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Dennis The Menace

Dennis POTM.pngEmmanuel Dennis continues to fire in the goals, 18 goals in the Premier league so far and its only January. Braces in his last 2 games earned him the Player of the month award.
Not only is his goalscoring prowess a key part of the team’s success this season, but he’s also the league’s top assist creator with 11 assists to his name, if he gets injured, it will be a struggle to replace him.

Carrying on from Dennis’s bicycle kick goal from last week, he added another acrobatic finish to his collection in a great match against Chelsea which finished 1-1.

I have started to integrate several youth promoted players into the first team fold, after developing them top to the mid 70’s OVR they provide great cover for key positions, without moaning too much about not being played regularly, and of course they cost a lot less in wages.
Price (CF), Shaw (CM) and Gavilan (RM) are all first team quality players who perform well when I field them, but I still needed some cover in a few positions so managed to scout a LMF, CDM & CAM who only had 6 months left on their contracts, therefore I was able to sign them on pre-contract deals to join in the summer without paying a transfer fee.
I also signed another keeper after realising I didn’t have a sub GK, after Hart left at the end of last season, Abad signed from Houston Dynamos in the MLS and is rated 77, so a decent backup.

Club captain Decouré missed a few games with injury and we really missed his solid midfield physicality, then broke a toe on his second game back so is out for another 2 months. Foden also missed 3 matches with a sprained ankle, backups and cover is essential.

Keeper signing.png

I played the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, against Man Utd, I was quietly hoping to get to the final of this tournament and possibly win it, but the game vs Man Utd came in December, and Dec-Jan is when the game engages its ‘Christmas Period Shenanigans’ whereby every team is extremely hard to play against, defend aggressively, and your own players seem suddenly unable to pass accurately in the final third, this has happened in the last 2 seasons, around the exact same time for it to definitely be ‘a thing’.

I’m not sure if its EA’s attempt at simulating the difficult festive period of the season, or what, but it’s so noticeable and very hard to come through without dropping points and going out of cups.
Man Utd dicked me 4-1 at home,  every attack of ours was saved, passages of play suddenly broke down with a simple but poor pass, and everything Utd did came off, every shot went in, every bobble fell their way.
I then needed a 4-0 win at Old Trafford to win, or a 4-1 to take the tie to extra time, I went all out attack from the off in the 2nd leg and dominated play, we raced into a 2-0 lead quite early on, with youth promotee Shaw, grabbing a well finished second,

However Utd pulled one back through Lukaku, and that’s how it finished, a 2-1 win but out of the cup in the semi-final 5-3 on aggregate.

We are also in the last 16 of the FA Cup, where we played Man City, who are top of the league and an extremely difficult team to play, the tie finished 2-2 with City grabbing a late equalizer, so goes to a replay, we then played them the following week in the league  and drew 1-1 with City again equalising late on, we just can’t seem to hold them off. they’re such a strong team.
Heres a nice finish from Dennis in the cup tie.

12 games left and we sit just outside the UCL places, European qualification, either Champions League or Europa League would be considered a satisfactory season, if we can get past City in the FA Cup, then we could also add another good cup run to that, I’d be pleased, and I think so would the board, trust level currently sits at 84.


Key focus for next season has to be to keep the goals conceded down, we are the top scorers in the division but also concede more than all the top 8, if we can sort the defence out then next season could and should be a title tilt.

29 thoughts on “Dennis The Menace”

  1. Paul – have you got the day off today?! I saw the Dennis video go up at 9.30 🙂

    Nice overhead hook shot, and I notice the game goes into the same Alan Smith bicycle kick remarks, which sadly supports the common misperception that any such kick is a bicycle kick. I shall be dropping EA a stiff note about the difference, along with a reminder that they will not lose an hour’s sleep on March 30th.

    Your season is eerily mirroring mine in the other game. League just out of reach, but CL or Europa almost a cert. Holding the nerve time, as it would be great to have the variation of a European campaign next season.


  2. NG – No, no day off, I uploaded the videos last night, as private and set them on a schedule within Youtube to publish as live at 9:30am this morning, I just paste the links into WP when i write the post and once they become live the video link updates and displays.

    European football next season is a must, the title is already out of reach really, 12 points behind City, with 12 games to go, perfectly doable I know but FIFA doesn’t massage the table like PES does, City will barely lose any games, so I’ll settle for UCL or EL qualification.

    As you say, the variation will be welcome, new teams to play, new stadiums and the enhanced presentation and new commentary teams will make it all feel new and fresh.


