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2 Cups one team

FIFA 19 Career Match 0-0 NFO V BMG, 1st Half_1.pngOur Triple Cup pursuit is now down to a double after losing the second leg of the Europa League Quarter final 3-2 to Borussia Monchengladbach.
The first leg away ended 0-0, after we failed to capitalise on a few good chances, and we was always then chasing the home leg after Borussia went 2-0 up fairly early on.
Disappointing but to reach the Quarter finals in our first season in Europe was a decent attempt.

Next up was the FA Cup semi final at Wembley vs Liverpool, it was a very tight and tense match, fairly few guilt-edged chances for either side,  which forced the match into extra time, but LMF Kluivert pounced to slide under the keeper late on in the second half of extra time to send us into the FA Cup final, where we face Everton.

League form is poor, too many draws and smatterings of narrow defeats have seen us slip down to 10th place, with only one game left the highest we could finish is 8th, no European football next season, which will certainly help fixtures wise, but isn’t good for my manager trust level, after failing to achieve Champions League qualification, as set by the board, got to hope a decent EL run and 2 domestic cup finals go in my favour.

FIFA 19 Career (In Menus)_2.png

Cartoon Mag Spread.PNG(Click here for a bigger version)

The video below shows a few goals, first a nice sweeping counter attack goal vs Man Utd, second is the ET goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup semi, and last is a nice consolation finish vs Borussia in the Europa League Quarter final defeat.

17 thoughts on “2 Cups one team”

  1. Borussia Monchengladbach! Not heard that team name in a while, redolent of the glory years of 1970s European football. For some reason I thought they had gone bankrupt and disappeared

    Great post, although the title doesn’t quite match not-Greg’s classic ‘two goals one cup’…..


  2. I love the way the same picture is used of you, both with and without the cup. In the one without it looks like you’re about to start a fight with the reporter.


  3. It’s not the same pic per se Chris99. I wanted a pic of the manager (me) holding the cup but the game doesn’t show that so I paused the game after a goal was scored to get a still of the manager celebrating, then I used that for the without the cup, then got a pic of the Carabao cup and photoshopped that into the managers hands and used that.


  4. Paul – I also thought the title was a spin on the Internet’s celebrated ‘two girls’ vid.

    At the start of your clips vid there’s a moment when your striker accelerates into a bit of space between two defenders. That wouldn’t have been ‘allowed’ on the other game. I’m ‘well jell’ as the youngsters say these days.

    And what is it about the Europa League in footy games? Is it because we do tend to only get 1 or 2 shots at it per career that it seems so hard to win, or is it actually coded hard to win?


  5. NG – it does seem coded hard to win in both games. I did win the competition back on PES 2015 or the year of The Crouch as I fondly remember.


  6. Two anything, one something automatically conjures up said video. I didn’t know of it till I heard Stewart Lee mention it in a routine (a sheltered life) so I googled it…fortunately I didn’t stay till the end.

    Cracking effort on the shoot/match magazine, shame that FIFA for still unknown reasons really restricts your avatar. Unless of course you’re not the young gym bunny you make out??

    Anyone else associate said German football team with ‘supercalifragalistic…’ (It’s a real musical sort the men from the boys)


  7. Turf/NG – I thought I recalled NG using that headline or similar ages back so didn’t want to plagerise, but it was a nod to that infamous video online.
    Further developments at the end of the season have made another similar pun title possible, will have to have a think about what to use.

    Monchengladbach were surprisingly strong. Quick, one touch passes, got the ball forward quick, physical.
    They battered me the first 30 mins of the second leg and went 2-0 up. I needed a 3-2 win to go through so was always chasing the game, they picked me off on the counter to go 3-2 up, by then it was a thankless task.


  8. Turf – Forgot to add, I chose that Manager avatar purposely, went for the ‘experienced Tony Pulis’ type look, you’re right, manager avatars are very limited to about 4 or 5. They need to give more options or allow you to create yourself.


  9. It is very pulis, but he’s also a miserable sod who might do a job but will never be loved. It’s a weird letdown for a game that offers such big picture adornments. That said they don’t have a set of useless defaults so maybe they didn’t want to allow too much customisation. I don’t really know what editing you can do in FIFA.


  10. FIFA from a few years back had creation centre Turf, you could upload your own face photo and map it to a 3d model, in the current FIFA you can unlock player editing from the catalogue and edit a players appearance so the mechanics are there, wouldnt take much for them to extend this to managers avatars at all.


  11. Paul – I really do miss Creation Centre as it allows people to add thier own leagues and be shareable. The Don Bradman/Ashes game tapeed into this very well and if I wanted to I could play cricket in the Lancashire league as Preston with full players, kits etc.


  12. Hi Paul. Nice clear layout, but it seems very restricted on he width it uses (on Firefox). The post content and comments seem to take up less than a third of the available space on my monitor. Just checked and its the same on Chrome.

    The width of the post and comments title is a bit better at a little under half the screen width, but then a large chunk on the left is taken up by the post date and number of comments, and the commentor’s avatar. Hope I’ve managed to explain that well?


  13. Most WP themes do only take up a small portion of the screen Chris.
    Do you have your monitor set to a non uniform resolution? As it displays fine on chrome here.


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