europa ko

Well, this is a turn up for the books, as shown above, we are in Europe, the previous season finished With us in 6th place, and there was no mention at all of Europa League qualification, no in-game confirmation, but, as you can see, one of the top 5 must have won the FA Cup and thus, enabled us qualification into the Europa League.
I will take it, the addition of European football is most welcome, with its new presentation, and new commentary team, plus the new varied teams to play, it certainly keeps things fresh and lively.

Our virgin foray into Europe has started well, we lost the opening game away to Molde FC, with a last minute headed goal, in a game which we dominated, but then won our following 3 matches, only one more win required to cement our place in the next round.

europa table

The addition of European football means that fixtures are coming thick and fast, with us still being in both domestic cups, squad rotation is a must, couple that with injuries and it’s an interesting and challenging season ahead.
My main goal for this season was to tighten up the defence, last season we scored the most goals but conceded a lot too, so a defensive signing was a priority, I managed to scout then sign a big strong African CB named Gagnon, who has really helped tighten up the defence alongside stalwart Denswil, the difference he has made is akin to Van Dijk at Liverpool.

I also signed a backup DMF called Frodë, a strong tall figure, and a CAM in Jao Mario, to give me the option of resting Foden for pushing him out wide if I need some pace and guile out there.
Several youth team promotes continue to be embedded into the squad too, with Diaz starting at LMF, Pastore at RB and Gavilan at RMF.

I was also alerted by my chief scout to a wonderkid he had found.

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Saavedra was his name, with a 64 OGR rating at 16 yrs old and a potential of 94, I have setup a focused training plan for him, with a view to loan him out for a year once he hits 70 OVR to get further development and match time.

Below is a goal from new DMF Frodë on his debut to grab a win against West Ham

league table

That solitary loss was a 2-1 defeat to Man City who are top, but our GF and GD are much better this season, title challenging form right there, be interesting to see how the Dec-Feb wobble plays out, but its obviously important to be in the mix still when that time comes round.

Lastly, a mini compilation showing in running order:

  1. Our European Adventure starts
  2. Foden starting & finishing a great move to grab all 3 points against Anderlect
  3. Adama sealing the win Vs West Ham with a great deflected strike, I liked the ball physics here.
  4. Youth promotee Gavilan showing composure and a delicious outside-foot finish to take all 3 points at Anfield
  5. Dennis carrying on where he left off last season showing a great turn of pace and strength to score