  3. In your position with 11 matches left, I’d fancy my chances in PES of overtaking the leaders, the table management really is that blatant. So Europe is what it’s all about. You’ve got a few routes. I always think it’s a shame the Europa League isn’t a bigger deal in footy games and in real life. When I were a lad the UEFA Cup as it then was (a straightforward knockout tournament) was a big deal.


  4. NG – If I don’t at least qualify for the Europa then it will be a big disappointment.
    I remember Liverpool’s final against Alaves in the UEFA cup, one of the best cup finals for years, much preferred it as a knockout tournament, but obviously with the big Tv rights money and sponsorship, group format makes sense, more matches, more exposure, more money.


  5. Those drops of rain on the camera lens, do they impact play or is it PES-like rain/snow/shine/wind – it all makes no odds? The winger looked somewhat sluggish that’s all, as if the ball was sticking a bit in the soggy turf.


  6. Turf – you only see those droplets on the camera during replays, but in rainy matches the conditions do change, its not like PES where its just an overlay of rain/snow falling, it actually has an impact.

    During play you will see rain falling, water spraying off the ball as it rolls over the grass, and passes etc do hold up on wet pitches, the players also fatigue more and tend to have a slower sprint speed.


  7. (Looks over the fence to see the idyllic life Paul Flanders is living with his FIFA…). I thought I had permanent snow on my Metz game, then I realised they’ve set the pitch surround to bright white so in all weather in looks like they’ve just cleared the pitch.


  8. Turf. Fifa isn’t perfect. Nowhere near. It is however, compared to the other game, pretty damn special.

    Snow in Fifa covers the pitch. The pitch is hard and icy. The ball skids off and has much more pace and bounces higher. In PES it is just an overlay of badly drawn snowflakes falling, no snow on the pitch, no adverse conditions. Like anything PES does its half assed.


  9. Paul – I think you are making good progress and seem to be improving each year. Sounds like you are set for the full course as well. Great stuff. As for City I have a good record against them as I usually try to play a 4-1-4-1 against them and try to be patient and boss the midfield. I always find Man Utd a handful in the game.


  10. I have started my campaign on Legendary. Early signs as to how the game plays are mixed. Lost in the Charity Shield 2-1 against Chelsea first up. This was followed by two wins and a draw in the league. Scores went 3-1, 4-1 and 2-2. Most noticeable was the more openness of the football. On WC the CPU likes to sit back in numbers. On Legendary they are more vulnerable to the counter attack. I have had two long range goals and with a bit more space it does make them possible again. Bizarrely the CPU only seems to score Wonder Goals as all of the goals I have conceded have been in that category and there is little you can do to stop them. Another plus is the CPU is way more aggressive and commits more fouls. It is a good job as the games are more frantic and faster paced, so this does break it up. I can see this journey coming to an end in a couple of seasons time as I am not sure I could play on this difficulty as long as I did with WC.


  11. Paul – Yes I am still on the version 5 of the OS sliders with slow speed. There is a noticeable difference between WC and Legendary in this regard. We shall see how it varies over a season.


  12. Darryl – think I’m on v7 of the sliders, or whatever the most recent ver is.
    If WC is now too easy for you, and Legendary is too hard/unfair, how about tweaking the sliders to give you a bit of balance on legendary?
    Increase pass and shot error for CPU, increase your acceleration and marking stats etc?
    Thats what they’re there for, to customise each difficulty setting to your liking.


  13. Paul – difficulty wise it doesn’t seem to much of a leap there as I have won 2 and drawn 1 so far. It is the games that didn’t seem as enjoyable but is very early days. Plus after 11 seasons a bit of FIFA fatigue is going to kick in. I have kept the sliders for me and the CPU the same as that will be part of the achievement.

    Here is my first goal on Legendary:-


  14. Nice goal with the swivelling volley Darryl.
    I notice you leave the timed shot gauge on above the players heads, do you use the timed shot feature regularly then?

    Im a way off conquering WC level as it is, as my league standing shows.
    I get frustrated that went you play a pass into a player, the CPU always dashed forward, mind-reads the pass and steps in front to intercept the ball.

    Also, intrigued to hear about your dribbling technique, what do you use for dashing past a player/taking them on ?


  15. #1 – not sure if you’ve seen but in the latest EA patch notes they mention the player development bug that you encountered and said they have fixed it.
    The patch is out on pc and due on consoles soon.


