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Lemons & Limes

League.pngLemons & Limes, leave a bitter sour taste in your mouth, and that’s what the end of season 6 left me with.
Firstly, a top 6 finish, Carabao cup semi final and FA Cup last 16 should be, and is, a satisfactory season, however I wanted European qualification, and we didn’t achieve it, our last 8 matches of the season only yielded one solitary win, 4 draws and 3 defeats, to slip down to sixth with no chance of achieving fifth, and that final European slot.

The last 8 matches were one of those ‘spells. the game likes to throw up where it just fucks you right over, any which way it can. I had matches where I hit the post 3 times a match, where my players were struck with an inability to pass 5 yards in the final third, where every single deflection, bobble, physical encounter fell the CPU’s way, and I was fouled lots and was given nothing, and the CPU just parked 10 men in the box.

top scorer vs.png

During the end of season run-in, I played West Ham, who were a place above us, a 6 pointer, and we played out a boring 0-0 draw, I just could not break them down, or get through their Mourinho style defensive brick wall of 10 players in a tightly confined penalty box, with both Dennis and Belotti fighting for the golden boot, this was not a showcase for their goalscoring prowess.

Next up was bottom feeders Swansea, and yet again I hit the post twice from almost guaranteed scoring positions, then I was fouled on the edge of my own box, and given nothing yet again, and Swansea scored from it.

Now I know I should not have thrown that ball to a defender on the edge of my box, but it was still a certain foul and a FK should have been given, it wasn’t, I lost by that single goal, and slipped beyond being able to qualify for Europe because of it.

Dennis bagged 2 more goals in the remaining 2 games and finished as League top scorer and claimed the golden boot, a great season for him and happy to have tied him down to a new 4 year contract.

dennis top scorer.pngI finished the season with a managerial trust rating of 72, and was told by the board that it was a satisfactory season, and was offered another year on my contract, and given a £92 million transfer kitty for next season.
Some job opportunities came up, West Ham, Man Utd, Spurs, Man City, Marseille, Paris SG and Stoke City, all as potential openings, but in the end I decided not to put my name in the hat for any of these jobs and stick with Forest, I want to win something with the club I have spent 6 seasons building.

I was also given accolade for increasing the clubs value as a result of astute signings and success on the pitch


I’ll finish with a small compilation of goals scored during the baron run-in spell.

So, season 7 awaits, and silverware is an essential must, no other option.
I’ve also added a forum to the blog now, with sections for all sorts of things, so feel free to drop in, post, use the chat box etc.


13 thoughts on “Lemons & Limes”

  1. Paul – on the ‘other side’ my run-in at the end of last season was a similar suspicious catalogue of hit posts and mysterious inabilities all of a sudden. The people who make these games know exactly what they’re doing. We run into the footy game equivalent of the sudden machine gun emplacement in an FPS corridor shooter etc. It’s Game Design 101. Throw obstacles in the player’s way and see how they deal with them. In football games, I think this is a touch unfair, as the player in an FPS simply reloads and has another go – it’s part of that genre, reloading – whereas us footy gamers only have a one-time encounter with the match in which the post and crossbar are ball magnets and our silky skilled passers can’t do anything with the ball.

    Nice to see your bonds with your players – Dennis in particular – continuing to develop. Is Dennis your MVP of the game so far? Over on the other side, this individual bonding with certain players is currently a massive part of what’s keeping the seasons ticking by. Although the gameplay itself has improved a bit too.

    Re. the final goal in your mini-compilation, you mentioned a few weeks ago that these one-touch counterattack-style goals are among your favourites, and I have to say they’re growing on me too, I got one last night.


  2. NG – I’ve experienced the same in PES games too previously, you are right, its an intentional game design, there has to be elements like this in place for balancing, longevity, variation etc, but its just frustrating knowing I’ve played well enough all season to qualify for Europe, then have it more or less taken away from me because the game imposes some sort of designed handicap on me.

    I fully condone attempting to recreate the ebb and flow and trials and tribulations of a cup run, title challenge, European push etc, whereby the matches carry more pressure, are ore intense etc, but at the time, in the thick of it, its frustrating as hell.

    Makes me appreciate Darryl’s recent double on the game, he must have gone through this, and came out unscathed.

    I know PES players in particular have always said that FIFA doesn’t have the player individuality, but this just simply is not true, this year in FIFA more than any other its noticeable, and does add a great deal of enjoyment to playing a career mode.
    I now have Gavilan (RMF), Shaw (CM), Pastore (RB) and Price (CF) who are all getting regular first team action, as a result of me scouting them, signing them to the youth academy at 15yrs old, letting them develop for a couple of years with bespoke training plans, then promoting them to the first team, and now ultimately developing into mid to upper 70’s rated first teamers, all with potentials in the 80’s.

    Dennis is my main man right now, he just scores goals, and I scouted him for a year after he ripped me apart for West Ham, so to wait, be patient and finally get him, then he deliver with the goals is satisfying.

    Counter attack goals were few and far between in the back end of the season due to CPU teams parking 10 players in the box, so was nice to score a couple, I do like the fast sweeping attacks, also like a good distance finish.


  3. Paul – like the idea of a forum as well.

    I wouldn’t say I came out of it unscathed as it was as intense as anything I have experienced with matches coming think and fast as well as dragging on a team running on empty. This was one of the reasons I have brought things to a halt as I too had little fuel left in the tank by this stage.


  4. Darryl – I meant unscathed as in you still kept playing well enough to not fall away, despite all the fuckery that gets thrown at you, hence why your double is a superb achievement.


  5. I think with football games that are determined to play silly buggers with the human player, it really is a case of acting like a boxer on the ropes, get your defence in order, keep your shape and discipline, and hope for a lucky break if you get an opportunity. How many times does the CPU kick off and we’re instantly trying to chase down the ball, while it pinballs the ball around us with ease? (I know this happens in FIFA as well as PES.) When those games (or those sessions) come along, I try to hunker down and stand off the AI and let it commit men forward and hit them on the break. Works well enough of the time to make it a viable strategy, although lots of control and discipline required.


  6. NG – easier said than done. And it’s not so much the defence side. It’s the nerfing of your player abilities such as passing when attacking, or hitting the post from usually scoring positions. Or the CPU packing the box so you just cannot hey in to score.


  7. Paul – yes I know what you was getting at and had a number of seasons like that before getting to a point where my squad was easily the best in the league which balanced things out. You will get there.


  8. I was doing some research Darryl, I looked at all the teams in the Spanish La Liga, and looked up their stadiums on FIFA 19 on youtube, and picked a team with a nice stadium that are languishing mid-table, if I do move clubs at any point I fancy taking on Athletico Bilbao!


  9. Foul shmoul, looked a completely fair challenge to me. If it wasn’t the game would have clearly called it. You simply choked big fella….

    Just out of interest have any AI teams dramatically improved their irl position? Eg. Fleetwood in the premier league, Newcastle in division two? Obviously that scenario is now out of the question with pes’s single division nations.


  10. You must be similarly fuming about the farcical England first innings Paul….

    Just noticed that insane valuation of Notts forest under your leadership. They’d be building gold statues of you regardless of cup success if that had happened irl.


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