2 draws and 2 defeats in the last 4 matches, yep you guessed it, it’s December, this means its time for the annual ‘slump’ that the game enforces upon you, whereby your players seem handicapped, your inputs don’t work, and the opposition is a constant stream of 70’s Brazil. It’s tough going, all you can do is ride it out and try to get more draws than defeats, as wins are like rocking horse shit.
As a result I’ve slipped to 3rd, and a few points off 2nd, and even more off top, the title is very unlikely from this position now, we will keep plugging away but its fair to say the cup comps are now my main priority, of course we still need to ensure a top four finish to achieve Champions League footy for next season, the board have demanded so.

Also notice unlikely league leaders Wolves, rather than being a randomly generated wildcard, doing a ‘Leicester’ and having one stand out season, they have gradually been building over the last few seasons, and finished higher each season

League Table.png

In my previous post I commented how a priority for this season was a much tighter defence, and that I was pleased with having the best goals conceded record in the league, well, I obviously jinxed that because in the very first game after that post, I was dicked 6-2 by Stoke City. Stoke fucking city.

It was one of ‘those’ games where nothing I did worked, deflections, bobbles, 50/50’s, all fell favourably to them, my players couldn’t pass for shit, and every single attack they had resulted in some kind of wonder goal. So as a result, my GA column is no longer so healthy.

Anyway, we are still in all the available cup competitions, we are due to start in the 3rd round of the FA Cup shortly, and defeated Burnley 1-0 in a tight match at Turf Moor to seal a place in the Semi-finals of the Carabao cup, Fulham, Wolves & Man City also made it through, no need to guess who we got drawn against. I’m relishing the tie though, a win and it will be our first cup final, City are always a massive test though, usually we draw, or they win, I’m due a result against Peps boys.

Carabao Semis.png

And the Europa League, we had already qualified going in to the final group fixture against Anderlecht, the winner would take the group winner spot, and receive a supposedly more favourable draw in the next round.

I rested most of the team for this game, as we had a Premier league match just 3 days later, taking the opportunity to play some of the youth and fringe players to gain experience, I gave a first run out to recently scouted potential ‘Wonderkid’ Saavedra, he did very little except one snapshot that fizzed wide, but he’s still very early in the development cycle.


We won that match 2-1 and grabbed top spot, the result was a decent draw away from home in the first leg.

Europa draw.png

Stade Rennais, another new team to play, should be a good occasion.

Below is a 3 goal mini-clip:

  1. A goal in the Europa League match from youth player Thomas, notice as he hits it, the cursor flashes Green, this is a result of the ‘Timed Shot’ feature new to FIFA 19.
    As you shoot, you tap the shoot button again just as your player strikes the ball, time it correctly and stop the needle inside the reticule (I have this hidden) and it increases your chances of accuracy and power.
  2. Another youth promotee Diaz, grabbing a great header to win the Carabao quarter-final against Burnley, I love the leap he makes to power home the header.
  3. Frodë, my new DMF signing, doing what every decent footy game DMF should do and popping up in that hole outside the box and letting rip,