  16. Paul – Do you mean when the ball is played into space. If so right stick is my friend as a push in the right direction does the trick. First of all ages quick push to beat the marker and then a more little subtle push at a slight angle if you need to nip across the defender. Certainly nothing containing the sprint button.


  17. Darryl. Confused here as right stick whilst holding sprint does a dash or speed Burst or knocks the ball in to space. RS without holding spring is used for skill moves.


  18. Paul – just shows how much is done by the sub conscious mind. I genuinely thought that was what I was doing until I played last night. Dribbling definitely falls into this category, so maybe I am the wrong person to ask. What would be good would be a video clip of the next instance so I can see the scenario you refer to.

    My journey with FIFA 19 has come to an end. I played a session again on Legendary and the high octane, high scoring, fast paced gameplay is not for me and left me feeling anxious. I think I could win the league on the difficulty but it would not be a pleasure. Also team identity was no longer evident as every side seemed to play the same. Much rather go out on a high with the double achievement on WC and memories of a magnificent game.


  19. Darryl – the scenarios I asked about are quite simple. Do you ever, or often dribble past players? If so what method do you use ?

    And the other scenario is playing the ball in to your players feet, ie from midfield or out to the wings or into a CF, as quite often in my game when I play the pass, the com player will just dash in front of my intended receiver and intercept the ball.

    I feel you are giving up all too easily Darryl. If legendary isn’t satisfying, adjust the sliders and make WC more difficult.


  20. Darryl – If you want to continue then I agree with Paul that a few adjustments to sliders would help. I’ve just upped Sprint Speed and Acceleration for the CPU to make it a little bit more challenging on WC because I don’t want to up the difficulty. I’ll probably try some more semi-assist settings soon too but that can be very frustrating at first.

    I’ve played through to March in Season 3. I’m 5th in the league but have most of the better teams to play yet and just lost my CF for 7 months so having to play a youngster. I expect to drop off but top 10 should be achievable.

    Paul, I like that the goal against Man City come from a blocked/scuffed shot. These little incidents make the game great.


  21. There are some other slider sets on Operation sports that look at making WC level more difficult as its considered the most realistic and balanced level.
    Would be a shame to give up on a game that is 95% superb, and that you’ve been enjoying so much Darryl just because the other difficulty level isn’t to your liking.

    Maybe go back to WC and move teams, take the reigns at a lower club and try to rebuild them?

    Cook – that’s why I posted that goal, because it was realistic patient build up play, what you didn’t see was the previous 2 mins of footage whereby i moved the ball around sideways and back trying to keep possession, until a gap opened up to exploit, then the ricochet falling to dennis and the in off the bar finish was very satisfying.

    I’m dreading an injury to my CF Dennis, he’s the leagues top scorer with 21 goals, and losing him would put an immediate end to my european qualification push.


  22. Paul – No problem – no hardly ever if at all as in this area the CPU defending is overpowered. I guess I have just learnt to live with it.

    As for giving up I wouldn’t say that as I was into my 11th season and will probably be more than anyone is likely to achieve on here in all fairness. With the depth of Career Mode that is some going. To adust the sliders on WC would feel futile in all honesty as I have done what I want to on that level and was happy enough on equal sliders as that was an achievement alone. To go with another club would be OK but I would feel like I have done all this before. So it goes back to the point as to wether I want to carry on and right now I don’t. Maybe you will all understand when you get to this point.


  23. Darryl – I didn’t mean give up as in quitting, i meant simply from the viewpoint that would be a shame to ‘give up’ a game which you enjoy so much.
    I can tell you now, I will easily surpass 11 seasons at my current rate,i plan to move on clubs, and maybe a different league yet, so only having 15 seasons in which to do it, i will need them all.


  24. Paul – probably lay off it for a couple of days and take it from there. I had thought about another league in another country as that would be the biggest temptation


  25. Darryl – taking on a mid table club in Spain’s La Liga has always appealed. Different teams to play. New presentation. New players to discover.
    Definitely have to do it at some point.


  26. Paul – probably lay off it for a couple of days and take it from there. I had thought about another league in another country as that would be the biggest temptation.


  27. Darryl – Definitely worth it, Fatigue does set in after a fair few continuous seasons, I’m feeling it now having just finished season 6, details coming up in todays post.
    So going to have a break over the weekend and play the new Res Evil 2 remastered demo I downloaded for a bit, and some RDR2, and pick up again with FIFA next week.


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