enjoyed is how team tactics have evolved over time from League Two just getting it forward and hoping to the more technical high press with wingers and pass playing CBs/GK. Each season the tactics becoming a little more advanced as better players come in. Sometime the journey is best bit but hopefully the Premier League continues this enlightenment.


  6. Cook – sounds like your Career is following a similar path to mine although i did not come through the divisions like you,. just started in the Championship.
    Skirinar, the 92 rated CB is a replacement for my now ageing Denswill, who scored that 22 yarder in the above vid, he’s still a rock but can tell he’s losing some pace as he gets older, he’ll make a sturdy backup to Skirinar.

    On the wages, the good thing about the free signings is that you can offer bumper salaries to lure them, as above, 180k p/w at Forest – but that equates to ‘only’ £29 million over the 3 year contract.
    I’d never have signed him for less than 50-60 mil if I had to pay his club a fee, then you have the wages on top.

    You’re right about the tactics, that’s why the FIFA CM has been the ‘breath of fresh air’ that Bhatti stated PES was, as every game feels different enough, and every season different.
    I’ve had to change my formation, and play style through the seasons to accomodate my players, and to get the edge over the opposition.

    You will find the Premier league enthralling, with the enhanced presentation, and each team having better players to contend with, when you play Man City, if they are anything like they are in my game, I feel physically tired after that match.


  7. Thanks for the guide Paul, I didn’t know FIFA even had regens.

    I’m a bit disappointed with 18. Not on the pitch, the action is great, a long way ahead of pes in terms of AI and the patience and approach required. No waltzing up the middle is a big plus for a start. Off the,pitch though it feels like little has changed when you’re starting at the bottom. Drogheda have that £600 per week wage level you often see in the lesser leagues and I’d like to bring in one or two frees or loans. The frees are pretty much the same old rubbish from 14, poor updating. When I do find a half decent option the numbers are just ridiculous. I quite like the cut scene but it usually runs like this ‘my client wants £14,000 per week plus sign on bonus of £50,000’….’we can offer you £4000 (my entire budget surplus)’….cue door slamming rapidly. Or a loan is agreed at say 65/35 only for the Aston Villa youth player to tell me to sod off. I don’t expect to sign emre can (as the older flawed versions allowed) but a bit more common sense on wages, either increasing the existing wage of low level players so I have spare when I sell one, or reduce the unrealistic free agent demands. As it is I can’t sell as I doubt I could replace them.


  8. Got hit with the “December script” as well! Moved back to an earlier save with me at Swansea in the championship, halfway first season. Thought to find more joy in a slower paced environment and working my way up as the premier league really is something else in terms of speed. Got my way to top, only conceding 6 goals in 25 games. Pretty ok-ish… Here comes the script. Still winning more than losing but what’s really getting on my tits is the pass speed and accuracy. Played three matches now where cpu pass accuracy was 95 percent. Mind you this is the likes of sheffield united and Rotherham. I’m ntlot pleased with that at all… I’m just watching the ball moving around when the cpu goes crazy after they still fail to mount any meaningful offense in the final third.

    Still overall, it’s a pretty good and enjoyable experience. I’m not expecting either football game to wow or amaze me at this point, just looking for a good solid experience.


  9. Turf – the transfers could be much improved, you got the odd weird thing going on but on the whole, the transfers in my 8 season FIFA 19 CM have been generally decent, realistic moves between players and clubs, salary demands etc, I haven’t seen anything thats annoyed or disgusted me on that front.


  10. #1 – I think I’ve learned to counter the Xmas period blitz, my team has evolved to the point of better players that can and do handle that little period of crazyness, still get games which are unusually difficult, such as last night, Mid Jan and 2 back 2 back defeats against Newcastle and Man Utd, which I prob would have won any other time of the season.

    As you say, no game is perfect, and not expecting that, but overall, I’m happy with FIFA 19 and especially in stark contrast to the other game.


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