A Great Start ….

Amazing what a fresh focus and different approach can make, off the back of a very poor finish to last season, season 6 sees the Trees sat 3rd in the league after 6 games, with the leagues best scoring record.
Pre-season I decided if we was to make progress I needed to ditch my tried and tested usual footy gaming formation of 4-4-2, and try something new, I wanted more of an attacking threat without having to rely on two CF’s, but also to tighten up the midfield and put more bodies in there, so opted for the real-world popular 4-2-3-1 or could even call it an attacking 4-5-1.

My current starting eleven and formation is shown below


As you can see, two holding midfielders give us some protection in front of the back four, but a forward three of a LWF, RWF and AMF behind the main CF give us plenty of attacking options.
I took a fair bit of time going through the detailed team tactics options and setting up instructions for this main formation, with the CMF’s set to hold centre, Doukoré to stay back when attacking giving Grujic license to get forward, and AMF Phil Foiden has a free roaming role behind the forward.
My LB & RB overlap with their runs and support the wingers, who drop back and fill in when needed, so far its working a treat, I have so many more attacking options, whilst also maintaining good shape when defending.

I have a more defensive minded version of this formation set to my ‘Defensive’ quick tactic, which keeps the same shape but restricts forward runs and is more compact, and a more attacking one which pushes players forward and gets numbers in the box set to ‘Attacking’, whilst ‘Ultra Defensive’ employs a tight 5-4-1, and ‘Ultra Attacking’ goes gun-ho with a 3-4-3 setup, all switchable on the fly mid-game.

Pre-season also saw me sign 2 new players, a backup CB in the form of Bruno Martins Indi, rated 77 at 31 years old, and 86 rated Emmanuel Dennis, who I prized away from West Ham with a lucrative contract offer.
Dennis was my number one transfer priority after he ripped us to pieces last season for the Hammers, I eventually signed him for £46 million, and his pace and power is a great outlet to have, as demonstrated in the clip below where I play a chipped ball from midfield over the top for him to run on to.


Phil Foden, signed from Man City in January last season has cemented his place in the starting 11 this season, and is revelling in the AMF role.
He’s becoming a master at picking the ball up on the edge of the area and hitting snapshots, his average performance rating this season so far is 9.3
His performances have been so good that Man Utd have been sniffing around, I politely declined of course, but could have made a £17mil profit inside 6 months.

Foden Bid.png

Club Captain Dekouré, who plays that traditional DMF role, has been training for positional awareness and long shots and its paying off superbly, in any footy game it’s almost a given that a good DMF worth his salt should possess a good long shot, it’s a staple of the game, so I’m pleased that Decouré is filling that role for me here in FIFA,

A couple of goals showing Decouré pulling it out of the bag.

I ended my last session, last night, with a Carabao Cup match against my bogey team Spurs, who always batter me, I went 1-0 up on the stroke of half time after a Spurs defensive error let Dennis in to nod in a cross at the near post, Abe (?!) then equalised for them midway through second half, before Kane bagged his traditional goal to give them a 2-1 lead.
Foden then levelled it before Doukoré let rip from 25 yards to win the game 3-2 (his first goal in the clip above), to finally beat Spurs, and send us through to the next round.

All in all a great start to season 6, I’m just wary of the mid-season form ebb/flow that the game likes to suddenly enforce.